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  1. True, but if you looking up a Soyuz size comparison the Orbital module is the same size as the Vostok and Voshkod capsules, and considering that the base game has no life support functionality there isn't anything for an orbital module part to do, so I personally think they serve its function fine. Also the new engine plates 'cluster modes' work perfectly for recreating how Soyuz's engine set up works; considering the duel engine for mercury got its own part (and doesn't need this) and the quad engine for the Soviet / Russian R-7 also got their own part (and again don't need this), I can't think of any real world example other then Soyuz, (I'm sure some else can , also the engine plates are the best part addition in the expansion) Finally the new Soviet / Russian style separator (which I know was used extensively on the R-7 rockets) is used on Soyuz, although I think it is generally covered in real life.
  2. Just because I like to be fair to the Devs for giving us some amazing stuff... and because I thought you might like to see what is possible; Here is my stock Soyuz: I'd still prefer an actual decent module, but if we don't get one then the alternative isn't too bad!
  3. I totally agree, i fully expected this to be in the expansion. If anyone takes more then 5 minutes of looking at the soviet / russian space program (or human space endevour as a whole) they would see just how much it is dominated by the soyuz craft. It was origially designed as thier version of the apollo command module, and varients of it have remained in use ever since. And currently it is the only spacecraft that is in use for taking humans to low earth orbit and the international space station. The fact that we cannot currently create it was a massive oversight in the base game, let alone the expansion. although adding the command module would be useful to make soyuz (i've done it using two spheres and using the move tool to push a cover over the lower half and it looks pretty good) what we also need is a 2 x 4 unfolding solar panel, preferably one that doesn't rotate ( or the ability to disable it) I've used the sentinal solar panels for this and they are the perfect size, but they are problomatic because they don't unfold and have to placed in the perminately open position.
  4. Further information: After some further experimenting, this seems to occur (at least for me) in the following situation: Having an Xbox 360 controller plugged in and alt-tabbing (this both causes and fixes the situation) I'm not sure if its acting like an on-off toggle, its hard to see whats going on in the game when your out of it But playing in windowed mode and just clicking to another window doesn't cause it to happen...
  5. Hello, Started getting this problem pop in my current save game. Running the 1.04 version of KSP no mods, save file is from 1.04 as are all ships, also using steam. Occasionally when activating SAS on stability assist mode the Ship will rotate rapidly, can can also roll, yaw or pitch... all other modes work perfectly fine. When this happens I seem to be unable to return to the Space Center easily... its either not accessible at all, or will occasionally drop down only to snap away before I can click it (Increasing Warp to x5, however seems to let me return fine). It occurs randomly, and restarting the game doesn't seem to make any difference...(alt-tabbing out from the game seems to also cause or stop it from happening... again somewhat randomly) This is occurring outside of the atmosphere, on multiple different ships and stations (all previously fine until now). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks