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  1. Yeah I agree with the OP's image, online debates are clearly with the intention of "winning" (leaving last post, as if to leave opposing party wordless... we've all seen this before). No matter how open minded each party claims to be, they've already solidified their stance on the subject and are highly unlikely to change unless given extraordinary arguments. Ultimately, they're a pointless waste of energy when taken seriously. They can be sometimes entertaining to read, however, up until the point where it "parallelizes" and you've got multiple arguments going on at the same time... then it's just a pain due to the way it differs from normal human communication. Usually happens after one of the parties replies with an essay-sized response and the rebuttal splits it into multiple segments. Proper discussions on the other hand, seem to happen when both parties start out already with a convergence of ideas at first, even if implicitly. When both are working up to something. I feel like those can be productive, as it really is more about learning than "leaving the last reply".
  2. the current state of KSP: it all started going downhill after the original devs and staff left
  3. I don't think it's so much of "being locked", it's more that really it's less doable and more expensive to design components with a bigger factor of safety and consequently bigger mass when you can lower that factor and have a more strict usage of the component for the extra mass relief, especially when you have a 3 to 4 digit cost per kg launched. Besides, if it was a viable/beneficial option to increase the ruggedness of those components... the industry would've already done so.
  4. I've had a visual migraine once, thought I was going blind. not fun
  5. Elon Musk is overrated: many times his opinions are treated as an expert's just because "Musk said it", when in actuality he's not an expert in the field at all It also grinds my gears that many times, whatever Elon's companies come up with is given off like Elon Musk himself personally engineered it by the media and Musk's fans, or that he's gonna personally deliver it. Elon's new Model 3! Elon's new plan to colonize the solar system! I've had a professor once say he cried over seeing SpaceX's Mars thingy and got an admiration for Elon after that, even though, you know, it wasn't him that developed that but rather one of SpaceX's teams. It's a product of his company, which I believe all of us can agree is undeniable, but treating it like Elon is the sole reason behind that coming out? Feh. There's also the hyperloop thing that each time seems more and more like one of those kickstarter CGI "the future is now" kind of scams, but that's an entire different story
  6. Your move is still valid, and I generally update it if you guys @ me whenever you reach 100 The neutralizer one wasn't made by me, kind of an unofficial thing. You're free to make a custom one tho