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  1. Thanks everybody for your kind help! Theory would say that you should respond with your perspective at the moment. That said, if the change is really at hand (graduation, for example) by all means answer along that line instead of "student" (also, congratulations!). This means that we could consider this as a "transitional state" of sorts, so it's OK. However, it should be about present and immediate future (days) but not years. So, if you turn 20 tomorrow and graduate next week, I'm fine with that. The survey reflects your opinions, and it's not like you are going to think radically differently today than tomorrow after receiving you diploma
  2. Hello! I am researching the topic of creativity as applied to engineering for my doctoral disertation. I am also an asiduous gamer, and KSP is among my favorite games. As it happens, it is also a game that greatly allows--and requires--creative skills to be applied directly to design and engineering tasks. I know that all of you are great creators and engineers (yes, even if your education is not formally in engineering, you have to grasp some concepts to play KSP). Along these ideas, I believe that the opinions and knowledge of KSP players are very valuable for my research. If you have the time, please help me by completing this brief survey. It won't take more than two minutes. Thank you very much!
  3. Interesting. Thanks for your help! What really intrigues me is that these are graphic issues, and very noticeable for that. They might be here for a reason then: aesthetic preference of the creators instead of hard realism is my best guess. Reminds me of Skyrim and how some people modded it so close to reality that some pics looked like taken from real forests and lakes, together with realistic skies and stars, while others enjoy plastic-looking, oversaturated Technicolor nightmares with neon skies lit like Tokyo streets. Not errors or glitches at all, just personal preferences. But I wish there was some configuration flexibility. That said, the planets are really gorgeous. Mars seems especially well detailed, and any astronomer would fall in love again with Saturn or Neptune. The Moon is simply fantastic. A real low point is the skybox. I've tried 5 times with different files, manually and via CKAN, and I simply cannot replace it. Probably it has something to do with the original overhaul carried over from RSS too, same as the atmosphere and cloud configuration. Back in the day I used to heavily modify and tweak stuff to better suit my tastes, like Scatterer's parameters. Maybe I can relearn those tricks at the cost of patience
  4. That's right. I even looked at pics from the Internet, and Titan should be bright orange. I suppose its atmosphere is quite dense. At this point, Im' really tempted either to: a) Copy mi settings from v1.2.2 which looks gorgeous or b) Install the v1.2.2 Scatterer, PlanetShine and Texture Replacer versions right on this SSRSS v1.3.1 and see what happens I now tried to install the skybox directly from CKAN and it stills looks terrible. This is the new install: ^ As you can see, ugliest skybox ever. For comparison, check this one from my regular v1.2.2 install, and also the beautiful flare: Neptunians and Uranites with poor textures while their neighbors look fine. Nightside Earth should be pitch-black, or at least only the dim lights be showing, not the clouds or a seemingly-eternal crepuscule: Compare to my v1.2.2 install. Pitch-black nightside, no glowing clouds, as it should be: Ridiculous unicorn horn on Deimos' Nort Pole, visible from orbit (I suspect a misshapen anomaly from vanilla KSP) In all above cases note the horrid skybox. Sorry for the huge pictures, but as they say, better explained than with just words.
  5. Yes, I installed the one suggested by CKAN, (Scatterer-2-v0.0324). If you can, please share your PlanetShine and Scatterer configs, so I can improve the gameplay experience. If you got some texture maps for the Uranian Moons, that would also be helpful! I installed Texture Replacer (TextureReplacer-3.7) because I really can't stand the vanilla skybox, and lo an behold, Titan got its color! Now it is a solid, bright orange sphere, practically featureless. Is this how it should look? Sadly, the other Uranites still retain their ugly low-res textures. Also, the famed 8K Rareden Skybox---which I uses in my other installs without issue---looks terribly pixelated... Visually, solving these would only leave the shiny nightside clouds from Earth...
  6. Ok, I reinstalled again. Stupid CKAN simply refused to install all that stuff, but I checked manually the repository and all zip files were there. I installed all of them manually, and it worked. However, I notice some curious issues, namely: Ariel, Umbriel, Titania and Oberon have some horribly pixelated texture, not on par with the others. It is possible that Ariel and Titania have actually the same texture. Titan is completely black. Like a black hole. I remember reading about this in the original locked thread. Deimos has still that idiotic spike. Earth's night side has some very dim city lights, and some quite visible clouds which look very ugly and unrealistic. Apart from that, it looks really nice! While at the KSC (default), an ugly black line delimits the horizon in all directions, most visible on the sea. This is not a consecuence of the time of the day, but completely independent (picture a black ribbon separating the sea from the sky). Clouds and atmosphere of Earth look good. Luna, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars look ****ing glorious! Cape Cañaveral lies in a flooded basin under 30 meters of water! (This is also a known issue, I know!) I don't know about the Rescale mod. Should I remove it? It is installed and things apparently work fine.
