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    Not you, test subject. You're doing fine.

    Yes, you. Box. Your stuff. Out the front door. Parking lot. Car. Goodbye.

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  1. Eh, dreams mean nothing
  2. hi NSEP
  3. Nah you'll only have to download it again, you only pay once
  4. Congratulations, lad, you should be put in the 1000+ rep group now (not really sure if that's the name, take a gander at the Kerbal Network subforum)
  5. Yeah this "it was my brother" stuff will never work independent of where you try it
  6. I told you it would work.
  7. monstah
  8. 2fast2furious dundun93, I summon thee
  9. dundun92
  10. Just a suggestion, but I think it's more immersive when kerbals speak in "Kerbish" (reversed Spanish) in cinematics instead of the usual high pitched English. And I'm not sure if I can be of much use, I can speak English fine but sometimes my Brazilian accent slips in.
  11. Adsii1970
  12. Yeah, let's go for Red Iron Crown.
  13. Damn, 4 years? That's a lot of experience lol
  14. .::APERTURE SCIENCE'S GUIDE FOR UNLOCKING THREADS::. Congratulations! You have chosen (or been chosen) to master the art of unlocking threads which were previously locked by (gasp!) an evil moderator or more. As a bonus, you have received an Aperture Science™ Lock Buster 9000™, the best choice for thread unlocking: Guide for usage: 1. Locate your target. A good way to find those is by spotting a lock symbol next to a thread's title. 2. Know your target. Open the thread, take a gander at the original post and its replies, see if it's worth rep unlocking. 3. Locate the reply that states the thread has been locked. It should be the last reply to the thread and must have been posted by (gasp!) an evil moderator. If that is not the case, the thread has not been locked or has been done so in a very weak way. 4. Place such reply between the Aperture Science™ Lock Buster 9000™'s cutters. 5. Remove any limbs present in the Aperture Science™ Lock Buster 9000™'s cutters and say the activation code out loud: 6. The Aperture Science™ Lock Buster 9000™ will recognize the activation code. When that happens, proceed to the next step. 7. Firmly press the Aperture Science™ Lock Buster 9000™'s handles until the lock snaps. 8. Throw the lock as far as possible and holster your Aperture Science™ Lock Buster 9000™. CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE SUCESSFULLY UNLOCKED A THREAD! BY BEING POSTED, THIS GUIDE GRANTS THIS THREAD A LOCK IMMUNITY! LONG LIVE THE LOCKLESS PARTY!