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  1. @jost @Ksp Slingshooter The rule meant you could send a fuel tanker to refuel the craft, but not transfer landers or anything else besides fuel to the vessel. Slingshooter could you post a screenshot of your craft with the kerbals on it?
  2. Best of luck! Visually I like everything about this craft, especially the Laythe heat-shield. Thanks for sharing! If you plan to use it to complete the Jool 5 challenge, I only ask you try and reduce the fuel tank clipping.
  3. Yeah that works. Although can you timewarp with kerbals on a ladder?
  4. As long as you don't have the jetpacks push the ship and you don't use the ladder as a kraken drive you can.
  5. I have decided to reattempt the challenge in career mode, I just can't figure out how to reasonably hire 500 Kerbals. Might have to adjust the rules if this is deemed impossible by other contenders.
  6. Up to you really. I'm only going to suggest this next part, but consider what a colony is. Colonies can get help, but the ultimate goal is to colonize. Perhaps in the end the Jool system's colonies should be self-sufficient?
  7. Holy cow! Congratulations on completing the Jool 5 Challenge on Jeb's level, and with the 6.4x world-size multiplier! Your album was so well-captioned it took me two days to get through it, but I'll add you to the leaderboard immediately! Incredible job! Also, the name fits the mission well. That was quite the absolute unit.
  8. Nope, it's all good. The commentary was hilarious, I was audibly laughing instead of just breathing out my nose quickly. Also the game crashes reminded me all too well of instances where I've had a game crash 30 minutes into a laggy launch, I'm glad yours went as -relatively- smoothly as it did. (also I'm really digging the ship's design). Keep up the good work, I eagerly await part 2!
  9. Congrats on completing the Jool 5 mission on level 1. You did forget to put a flag on Pol, but it seems it was just a mistake so I'll let it slide. I liked your video and music choice, I also thought choice of engines and the general design of your mission was interesting, especially the off center rocket you left in Jool orbit. Adding your submission the leaderboard now.
  10. Think about it like this, are you using a freighter as a rover? I think the rover should be separate, but if your freighter can do all that, putting a rover in the back to ferry around doesn't sound all that difficult. Why don't you post a picture, it might be easier to decide that way.
  11. Congratulations @jinnantonix on completing the Jool 5 challenge on level one with a low cost submission! I am especially impressed on how easy you make a Jool 5 mission look, and how much use you got out of that Laythe tanker. Adding you to the leaderboard now! On a side note: IRL events might temporarily slow my ability to review submissions, but don't worry, I'll get to them. Yeah that's fine. Good luck on your submission
  12. @jinnantonix I've watched the first half of your video and it's great but I'm about to fall asleep so I'll finish reviewing it tomorrow. (Also, I never thought I would see an aerocapture without a heat shield for capturing in Jool's SOI again! Wow!)