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  1. Lorings Aerospace Presents The LJ-80 Family (As a Narrow-body medium range passenger jet) LJ-80-100 LJ81 Craft File Cruise speed: 220m/s Cruising altitude: 5000m 1560/35.2/1000 Range: 3181km V1: 74m/s V2: 110m/s Passenger cap: 74 Price: 63,418,000 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The LJ-80-100 (LJ81) is designed for medium/short low demand routes. It has very good fuel efficiency and range, which is over 3000km. It is powered by two Lotus engines mounted onto the wings and an advanced autopilot to keep the plane stable. It is a narrow-body aircraft, which means it has a single aisle; but that doesn't mean its low on space, as it has hidden coat hangers and wide enough to have spacious overhead cabins. It is also low on maintenance with its 40 part count. This is obviously a better deal than some of the other medium jet offers, especially since it allows for airlines to make upgrades, such as adding winglets and using the rear fuel tank. Buy it now. (By order of the KAA every airline must order at least 3 planes) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ LJ-80-100ER LJ81ER Craft File Cruise speed: 203m/s Cruising altitude: 5000m 2560/44.66/1000 Range: 5732km V1: 78m/s V2: 110m/s Passenger cap: 74 Price: 70,268,000 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A variant of the LJ31 with enhanced range. The LJ31 can now support long, low demand routes with its range of 5732km. It features everything that makes the LJ31 great, its ability to be easily customized, autopilot, and cabin space. All with a few new upgrades. ---------------------------------------------------------- We also sell a cargo variant. LJ81F Craft File Price: 40,460,000 Probably the same performance with a regular LJ80. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The 200+m/s rule is kind unrealistic, especially for medium and some jumbo jets. This is because 220m/s is 427 Knots. The only plane I know that can go that fast is an MD-82, not a 737 (which this is based on). A normal passenger jet usually doesn't go above 300 knots, otherwise you'll overspeed and probably break the plane. Unless we're going by "Its ksp". (2/14/18 - Will post photos tomorrow.)
  2. LJ-30-100 LJ31 Craft File Cruise speed: 175m/s Cruising altitude: 5500m 350/17.3(.10x175)/1000 Range: 2023 km v1(takeoff) speed: 48m/s v2(minimum turning speed): 80m/s Passenger cap: 32 Price: 29,545,000 ----------------------------------------Pitch---------------------------------------- Lorings Aerospace is proud to present the new LJ-30 small regional jet family! The first of the LJ-30 family is the LJ-30-100(LJ31). It is a regional trijet that has a slow speed but in exchange for fantastic maneuverability, fuel efficiency, and range. It is more suited towards small short flights but can do trans-continental flights as well. It also sports an advanced fly-by-wire system, with multiple redundancies, so you never have to worry about the autopilot breaking down midflight. The wing design is innovative, aerodynamic, and light. The 3 engines that power the LJ31, are J-20 Junos, providing excellent fuel efficiency and low noise pollution. All of these unique features make the LJ-30 family step ahead of the competition and abide by the K.A.A regulations perfectly. All this for a low price of 29mil! (A CRJ is like 24mil btw, so it's kinda cheap. Also sorry for poor image quality.) LJ-30-100MR LJ31MR Craft file Cruise speed: 250m/s Cruising altitude: 7,500m 1500/42.5/1000 Range: 2200km V1: 48m/s V2: 80m/s Passenger cap: 40 Price: 35,545,000 (Note: the picture above is outdated, it had a reaction wheel.) ----------------------------------------Pitch---------------------------------------- Introducing the next member of the LJ-30 family and LJ31 series, the LJ31MR. Equipped with more fuel, and powerful J-33 Wheesley engines, allows this variant of the LJ31 to carry more passengers, go further with an increased range of 3529km, and comfortably with innovative noise insulation built in the fuselage. This has shown once again, why Lorings will always be an innovator, and ahead of the competition, and this is all for 35mil. (Not exactly sure on the calculations, would like if it if anyone double checked. LJ31MR: 1500/ (.17 x 250) /1000 LJ31: 350/.10 x 173 /1000) EDIT: Thanks to neistridlar, the correct range for the LJ31MR is 2200km. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LJ-40-100(date: 2/5/18; after LJ30s) LJ41 Craft File Cruise speed: 235m/s Cruising altitude: 2500-3500m 100/23.5/1000 Range: 4255km (I don't think that's right...) V1: 60m/s V2: 90m/s Passenger cap: 32 Price: 14,015,000 ----------------------------------------Pitch---------------------------------------- Introducing the all new LJ40 series by Lorings aerospace! Developed from the existing LJ30s, it is designed for low altitude hop flights, and to contend against some of the existing turboprops and SRJs on the market. Its design is simplified and lighter, making it easy on maintenance and reasonable for short flights, all while carrying more passengers than some of the competitors on the market. Its price point of just 14mil makes it even more affordable than some turboprops! Now, you may be thinking that the engines must be noisy and inefficient, or that it'll break inflight, but the engines used are actually the same quiet and efficient engines that are on the LJ30s, 2 J-20s. Again, it carries most of the design in the LJ30, making it stable and strong, so buy it!
  3. I just noticed that my OS is outdated, that might be the problem. If it is Sorry for all this fuss about nothing. Nope that doesn't seem to be the problem.
  4. Reproduction steps: Download mods, Open mods, Drag files to Gamedata, Launch KSP, Launch Craft, Kerbin shows and not the craft. I am unable to record a video of this bug and unable to find the player logs, Sorry.
  5. I'm having a problem when installing mods on KSP. When ever I launch a craft it just shows the inside of Kerbin then slowly backs away and goes around Kerbin. Whenever this happens I have to uninstall the mods and KSP then download them again, but the problem still persists. Anyone know a Solution?