  7. Tried with CKAN, and I got this: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About to install... * Real Solar System Textures - 4096 x 2048 v13.1 (cached) * Stock Size Real Solar System - High Res Clouds v0.0.3.2 (cached) * Stock Size Real Solar System - Rescale v.0.10.1 (cached) * SSRSS Continued v0.0.3.2 (cached) * Module Manager 3.0.4 (cached) * Kopernicus Planetary System Modifier 2:release-1.3.1-7 (cached) * ModularFlightIntegrator (cached) * Real Solar System v13.1.0 (cached) * Sigma Dimensions 0.9.8 (cached) * Environmental Visual Enhancements 2:EVE-1.2.2-1 (cached) Module "Real Solar System Textures - 4096 x 2048" successfully installed Module "Stock Size Real Solar System - High Res Clouds" successfully installed Module "Stock Size Real Solar System - Rescale" successfully installed Module "SSRSS Continued" successfully installed Module "Module Manager" successfully installed Module "Kopernicus Planetary System Modifier" successfully installed Module "ModularFlightIntegrator" successfully installed Module "Real Solar System" successfully installed Oh no! We tried to overwrite a file owned by another mod! Please try a `ckan update` and try again. If this problem re-occurs, then it maybe a packaging bug. Please report it at: Please including the following information in your report: File : GameData/Sigma/Dimensions/Configs/Bodies/Fixes/caseSensitivityFix.cfg Installing Mod : SigmaDimensions 0.9.8 Owning Mod : SSRSS-Rescale CKAN Version : v1.25.4 Your GameData has been returned to its original state. Error! --------------------------------------------------------------- I checked for updates, and got the same error. Tried 3 times. Should I take note of the files and versions and install them manually? CKAN detected that version and attempted to use it. Manually I had decided for the older one mentioned previously. I guess if CKAN refuses to work, I'll use that one. Thanks!
  8. Ok, ok... performing a new, clean install. Then I will get CKAN and see how it works. I hope these issues are resolved with this: Erratic planetary shading Missing body textures Flickering orbit lines in Tracking Station If it works, I might install scatterer that way.
  9. Ok, I installed EVE (EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements- and the High-Res clouds from the original SSRSS. Now I have some major planets with textures, but not all. Have already tried with both the high-res and medium textures with these results: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto and all their satellites are still ugly white balls. At least they have a bit of shade now. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Titan have texture, but the night-side shading in Jupiter is strangely banded (some cool purple stormlike lightning can be seen). The nightside Earth is also very ugly, but at least it now has clouds. I hope this gets corrected with Scatterer. Also, Deimos has a very strange "spike" protruding from its surface, like soem sort of weird monolith or very tall pyramid. Will install Scatterer next and see what happens.
  10. Sadly, not all mods I like and use are supported by CKAN So far, after getting SSRSS to work, I installed EVE with no noticeable results (I might have to configure it, but the locked thread mentioned something about configs already in the files). Also, there's still the texture problem for non-home celestial bodies...
  11. Tried again with same steps as above, only substituting #2 for RSS version 12.0 instead of v13.1 (from December 7, 2016). I only used the RSS folder, as per instructions. Crashed again at mid-launch. Then tried again with v12.0 for RSS, and Sigma v0.9.4 (it states that it is for both KSP 1.3.1 and Kopernicus 1.3.1-2). This time, the game launching process ended, the yellow bar filled correctly and the black "loading" screen with the small solar system at the bottom right of the screen briefly appeared, before crashing again. Tried again entirely removing Kronometer. It worked! Sadly, all planets except from the Earth and Moon alook like texture-less, shadowless white billiard balls. Saturn's rings look good, though.
  12. Ok, as a first test, I tried to download and install following strictly the instructions here and in the official locked thread. Notoriously, nobody ever mentions any version, and with 5 hard requirements I suppose problems are bound to happen. I performed a fresh install of Kerbal Space Program v1.3.1. For the record, I used--in that order: 1.- Kopernicus-1.3.1-2 2.- RealSolarSystem_v13.1 3.- Textures 8192 (I understand these are 4K) 4.- Sigma-Dimensions.v0.10.1 5.- SSRSS.v0.0.3.2 6.- Kronometer.v1.6.0-1 Twice I tried. The game crashed gloriously mid-loading. The last version of SSRSS is from february 1, 2018. The previously immediate available version for that is Kopernicus 1.3.1-2. I guess that, since active development seems to have ceased at the mentioned date, then this version would be the most adequate (also from comments in the locked thread). Real Solar System I used the one from april 1, 2018. Not the latest, but it specifies it is the one for KSP 1.3.1. The textures I tried the latest and hoped that it would not matter, same with Sigma. SSRSS is also the latest one available on GitHub (v0.0.3.1) as opposed to the one mentioned as last in the locked thread (v0.0.3.1). This first test used the most recent versions from Sigma, Kronometer and Textures. I will look for more closely dated versions and try again.
  13. Hello Tyko & Co. I was pointed by Eridan to this post since I wanted to try this great mod again and could find no information beyond the original locked thread. Everthing looks so mysterious regarding the original SSRSS... Anyway, I understand the spirit of this thread and will contribute to the general knowledge as I attempt to install it all. I will try both, for KSP 1.3.1 and for the current version and see what happens. Along with that, I'm looking to try it with Scatterer and EVE (I can't understand realism without clouds). Also, I want that old Brazilian SC located at the Amazon's delta, right on the Equator, and various mods that add to realistic-looking parts. Thanks for creating a place where we can support each other!