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  1. I designed a "tank" to be airdropped out the back of a Mk3 Cargo Bay and Ramp (in this case, on the Stearwing A300 stock craft). Nothing really new here, just my attempt to make something airdroppable. I still have to build a "proper" transport. It descends nearly vertically until the chute opens fully. After landing. It's still WIP because it sometimes flips during landing. Currently the biggest issue is keeping it from flipping on landing. After that, making a better "transport rack" so that the "tank" can drive off easier.
  2. I built a car armored vehicle that could be parachute-dropped from the Stearwing A300 and modified the Stearwing for parachutists, but then I somehow corrupted the save and the craft file. Luckily I had a backed up craft file, so I still have the craft. The worst part of all is that I kept hitting F12 to take screenshots instead of F1, which screenshots were bound to, so the only pictures I have of it are potato-quality that I sent to a friend through social media. Unfortunately, that means that all the screenshots in action of it were never actually taken.
  3. A quick "lifting body"-type spaceplane I built. Technically, you could say that it isn't a lifting body, but I'd say it's close enough I really need to learn how to return to the KSC runway, I've always either overshot extremely and landed across the ocean or ended up in the desert. The rocket with the very bloated looking fairing for the spaceplane.
  4. Note: I am aware of the existing Dragon v2 mods. This idea might not be the most realistic. I may attempt to do this... This is a potential mod idea that I think would be interesting. So it would be a mod for a Dragon v2, but the pressure vessel for the crew is the actual pod and the rest of the Dragon are stand-alone parts, such as SuperDraco engine packs, heat shield, the actual capsule minus the crew pod, docking port, parachute, engine parts, and heat shield with nodes to connect those components. Without the "crew pod" part, cargo of sorts could be put into the Dragon v2, allowing for the building of things such as Red Dragon and whatever other landers based on the general Dragon v2 design by adding or removing components. Perhaps less realistic than it could be, but it could be a fun idea... A horrendous paint image I made that generally shows what I want to do... (WARNING: PAINT SKILLZ OVER 9000...or not)
  5. I originally was planning to wait until 1.1 to continue building stuff, but life and stuff got in the way and all my modded crafts got broken...oh well Anyways, I'm working on something now (anyone care to guess what it will be?) (it's obviously in a very WIP state, lots of things to do...) To Columbia-"You think you have the audacity to call British bomber aircraft ugly? You'll regret that decision!" (I'll admit that the Short Stirling looks like a flying box though, and thanks to War Thunder, cannot unsee the Welly as a source of free RP)
  6. No need to insult just because the competition runner wishes to use FAR for the reason he gave. Anyways, back to the battles...
  7. That's a good point, I was mostly thinking about turbojets and turbofans. Perhaps it would be only required for turbojets/fans...
  8. Perhaps for the next BAD-T tournament, perhaps add NANA Wildfire and Kerbal Krash System to the mods?
  9. My submission, a rather simplified down Do-335. Meets all the heavy fighter requirements. Flys decently well, but not quite exceptionally under Ai control, so probably doesn't really stand a chance... (Although at least I got it to take down the dummy)
  10. Going to launch this sign to Ike: (along with a lander with a tricked-out rover) Should I change the colors of the Illuminators? (Mods: I PM'ed Red Iron Crown about if this was appropriate or not, he said it was fine, remove this post if deemed inappropriate)
  11. This could very easily be a suggestion too, but I'd like to see if anyone could try doing this as a mod. (and was suggested by somebody in the thread for stock turbines) So the idea is that instead of having the stock turbines directly attached to the 'engine' piece as they originally were supposed to be like, the turbines are a separate part that turn IntakeAir into another resource like "CompressedAir" or "ExhaustAir", which the engine parts we have currently would use along with liquid fuel.
  12. Thanks guys! @RixKillian You're right, it's a bit tall, was a bit hard to get the fuselage to 'work' otherwise unfortunately.
  13. Been busy for the last week or so, but finally got around to finishing the Kittyhawk/Warhawk/[insert whatever variation of that name here]. The Spitfire and everything else has been delayed until after I launch some stuff to Duna and Ike (more on that Soon(TM)).Flight performance still needs some improvementsEngine detailing(offset the ore tank to move the radiators)And some fun with Firespitter (not very realistic in terms of looks but it performs like a beast with FS) Download:
  14. P-40 coming along pretty nicely. Spitfire is going to go through a very big redesign Soon(TM). (extra detailing behind the panel)