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  1. Aperture Science

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

  2. What did I just read
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    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    wish not found I wish for immortality
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    The great forum test thread!

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    Debate: How important are the (working) poor to our society?

    Alright, anyone wanna take bets on how long before this thread is locked for 2.2b?
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    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Not necessarily. In school, at least, two people becoming friends after getting involved in a fight wasn't really uncommon. It's not a court of law, but if someone does get their "eye put out" (this guy is still in school, unless one of them decides to deliberately aim for the eyes it's unlikely to happen) it's legal self defense as long as you were attacked first and responded with corresponding proportional force. It would be great if this situation could be solved verbally instead of physically, honestly, but in practice the odds are heavily against that happening, since the aggressor hasn't been even identified, is actively avoiding so, and has already gone physical while making his intentions clear ("I'm your worst nightmare", christ the cringe). I hope this gets sorted out as soon as possible, preferably without bruises, but if I was in that situation I'd take matters into my own hands if it happened again. Of course, though, I'm not him, so our way of thinking could be the exact opposite.
  7. Aperture Science

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Well, he did attack you first now, didn't he? I'm just being realistic here, but I think getting physical is going to be more effective than just complaining. If you do get threatened with detention you can call self-defense, since you already tried to solve the situation verbally twice. If you let this guy pick on you without retaliation he's going to keep on doing it for as long as he wants to, unless you let him know he can't.
  8. Aperture Science

    Shower thoughts

    I like to associate the fourth dimension with time using what I call the flipbook analogy: In a 2D universe, we could picture time as the third dimension, just like in a flipbook all "frames" are stacked on top of another, giving a 2D being the illusion of time (it can also illude us, since we only see one frame at a time). If that's hard to understand, we can go one more dimension lower and associate it with a 1D particle, where the second dimension would be time. If the particle was to move from left to right, what we would see is a diagonal line, since we can see the entire plane at once, but, to the particle, it would look like it just moved along its physical dimension over time. So if our universe were to be deterministic, we could say that the impression of time is caused by us, the observers, moving along the 4th axis (or 5th, if you were to consider relativity), passing through 3D "frames" and seeing in 2D, just like a 2D being would pass through 2D frames when moving along the 3rd axis and seeing in 1D. From these observations, we can imagine the 4th dimension using time: if you have a point standing still, it will draw a line parallel to the 4th axis; if you have a line standing still over time you have a plane, and so on. So to make a 4D object, you need to manipulate a space's position over time. I haven't quite figured out rotation yet, though. I think it would mean that a 3D object would pass through points in time (past and future) and then return to ours (or maybe not, since we'd have moved further along the 4th axis, but you could time it so that you'd get to see it in the future) if we consider time as the 4th dimension.
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    What do I do with my depression?

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    Help with Relationships Thread

    You don't interact much, do you?
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    Help with Relationships Thread

    Pretty normal
  12. This is the Greatest Thread of All Time
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    What is everyones favorite ksp site?

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    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Only recently I've found out about this https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2017/10/09/knowingly-infecting-others-with-hiv-is-no-longer-a-felony-in-california-advocates-say-it-targeted-sex-workers/ W h a t