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  1. I like this perspective more than my previous one, I'll go by this logic. But @PTGFlyer if you do use an asteroid, you must actually fly it. No changing files.
  2. You could, but the ship would still be departing from LKO as one big ship, even if there is staging involved. Tell you what, if you manually capture an asteroid and build a refueling rig on it, you can build your ship on the station, fuel up the ship and then go to Jool, BUT, no part of the station or the asteroid can come to Jool. All parts of the base must remain in LKO and actually be flown.
  3. Nope. The idea of the Jool 5 is for a single mission to do it. This can take the form of one large ship launched at one time, or as one large ship assembled in LKO.
  4. Spawning it into a perfect 80k orbit is just cheating by itself. If you want to use an asteroid in a Jool 5 mission you will need to first visit/ redirect it during the mission, no mission can come prior and set up a refueling base. If you want to fly to it, dock to it, refuel, and then go to Jool from the asteroid that is fine, but using a pre-placed asteroid or refueling base is not.
  5. It wouldn't. Where would you be putting the asteroid? And would you be redirecting it using your Jool 5 mission or a separate mission?
  6. I feel that would count as cheating.... Oh dang, this may be the most interesting ISRU ship I've seen yet.
  7. Whoops. My bad. I'll move RS-250 and RS-375 to level 3. Once again amazing job getting a SSTE to be able to handle Tylo of all places. Major hats off to you.
  8. Sure! Three Jool 5s at one time... you deserve a medal. Congratulations @Marschig for completing 3 Jool 5s on level 2. I was the most impressed by the Tylo landings for each plane. You must have really put effort into those landings. Visiting Duna and Minmus were also nice touches. One question I do have.. was the Duna landing for refueling purposes or just for destination reasons? The master returns. May I say that ship is very well detailed. I can't wait to see it in action. Will it be dropping a Tylo lander or going in itself?
  9. Looks cool! I'll review this later today when I get time. (Neat Vall lander) