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  1. Can confirm, CKAN installation works. Also, didn't know that was a CKAN thread issue, my bad
  2. every time I try to update this via CKAN, I get a file kraken error: current version is 0.97.1, trying to upgrade to 0.99 halp? (edit: tried reinstalling the current version and redownloading the update, same issue)
  3. A quick browse shows you probably know a God awful lot more than I do about writing configs. Can't wait to see what you come up with!
  4. Is Civilian Population getting updated for 1.5.x? Or is it already compatible?
  5. My bad, meant to say I found the MM USI-LS config for Pathfinder. It's pretty close yeah, just need to delete some parts and then figure out how to balance the rest. The questions above were about what to do with new parts.
  6. I just managed to find roverdude's balance spreadsheet, thanks for the heads up! Time for some balancing... While I'm playing around with balance, I was comparing your latest TAC-LS config to the USI-LS config from Pathfinder 1.14, noticed this at the bottom: I assume this is assigning resource storage to the parts, but you already did that for a bunch of parts up above. Is this only necessary for parts that can store the resources, but don't have LS converters? Do you know if it's necessary to do the same for USI-LS?
  7. Alrighty then. So after a few hours of research, I think I understand how to use the balance worksheet, and how to set up the converters in the config. The latest Pathfinder config I could find was from 1.14 (latest version being 1.31). I put it on pastebin here. Based on the TAC-LS config as a reference (pastebin here), it seems there are a few deprecated parts and a few new parts. Is there anything special I need to do for those new parts to give kerbals access to Supplies stored in other parts? What are some reasonable efficiency numbers for the converters? Like, I guess better e
  8. Oooh, that would be a lot easier than starting from scratch. Thanks mate!
  9. Uh... I guess both? The most I've done with a config is change some numbers
  10. I haven't been able to determine if Angel-125 is planning on supporting USI-LS in Pathfinder, but I've seen others say they've created custom configs to do just that. Where would I go to learn how to do that?
  11. Does pathfinder support the community tech tree? edit: Also, in the event that USI-LS doesn't get support from Angel, where would I learn how to create a config for that?
  12. I don't really mean to necro this, but is Lithobrake getting updated for 1.5.X?
  13. My computer has been down a few weeks, so i'm kind of lost. When I was last playing, I unlocked the first set of cores under the Storage Technology node. Now there's nothing there. Is this a new update to the mod, or am I running into problems? edit: for clarity, I cannot find any of the single-height (bay?) cores in my parts list or the tech tree; I can find several of the larger ones under Advanced Construction and Specialized Construction.
  14. @linuxgurugamerI couldn't get the SR button to pop up, and i couldn't get it to save any of my stages. My log said it was missing dependencies Toolbar Controller and Click Through Blocker. Installed those and it works. Not sure if those are supposed to be dependencies or not, but I figured I'd let you know. edit: doing all of this through CKAN
  15. Just for posterity, I actually solved this pretty quickly once you mentioned editing save files. All I had to do was change situation to LANDED, change Landed to True, and set the lat/long/alt/hgt to a copy/paste of a ship I had just launched from the VAB. From the KSC view, I could click on it and recover it, instantly
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