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  1. @benjee10 Already so much praise in here from some heavy hitters, not sure it's possible to pour more sugar on the work you have achieved here, well done! And the video, is fantastic!
  2. I was just commenting the other day that KSP 2 needs to look better than what you can achieve with modded KSP 1. And it looks like they are going to achieve it! This looks amazing! (This is from the visuals built into the JNSQ Planet Pack from Team Galileo)
  3. This is something I didn't even know I needed! Well done!
  4. @Zorg @CobaltWolf Seriously, I cannot believe how epic this mod has become! It's always been great, now it's truly a masterpiece!
  5. Not sure why leveraging (in this case, meaning; taking maximum advantage) of something that you have already paid for and developed would take resources away from KSP 2? To leverage something, it must already exist - therefore KSP 2 would already be complete. And the audience for a Real Scale Real Solar System game only partially overlaps KSP, and that audience would be considerably larger if you didn't have to go through the mod installation process. Once again, given how much enthusiasm and public interest there is what is happening IRL, and this interest will continue to grow (it's the s
  6. You clearly didn't read the OP. It would be a separate game built on a similar platform - just as Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 are different games, but built on more or less the same platform. Skyrim to Skyrim Special Edition was a massive engine upgrade because it went from 32 to 64 bit. And arguably, they would have to done it to the base platform sooner or later anyway - and that base platform goes back to Morrowind. My point is that it just makes sense to leverage the core work into other platforms. Using the example above, GTA V cost an estimated $265 million to
  7. Squad still is. T2/ PD only bought Kerbal Space Program, not Squad, and then contracted back dev work for KSP to Squad.
  8. To clarify, it doesn't have to be Intercept Games (which isn't an independent studio as Squad is - they have the full backing of Private Division and Take-Two, and access to their deep pockets) or take away resources from KSP 2. It can be any other studio under PD/ T2 - and why them? Because the core tech that is already being paid for KSP 2 could be leveraged into another game with minimal cost and time. This is what most studios do, and charge the full new game amount each iteration, i.e. every sports game franchise, just about every Bethesda game, etc. It's smart business, especially if tar
  9. Those most vocal here seem to be against having a more detailed and realistic space game - why would you be against that? Moar detailed space games is moar better! And for anyone that is against this, which of you have actually set up and played an RSS/ RO RP-0 or RP-1 playthrough? I know at least some of you have not, which is fine. It isn't for everyone, just as KSP itself or GTA V isn't for everyone. But just because it's not for you, doesn't mean you have to go against, why would you?
  10. According to Nate Simpson, KSP 2 will not have native N-Body physics, just persistent rotation. N-Body physics is fun to mess with, but if you want to have comprehensive orbital infrastructure, it becomes overwhelmingly tedious with a quickness unless you could have some sort of automated station keeping system and it would need to not require as much background processing as Principia does.
  11. Major functionality shouldn't have to be put on the mod community, especially not so much work for free - and imagine what they could do with a game that already has the basics in it? There really isn't a better game engine for this type of game, the Unity engine is way better than most give it credit for. If your basis of opinion is KSP 1, you have to remember that Squad isn't a video game developer, they are an internet marketing company that made a game on the side with little to no experience making a game. So they literally Kerbaled together KSP, learning as they went along with
  12. KSP 1 has developed an incredible following over the last decade, has inspired many to seek an aerospace career, and has opened up a whole new level of enthusiasm for space exploration. And from this, a group of like minded people leveraged their talent to create one of the most prolific, awe inspiring, and challenging set of mods for KSP; RSS/ RO RP-1. That's Real Scale, Real Solar System, Realism Overhaul, and RP-1 is the career mode for it. The sheer amount of changes made to KSP via RSS/ RO RP-1 makes it an entirely different experience from stock KSP. Where stock KSP is an incredible bala
  13. Aircraft usage in KSP mostly boils down to play style and how well you understand the aerodynamics of planes as they are more subject to them compared to a rocket since they spend the entire flight in atmosphere. I use planes a LOT in the early career, they are great money makers and science gatherers for survey missions. And Kerbin itself is worth exploring, lots of easter eggs to be found and vistas to see! Mid to late game, I use aircraft (and boats) for recovery operations as I tend to play the game without using the 'recover' button unless I am at a launch facility for added challenge (a
  14. Team Restock, as always, incredible job! Thank you all for the time, love, devotion, and talent that you continue to pour into this mod which has become a staple for all of my KSP installs!
  15. I take it you have never used KIS/ KAS - Kerbal is exactly that type of game! If you like to build your own recovery systems, reusable launch systems, rescues, etc. @Gargamel I apologize! I totally misunderstood and didn't realize I misspelled 'winches'....lul!
  16. @JadeOfMaar You are seriously JadeOfMaarvelousness!
  17. I look forward to seeing these as the previews look great! Especially the ones focused on aircraft, as one *could* say I am an aircraft and aerodynamics aficionado.
  18. @benjee10 you, Sir, are a God among men! Well done, as all your creations!
  19. This is one of those quality of life things that you didn't know you need until you see it, and then it can't be unseen! Well done!
  20. By the time KSP 2 releases, the new consoles will be more than a year old or more (and the release date *could* get bumped again),and the console version will be coming months after the PC version release (unless their original release timeline of PC first, consoles later is altered). Then take into account that they have expanded the scope and depth of what what they are aiming for with KSP 2, and the hardware of current gen consoles may not cut it. Especially as the current gen consoles, even with their updated versions will be more than 4 years old by the time KSP 2 releases, which is old
  21. With the bump in dev time, it's pretty safe to assume the new consoles over the old, as it wouldn't make business sense otherwise.
  22. It's in one of the original links in this post, but it will be releasing after the pc version.
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