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  1. I am basically limited to blasting capsules around - where is the fun in that? I want to make ships using Maxtech design principles, not that garbage from Kerlingon Model Rockets!
  2. I can't play full scale GPP effectively - it just gets too laggy trying to build a ship large enough to get anywhere carrying kerbals. My computer is just too old
  3. How is Thompberry's spayputnik made of neutronium? Does it have anti-gravioli properties built in? Otherwise, it would mass somewhere near Minmus.
  4. Grannus is still "under development" - the guys behind Kopernicus are working on getting things to work better with two stars.
  5. Dang it - there goes Maxtech's market for low bandgap infrared optimized multijunction solar cells. There has to be some way to end the monopolistic tyranny of Probodobodobobododobodyne!
  6. Solar panels should be a little less efficient at Grannus compared to their ratings due to the different light spectrum - is this possible to implement?
  7. That's weird. You should have spotted something, especially if you are looking 20 odd planetary radii out.
  8. You could standardize the first stage core for a 10 ton payload (for example), then by changing the upper stage and adding 2, 4 or 6 strap-on SRBs probably get anywhere from 8 to 15 tons on it without needing to change that much. Also, did you take a second look at Gratian?
  9. Would it be possible to over-ride the luminosity check within a certain SOI, multiplying or dividing it by a certain value? Basically, if everything always assumes you are around the primary star when you are around "any" star, could you add in code to check which SOI you are in, and if it is another star you correct the solar flux values wherever they appear? Since there will never be that many stars in one pack (realistically), it shouldn't be that big of a list.
  10. I hope the multiple stars issue will be fixed eventually - binary systems make up something like half of all decently-large stars (not late-M types). I'll have to settle with lagged-out 24 hour long asteroid redirection burns - maybe if I bring enough to Grannus I can form my own planet!
  11. Be warned - Maxtech Aerospace is now taking defense contracts from the KSC's Badass Devision (BD)
  12. My lag generator asteroid tug has 127 km/s in LGO - why do these complicated gravity assists when you can just torch ship it to Grannus with 50 km/s, refuel using a Grannus-orbiting asteroid then return? Maxtech Aerospace has a fetish for insane torch-ship designs - our crew want to be home for supper no matter where they eat lunch!
  13. KJR has the effect of ensuring that my planes stay in one piece while doing their mandatory 360 backfilp - they then proceed to bail the landing and lose wings, fins or other relatively important flight components. In other news, Maxtech Aerospace has modified a "Hyperblast" SCRamjet engine recently purchased from Insanity Aerospace. By introducing a new hypersonic combustion chamber design, maximum thrust can now be maintained up to Mach 25.2. The prototype design reached level flight at 45 km, throttled up to fill, and reached 8600 m/s before disintegrating in a fireball. Further desig
  14. The hardest part about building planes in 10.6257x is finding a way to prevent them from randomly exploding, flipping, or rolling over when loading onto the runway. I've resorted to repulsorlifts (Hacking gravity to 0.01) just to get going, otherwise runway repairs would be 98% of KSC's budget.
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