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  1. I use the manoeuvre node enhanced mod which is great - However there really needs to be a native fix for this. Manoeuvre nodes are a fundamental mechanic of the game , that conceptually are great but are really poorly implemented. The nodes function fine until you start venturing beyond Kerbin at which point they become a hindrance to fun gameplay. This is a big problem because game play beyond Kerbin represents a huge amount of content, and probably the most rewarding game play experiences.
  2. Key Problems: 1. Nodes and Node Controls do not appropriately scale between different points of reference. (e.g looking at Kerbin, ve looking at the Kerbol system.) This is particularly frustrating when attempting to create interplanetary transfer nodes. (both input and UI) This results in constant frustration from the player - trying to wrangle the UI and its input into making precise maneuvers. It is worsened by a cluttered interface - see point 2. 2. Screen clutter around node when trying to interact with it - is infuriating. When mousing around a node, the screen can become so cluttered it becomes a real chore to work with a node. It is a really awful game-play experience and needs significant improvement. SEE PICS: https://imgur.com/a/BchvLKA
  3. So, are we able to create contracts too or just missions? The mission builder is great (although buggy) but it almost seems like an oversight that you can't create a contract, given that contracts have been in the game for a long time.
  4. I am unable to delete a crew assignment node. Every time I click on the node it adds another drop down box within its settings. I cannot select it normally (highlight it) thus it cannot be deleted and has broken my mission build.
  5. Hi, I am trying to create a mission with multiple simultaneous objectives. I need the player to approach them in any order - but complete them all before the end of the mission, for example go to the mun, minmus and eve. The best I can figure out is branching all the nodes from a single node and then assign scores to each for completing these branches all lead to a single check score end node - so if the score reaches a certain value - the end node is triggered. The problem with these branches is that the mission are displays as: go to the mun OR goto minmus OR goto eve. in the game Is there a way to have multiple simultaneous objectives?
  6. Really great mod! I use this to allow for interplanetary travel in my multiplayer server that has timewarp turned off. Thanks for making it! I do have a suggestion for the next build: Please improve the collisions to be more representative of the actual shape. it will be easier to launch and easier to integrate into ship designs.
  7. Thanks for posting these, though just so you're aware, I'm making re-imagined /kerbalized ships and not exact replicas
  9. Here is a teeny tiny sneak peak of the update. Lots more to come for KSP 1.2 release
  10. Thank you for everything @KasperVld All the best in the future!
  11. Yes I am almost done. I decided to wait until the 1.2 update to release it
  12. Thanks mate! Glad you are enjoying it! I definitely have more additions planned soon, mostly to the K.I.E Fighter but also an X-wing Starting back on it today. Sorry I have had the perfect storm of UNI assignments & family events, so my planned update had to be pushed back, Though rest assured I am working on it now and will have a release out in the next fortnight - new update It will have: New Interceptor wings, A tie bomber hull/cockpit, tie bomber wings, Darth vaders hull - this will attach to the existing cockpit. New smaller and original star wars like arms - (even though I made my own variation - I think it will be cool to have more authentic arms of the fighter new batter module and a new docking port fixed shaders on the current interceptor wings ( I broke it last update, hence they look an odd colour... woops ) * these are all additions to the current pack so current parts will remain. ** surprise parts This is really cool! I will have to fly it!
  13. Hey mate, I'm not able to access the log (not sure I would know what I'm looking at anyway lol :P. But check that you have kopernicus and module manager installed. The latest RSS version, has these included in the ZIP download. Check that you have copied the all files to the correct folder. Also you NEED to download the texture files. They are available on the front page of the RSS thread. If you have not installed these the game will not load or not work. Start with a clean install and then install RSS, check it works before adding additional mods Hope this helps
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