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  1. Hi, Just completed Mission 5. Managed to get the satellite in orbit albeit with an AP of 2,468,364 and an Pe of 280,566 metres. Forgot to switch the engines off sooner! Reggae
  2. Is there anyway to save a mission part way through and then reload it? Thanks Reggae
  3. I am using Kerbal Edu how do I dowwnload the last version of KSP? Thanks Reggae
  4. Hi, What version of KSP do i need before I can start this mission? Just started mission 5 but not making much progress. Having real problems fixing a strut between the Sputnik nose cone and the satellite. Cant get the struts going to where the need to. Anyone else doing mission 5 who could offer me some health? Thanks Reggae
  5. Reggae

    Mission III

    Just a query. I've noticed that Bob Kerman dies at start of the mission. How is this? Reggae
  6. Ok I sorted this myself. Basically I did not have the correct formula in the flight recorder so it wouldn't allow me to proceed with the mission. Fair enough. I'm not sure if there was anywhere telling me that I had omitted the function? If not it might be worth updating the teachers instructions. Also I solved the problem with fitting the Elevon 5's. I used the cross section and the move keys.rotate part function. Very easy oncce you've learnt hpw to do it.
  7. Hi, I'm in Mission 3 building the V2. Ive found the parts and stuck them together although I'm not too happywith the Elevon 5 positioning. Any tips? Also the mission doesn't continue and I dont know what its waiting for, presumably some kind of build complete message? Thanks for any help Reggae
  8. Hello, I just started Mission 1, Earth History Program yesterday and have a couple of problems. Problem 1 - I haven managed to land back at the KSP yet although I have managed to parachute land about 60 km away. Yeah! Question 1, Is it possible to land on the runway? If so how do I find the runway? Is it marked on the NavCom? Problem 2 - Investigating the Sputnik crash site. Question 1. How close do I have to fly to the crash site? How do I know when I've completed the mission? Am I supposed to try and land at the crash site or back at the Kerbal Space Centre? Many Thanks Reggae
  9. Hi, About a week ago I went to see the Martian and having had my imagination fired up I started to search the internet for space colonization games and up popped the Kerbal Space Program. I downloaded the demo and after 1 death and six additional launches I finally managed to build a rocket, take off , run out of fuel, land and recover my vehicle. That was fun! I am just about to buy the full version but yesterday I came across something called KerbalEdu. As its over 50 years since I did a science lesson I thought it might add to my kerbal experience to do some learning as well. Can anyone tell me if the KerbalEdu version of the program is essentially the same as the KSP one except for the additional educational bits? If anyones tried it I'd welcome your thoughts. Thanks Reggae
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