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  1. @Poodmund is working on something awesome! It's almost there!
  2. Not today, need to get some stuff done around the house and do some stream apply for twitch partnership (not likely to happen...but never hurts to try) and design some bttv emotes.
  3. Here are some more 10.6X scale images, queue epic music for this: First Jet First Polar Orbit Polar Beauty First Manned Launch (Second Stage Burn) First Manned Orbit First Orbital Space Walk Galileo Gaelan looking down at his world in awe... See it unfold live!
  4. Exactly! The Mushroom tipped "Eh"
  5. I will will be going over the install process again this morning for anyone having issues and I will post the stream highlight here later. Install instructions with video demo can be found in this highlight here:
  6. I had this very thing as well, they are not only not working, they do not physically exist. I haven't checked the KK thread though to see if there is a fix.
  7. The Gaelean Space Program begins... First Flight... First crash landing (bloody awful landing gear!!!!).... First orbital launch.... The Money Shot! The beauty of first orbit....
  8. Just a side not at this point; but all you need to do in Steam is to right click KSP, go to properties, betas, and roll back to whatever version you want back to 1.05. I just want to give a huge thank you to everyone that helped support @Galileo in getting his new hawtness GFX card! Seriously, you all are awesome!
  9. GPP HYPE!!! I will be going over the install in this morning's stream! Thank you Team @Galileo @OhioBob @JadeOfMaar @Poodmund @TheRagingIrishman Am I missing anyone?
  10. Awesome! Will try to stream tonight, depends on when/ if it cools down enough!
  11. So I am thinking someone should make a companion mod that replaces Jeb, Bob, Bill, and Val with Galileo, OhioBob, Poodmund, and JadeofMaar and "Kerbal" with "Gaelian". :-P
  12. That is most likely the issue; you have an old version of Module Manager, you need version 2.7.6 or newer. This version is packed into the GPP download. Give that a shot. EDIT: You can also go up a few lines and see where i posted my stream highlight of the install process ;-)
  13. For anyone having trouble with the install, I covered the full installation process in my stream last night and the install highlight can be found here! Special thank you to Team Galileo for stopping in last night and helping answer questions regarding this epic mod! @JadeOfMaar @TheRagingIrishman @OhioBob And the Big G himself @Galileo
  14. Hey Everyone! Galileo (and Team Galileo) has given us so much with this mod and many others, so I will be streaming GPP all week to help raise funds to give back and help replace Big G's GFX card so he may continue his fine work! So please drop by, say hello, and consider donating to help Galileo out! Starting tonight at 6PM PST (0100UTC)! Donate directly: I will be covering installation of GPP in KSP 1.2.2 and giving a tour of the planets & moons to start! So if you are curious about GPP, please stop in, take a look, and ask any questions you may have! Usually 1 or more members of Team Galileo are in channel to also answer any questions! Thank you everyone!
  15. @Shadowmage Seriously, epic mod! The tweakable parts design is ingenious, I think Squad would be wise to take notice! As many mods as I use regularly, I am surprised I have not run across this gem before now. @Akira_R Thank you for the .cfg for SMURFF! All I needed to do was lower the thrust multiplier a bit and it and it nails realish values for my 10.6X GPP career.