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  1. I merged as shown, but it still opens as 1.1.2 Disregard.... all progress lost... Followed KSP's directions from a help request.... all saved games are gone
  2. How do I merge the folders? I tried copying the saves from the older version to the newer one... but it didnt work
  3. Hi Everyone, I am wondering how I am supposed to upgrade to newer versions of KSP. the launcher has an update button, but its never clickable. I end up downloading via the website .... When I download and extract it, I just end up having two versions of KSP on my mac (Old and Current). Nothing transfers to the new version (mods, saved games) What am I doing wrong?? THanks Nate
  4. When I download the new version from the website not steam... I just end up having a second copy on my computer (Mac)... is it possible to copy certain folders to the new version to preserve my stuff from the old version?
  5. Thanks everyone.. gonna give it a try update... I downloaded both no problem... I launch KSP from the Launcher... so in theory its looking for updates... when I run KSP its V1.1.2 the mods say I need 1.1.3.... but I am not given an option to update... Do I have to update off the KSP website? will I love everything if I do that?
  6. Ok, I screwed up... I feel like an idiot. I launched a space station into orbit, and when I tried to dock a fuel tank to it, I kept bouncing off. I realized that I never added docking ports to the node..... Is there any way to add them to the station already in orbit, or am I totally screwed? Thanks
  7. Guys, I screwed up.... I readjusted the staging at the pad... had an issue and reverted to launch... so the staging reverted to the original setting... I was activating the chute when I staged... D'oh!
  8. Hi all twice I have launched to Minmus and on return in the Kerbal Atmosphere, my chute opens by itself and burns off. its the XL chute and Yes the chute is in its own stage. Whats going on?
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