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  1. Jeb's testing an Eve lander: Old-school asparagus: Lift-off: On the way up: Upper stage: Leaving orbit: Approaching Kerbin: On finals:
  2. I planted a flag at the north pole, thought I'd try a jet plane for a change, and it stayed upright (yay!) but when I went back to the tracking station it has gone.
  3. I guess they could add vending machines... but I suspect Kerbals do photosynthesis.
  4. I hope they just build their own vision for the game, good or bad. Designing by committee is never a good idea. But anyhow... things I'd like: 1. (Keep) sandbox mode. I'm not interesting in grinding out missions, or mapping planets, or repeat trips to build bases. I just want a library of interesting parts and an open universe to explore. I can easily keep myself amused without artificial objectives. I'm slightly worried the new colony system may prevent this. 2. (Keep) single player mode. I'm not interested in multiplayer. I like isolated worlds. I like being the first person t
  5. I think it's important you understand... Star Trek isn't real.
  6. I used to think multiplayer would transform games onto another level, but the reality is it almost universally wrecks them. I have no interest in a multiplayer KSP. I can't see any need for it, or imagine how it would be a positive experience. The time and money would be better spent on developing other novel game mechanics, imo.
  7. Jan 2012, think it was v0.13. I remember landing on the mun using control fins as landing gear, and doing a solar orbit before there were any other planets. Things seem to have gone a bit heavy duty and reliable recently, most engines and fuel tanks now are massive. My rockets in the early days were rusty old barrels held together with struts. I kinda miss the whole wobbly rockets thing.
  8. Rescue mission for me today... Mission to send Jebediah , Bill and Bob to Duna Aerobraking in Duna's thin atmosphere Parachuting to the landing site What's with the flags? Heading home - oops - tank too small, after a brief rendevous in orbit, back down they come for a second landing Jebediah and Bob are stranded! But Bill in the CM makes it home Bill and Valentina to the rescue... another lander, with a bigger tank and 4 seats! Note to self, no landing gear was a bad idea... Minimal is my thing, no comfy (heavy) passenger c
  9. Thanks, it's already been reported here: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/26961 I won't bump it they've already got enough detail. Unfortunately you can't thrust forward and backward with them, so they're pretty useless for docking.
  10. Yes, brand new stock install. I checked RCS was off, the mono tanks were still full. Sounds like others have had the same problem. Is there an official way to report a bug, or do they just get hoovered up somehow?
  11. Hi, haven't played for a while, downloaded v1.11.0 and did a quick trip to the Mun, when my lander returned to the command module in orbit it had four bright lights and looked like it was venting something into space. Got me home ok, but from that point on I couldn't quick-save, and when I restarted the game later on I was back to just before it happened. Also noticed some glitches on the landscape texture around KSC... seems a bit buggy?
  12. Nice build, very realistic! Enjoyed the pics.
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