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  1. Funnily enough, I've been running KAS/KIS together as a package for a while, and I found that my KIS was not updated, and was causing some issues with KAS as well. Check the KIS thread or mod page on Curse and make sure you're updated to the right version. I had a problem with that just a few days ago.
  2. I'm not really sure then. If you want to bring this to the attention of the creators, put a reply on this thread. And in the future, questions about mod-related issues should go in the Technical Support thread for Modded Installs, or directly onto the mod thread themselves.
  3. You might be running the wrong version of Kerbal Attachment System or Kerbal Space Program as a whole. Check that you've updated everything. Can you include a little more detail to what your exact issues are? On a side note, welcome to the KSP forums!
  4. @strudo76It is intentional. The X on the end is just to make it unique.
  5. Let my try updating everything first. Even though I've updated the file since the release of the newest version, I'll check again just to make sure I didn't mix some files up or something.
  6. I think what I was trying to say is that I am having issues getting it to work in 1.3. I can't grab/attach anything, and I don't have access to Kerbal inventories. I'm trying to build a mostly-stock railgun system, and I want to use KIS to reload shells. It'd be great to get this mod working again.
  7. I know this question's probably been answered, but I don't feel like sorting through all the replies. Does KIS not work in 1.3 currently?
  8. Most of my ships have names from the usual nerdy science books and movies; Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Hitchhikers Guide. Sometimes I'll use military alphabet to name individual fighter squads. Other than that, I just try to think of cool sounding, original names.
  9. It's been a while since I've been active on the forums, but I've tried to return. This time, I've got a plane to showcase, which is rare for me, since I don't usually post much and planes aren't really my thing when it comes to KSP. I present to you, the Hoodoo Bomber Mk1. I don't know where the name came from, but who cares. It sounds silly and fits in with the whole KSP theme, I guess. I based the basic design off of an F-22/F-35, but expanded the size and number of crew. This thing has some serious working power as a bomber as well as a high-altitude, and surprisingly, high-speed scout plane. Here's the stats I collected on it: Cost - 37,367 (with modified fuel amounts) Part Count - 55 (not too bad for a pretty "complex" bomber) Mass - 15.207 (with bomb payload and modified fuel amount) Dimensions - 3.7m tall, 12.7m wide, 16.2m long Action Groups - 1 toggles the cargo bay, 2 toggles engine mode, 3 toggles engines (on/off) The plane itself is built as a reconnaissance jet and bomber. It features a hastily-merged two-cockpit design to allow for a pilot seat and "commander" seat. On the bottom, you may notice a Mk1 Command Pod neatly tucked on the belly with the window facing downwards. This can be used for a bombardier role or for getting a view of the land when on recon missions. A cargo bay is also featured that holds four radial ore tanks, which do some decent damage if you aim them right. If you don't want them hitting back into the plane, slow down to about 115 m/s, which is slow, but it makes aiming easier and allows for a flawless bomb drop. Some of the parts that have fuel capacity have been emptied to allow for proper CoL to CoM dynamics, but it flies pretty well with full fuel as well. You can play around with the fuel capacity and see what works best. The elevons, winglets, and tail fins have all had their authority upped to 150 for better maneuvering. I haven't played around with it too much yet, so feel free to comment on anything regarding that. So, flying this thing is pretty easy. It's your basic engine on, throttle up, nose up, and lift off. I recommend the afterburner for a speedy takeoff, but normal mode works just fine if you're not in a hurry. The thing handles well in the air. It's a bit touchy if you're trying to precisely maneuver (ex. on landing), but switching to trim controls (defaulted to Caps Lock) works for me. A good blend between normal mode and the afterburner will give you good fuel consumption. The default fuel model doesn't last too long with the afterburner, but like I said before, this can be tweaked without harming the flight profile too much. The top speed I got was around 800 m/s before I burned off speed. This thing gets faster as it loses more fuel, so it'll probably go up to around Mach 3 before running out of fuel, but I haven't fully tested this yet. Note: Do not pull up sharply if you're trying to go above Mach 1.5 or so. This thing will break apart and your crew will probably not survive. This happened to me when testing its top speed. I managed to salvage only two of the three crew and lost one of my best pilots (thankfully wasn't Jeb). This is true with most planes, but it's the first time I've seen it do this, so I just thought I'd make note of it. Alright, enough rambling. The download will be on Google Drive through the following link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByVsGNwNpa_0cDR3dS1KVWJQYXc Post any questions or concerns you have about it, and hopefully I'll get some time out of my schedule to fix it! Even if you're not interested, thanks for taking a look at this weirdly-named craft. I really do appreciate it!
  10. If you're flying out of the solar system like you said, your best bet is to use the Oberth maneuver, where you burn to get a low intercept and then another burn utilizing the speed of the encounter. If you want to effectively do this, using Kerbol would work best, but using a gas giant like Jool would work as well, like how Voyager 1 used Jupiter to swing out of our solar system. All in all, it's up to the velocities you can get from the intercepts and whichever one fits the amount of Delta-V you have on your ship. That's my answer, but it might be a bit confusing. If you have difficulty, you can probably find a YouTube video on the Oberth maneuver.
  11. I've been playing KSP on and off for two years and I've finally become a very proficient builder, pilot, and planner. But I feel like the Research and Development building should have more function in all game modes. What I'm trying to say is that the function of the building needs some new features that could help you with certain missions. My first suggestion would be Delta-V maps of the Kerbol System to assist in any missions in the far reaches of space. I'm always somewhat confused, unsure, and worried when I launch a craft, but I think adding something like this would help newer players, and more experienced ones, have a convenient source of numbers. It would also be nice to see a Delta-V calculator as well here. My second suggestion is adding a "Test Mission" function that could be used for a certain sum of money when playing without reverts. Basically, you'd plug in some stats about where you want to go, what you're using to get there, and what you plan to do there. So maybe I want to orbit Duna with the Patriot 3 rocket. Then I could run a test flight and see any flaws or issues with the craft. That's about it for that, and any support or new suggestions as well would be appreciated! Let's make R&D more useful for goodness sake.
  12. The Phoenix Resupply Ship SpaceX Dragon Inspired Craft. Weighs in at 8.6 tons and has a specially built launch vehicle, called Eagle. The ship itself includes a small 2.5 meter tank and Vector engine for orbital maneuvers and such. The main body is mostly structural, but it does hold some goodies on the inside. Here's the exact cargo specs. *Lacks RCS Thrusters* - 2 KIS Containers - 8 KAS Connector Ports - 10 Toroidal Fuel Tanks - 8 Monopropellant Tanks (Lacks RCS Blocks) And on the outside it's got this. - 2 1x6 Solar Panels - 2 Small Radiators - 2 MechJeb Modules (Me and my OCD symmetry) - Shielded Docking Port - 4K Battery for Dark Nights (Not to be confused with Dark Knights) The Eagle Launch Vehicle weighs in at 292.6 tons, roundabout. It should run well with Ascent Guidance or manual control, as I've tested both. The first stage usually has some fuel left over if you do your gravity turn efficiently, but the fuel in the upper stage is sufficient if you run out before circularization. If you want, try experimenting with the SRB configuration. I have a feeling 3 might work better, but try it out anyway. Hope you enjoy using this as station resupply or whatever! https://kerbalx.com/Asterix/Phoenix-Resupply-Ship_2
  13. Couldn't live without MechJeb or KAS/KIS in my space station building saves.
  14. I'm already constructing the truss to hold RTGs and Solar Panels with LOTS of batteries. My current habitation plan is using CxAerospace Station Modules, since they look really good, inside and out. Thanks for supporting!