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  1. I tried this too when I became frustrated with my first planes. But in my opinion it wasn't that easy either. Also you'll need a whole crap load of chutes for bigger planes. With enough lift you can land almost anywhere if you keep the vertical velocity as low as possible. And it's just so satisfying when you touch down
  2. During booster separation those sneaky little things ripped off one wing of my shuttle. Knowing there was no way of safely returning the glorious crew managed to still reach orbit. A second shuttle was standing by and could be used to safely bring them home. No Kerbal got left behind :-) The Kerbals call it their most successful failure and a hell of a mission. http://imgur.com/a/SjFGQ
  3. I'll start something similar too but with 1 mining plane, 1 scouting drone (to identify landing spots) 1 SSTO (for return) and 2 ground bases. I want to land on every island possible. I've been there once before on a short scouting mission. Flying is really fun but landing is not. So here is my advise: Make sure your planes are able to land on tough terrain at speeds <60 m/s. Also exercise it on Kerbin. I don't know how big your planes are. Mine has about 60 t before refueling so it actually was a design issue to make it not break apart as soon as it hits the ground. My experience in this matter is: Lift is far more important than struts. Also keep in mind that Laythe's atmosphere is a bit thinner than Kerbin's so you will need more lift there. My solution to this problem is a mk3 biplane I like it.
  4. Hi inigma, I'm just amazed by GAP. This gives me so much design ideas right now. Many thanks for your good work. Hope the planned contracts will be released too. In my opinion the KSC Airlines contracts are how the stock tourism contracts should be. Cheers
  5. I really like this. I tried making a Hermes myself about a year ago using mk2 parts. It flew like a brick and was ugly as hell. That said your design amazes me even more. Well done :-)
  6. I remember entering the atmosphere without harvesting the precious mystery goo. So I thought "whatever there's still time for a quick EVA". To make it quick: He smashed into the water and was pulverized. It was a quite moderate trajectory from 100 x 100 km orbit though. But this happened in 1.0.4. Maybe the new buoyancy changed something about that. Should try it "by accident" again.
  7. Packing the LV-Ns in the cargo ramp is indeed a really neat idea. I like it! How much dV does it have after refueling?
  8. Here's one more tip for an fast and easy lineup. However this requires both crafts you want to dock with each other controllable. 1.) align craft (1) with your target (duh) 2.) switch vessels! Select docking port of craft (1) as your target / control from docking port of craft (2). Align craft (2) with your target again 3.) switch vessels once more and repeat 2.) controlling craft (1) lining up with docking port of craft (2) this time. 4.) that's it. You're perfectly aligned most of the time.
  9. I don't like the ambient sounding piece. Besides that I think the music is perfect. I found myself whistling the music too without realizing where it came from To be honest when I started playing KSP over a year ago I was sure I would mute it forever a few days later. But I didn't. I still really enjoy the jazzy tune. In my opinion Squad should implement some more tunes. Same style, other songs. Because it's really good.
  10. Please put some nukes on it, make it a space whale and let it feed on the kraken!
  11. I don't really see a reasonable use for this because normally I keep everything as compact as possible for launching but damn! That's just cool
  12. Woah that's a really nice one. Well done! How many parts does it have?