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  1. Ey it's me again with more requests! Could you maybe do a Crown Vic and possibly a 1949 Ford F-1? The F-1 has been one of my dream since I was a kid, especially in light blue with black bumpers (also with yellow-ish light brown interior) I drew it a loong time ago and been in love with the color scheme ever since and would love to build one someday irl Can you include that as one of the paint options? (Pm me for more accurate details)
  2. Oh my god I've always wanted this (I'm a 100% car guy) Would be insane if you would do a VW bus, a Reliant Robin and a Peterbilt truck
  3. Found this video from Youtube.. This would look so good in black
  4. Wow people! Haven't checked here in a while because it looked like no one is going to join but I'm positively surprised!
  5. Hello, it's me again! I thought I'd submit a car themed comp Rules: the car must represent a real vehicle (take MeticulousMitches cars as an example) Make it look as good as it can get (modded parts/tires are allowed) + the exterior of the car is very important! Use modded parts, Kerbpaint, Tweakscale or anything you want to make it look good That's all, cheers!
  6. What would it look like if KSP and SP had a baby? I personally enjoy the creativity of Simpleplanes, but KSP has better graphics etc. Thinking about improvements, I think KSP needs some sort of an advanced damage model and water physics. I mean in KSP if you crash the ship into the water there's a small sploosh and everything is gone. What if the ship would actually disintegrate and sink? I need ideas for other inprovements too and it'd be cool if the adminstrators would see this post. Happy new year, bye!
  7. HOOLY CRAB I'm glad we have other car enthusiasts here too, I felt kinda lonely when I joined and didn't find many car related threads ������ Also, a challenge for you because MeticilousMitch isn't online anymore: do a Crown Vic from stock parts
  8. Do we have any modded tires/wheels around? Like, for cars? The KSP stock tires are... yellow and that doesn't quite fit doesn't it
  9. I don't believe it will happen.. Or if it does it must be better than the stock KSP in every aspect. KSP is bit like SLRR, it's old but never gets old because of the updates. (Well they tried to make Street Tuning Evolution, which crapped :'()
  10. My second plan is to strap the Reliant into a rocket, Top Gear style
  11. Thank you for the nice comments <3 to all
  12. Hi, I'm new here I don't have KSP yet but I will get it most likely soon. I couldn't post this in Gameplay Questions because it said to select a thread prefix. But: I were just wondering, will MeticulousMitch car mods (VW bus, Mini, Reliant Robin etc.) work on the newest version of KSP? Also post your KSP cars below