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  1. Alexei Leonov on shakedown cruise to Minmus.Will also be topping off the hydrogen tanks, and adding more coolant to the radiators. Coasting to Minmus. Two Buffalo Wings dropships with Pathfinder bases ready for Duna.
  2. Could you change it, so that it works in orbit? Or is there some fundamental problem with KIS/KAS and/or Pathfinder that prevents it? Seems kind of silly for me to laboriously take my "junk" to a scrapyard on Minmus, so I can convert them to equipment, I guess my Kerbals need some amount of gravity and not have to deal with parts floating away to do that. I haven't tried the "woodchipper" in Extraplanetary Launchpads yet, I'm a little worried I'm going to lose some Kerbals in the chipper.
  3. Is it difficult to get part scrapping to work in orbit, and recover equipment? I can scrap parts, but I can't seem to recover equipment from the scrapped parts.
  4. Should be one on github, don't know how to assign it. https://github.com/Angel-125/DSEV/pull/4
  5. I was able to get the ships docked by modifying the config file for the DR-325, see my last edited post. Tried to weld the ports, and two of my graphene radiators seem to have cloaking devices on them, I think I may restart from a prior save, and not do the welding.
  6. Hexport.cfg has this: MODULE { name = ModuleDockingNode referenceAttachNode = top nodeType = size2 minDistanceToReEngage = 1 acquireRange = 0.75 captureRange = 0.22 } MODULE { name = WBIDockingNodeHelper portRoll = 30 portTorque = 30 acquireTorque = 10 acquireTorqueRoll = 10 } while LargeDockingRing.cfg has this: MODULE { name = ModuleDockingNode referenceAttachNode = top nodeType = size3 min
  7. I had launched the two spacecraft based off of Angel-125's sample craft, I hadn't touched the docking rings, I just added some stuff and made some propulsion exchanges. When I was trying to reattach the docking rings using KIS, I tried reorienting them, and had the no docking. Right now, they do not have the no docking. It's possible I just have to make them really straight and oriented completely correctly. I may try docking some more helper craft with more RCS thrusters to try to orient them properly. They are correctly oriented in the VAB.
  8. I've been having ridiculous issues trying to dock using DR-375 rings. I can not get them to connect. I've tried moving them and reattaching them with KIS on EVA multiple times trying to reset them to no avail. Any suggestions? The Hexport docking rings I never seem to have any problems with.
  9. Landed the VN-22 on the Helipad. Learned how to use those Compressed Air Thrusters in Docking mode makes it super easy. This is a great addition to the game. Thanks Angel-125 for all your hard work!
  10. Had to change the settings on the rotors so they rotated up when using the control. Also, added some compressed air rcs thrusters to help with stability. Added a probe core to control it. Flew to the abandoned airfield and back and landed on the VAB for the first time, just missed the helipad and promptly lost my probe core, but I shut down the throttle before losing it, so I just kind of sat there on top of the VAB. Successful test flight of V-22, will try putting a SAFER on it next. I'm planning on sending one of these, a Kestrel, and a Pathfinder base with my Alexei Leonov DSEV, and al
  11. I had the same sort of problem trying to land after being in horizontal flight. I wound up having a bumpy landing. When I just used helicopter mode with the fans up, the hover mode was working just fine and I was able to land vertically quite easy. I think part of the problem might be with it monitoring the upward thrust. I think having it in horizontal flight at greater speeds throws off what it thinks it needs to do for vertical descent and throttles back the fans too much.
  12. Figured out horizontal flight, and landed with a little screwup, but mostly intact.
  13. Took the Kestrel out for a spin, and landed at the abandoned air field for the first time in playing Kerbal Space Program in two years, lol. I put a probe core on it, since all my Kerbals are off planet. I've figure out how to maneuver it in helicopter mode moving at a top forward speed of about 60 m/s, haven't successfully transitioned to horizontal mode without crashing.
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