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  1. Mission Statement Everyone knows the number seven, everyone's seen it, everyone's heard it, no one more than the number six. Six constantly cowers below it, for seven viciously tore apart and ate nine. Today at the KSC, it is our chief goal and mission to cower below the number seven just as much as six does every single day. Henceforth, any mission we complete will weigh in at a wet mass (Kerbals not included) of less than seven tons. The Challenge Build and fly a craft that does something, anything, in less than seven tons wet mass (Kerbals not included). Can you flyby the Jool moons and come back in under seven tons? Can you visit Dres in under seven tons? Can you land on both the Mun in under seven tons? That's for you to decide and to prove. If this thread picks up I might make a badge. The Rules - The entire craft without its crew must weigh less than seven tons. - The craft does not have to be an SSTO - ISRU and surface mining are allowed. - The craft does not have to return to Kerbin. - Post a screenshot of your craft in the VAB/SPH showing its mass. Leaderboard / Proof of Concept - @JacobJHC Video here. 6.81 Tons. This is my proof of concept submission. It is a tiny SSTO mission for a tiny Gilly. - @Pds314 Post here. 6.65 Tons. Duna landing with 1,900 excess delta-v.
  2. I've always been annoyed by not being able to timewarp under certain altitudes so all my worlds have liberating timewarp altitudes.
  3. As long as a different Kerbal was on a different moon at one point in the missino repeats don't matter. Congrats on a Jeb's level completion! Adding you to the leaderboard now.
  4. Congratulations @Jim123 on completing the Jool 5 challenge! Out of curiosity, did a unique Kerbal land on each moon? If you did this will be scored for the Jeb's level, if not this will be scored on a level one. Other than that, I liked the double service module return you did. I also thought your Tylo lander is one of the coolest looking I've seen. Great job!
  5. Ok as soon as I sat down to watch it I got summoned IRL in three different directions. Now I'm actually going to watch it.
  6. I haven't even seen it yet but HOLY COW that's an amazing thumbnail. I'm going to make a tea and watch it.
  7. The Anziephus System [1.7.3] More screenshots will come, but for now here's a 53 second video briefly showing each world. What does this mod add? The Anziephus System adds a ringed dwarf planet with rings and a fun moon system to the solar system. Anziephus and its moons reside just past Eeloo's orbit. Anziephus: An ringed with an enormous crater exposing some blue ice from underneath. Epam: This tiny moon orbits just outside Anziephus's rings. Its small size and blue coloring suggest it was formed from debris that gave Anziephus its rings and crater. Curious indeed. Ebenus: This darker colored moon sports an excellent view of the system and has high mountains and low plains to explore. Eiwei: This moon seems to be all mountain. Resembling a crumpled up piece of yellow paper, this moon is the go-to destination for all the mountain lovers out there. Pherph: This moon was likely captured sometime in Anziephus's past. It's vibrant color scheme doesn't fit in with the other moons, and its terrain is by far the most chaotic of the system. Science Definitions Surface Scatter Known Issues Due to a kopernicus bug, sometimes achieving too low an altitude will make the ground invisible. It only seems to be an issue on Ebenus right now, so I recommend avoiding the yellow regions unless you're good at landing blind. If you psot this issue on any of the other worlds please post about it in this thread. Pictures (More to come shortly) Download Dependencies: Kopernicus https://spacedock.info/mod/2205/The Anziephus System All rights reserved Thank You to @Mythical Donuts and @XenonMax for helping me with the science definitions and the terrain scatterers. I could not have done it without you! Also thank you to the Kopernicus Discord for teaching me how to make rings and providing the texture!
  8. This mod never had a development thread dedicated to it so there isn't much to discuss now that it's done. As for Plod II, it's the ugly duckling of the planet mods I've released.
  9. Awesome! I'm impressed how stylish you managed to make it look while also being able to complete the mission.
  10. Thanks! Be sure to tag me when you post your video!
  11. Congrats on your SSTO working! I was never able to get a small nuke powered craft to work for Duna, so I ended up using a much much heavier approach.
  12. B9 was banned for the futuristic sci-fi stuff and the giant parts. If you use the procedural wings from the mod only I'll accept it. Does the central fuel tank continue inside the double hull near the end?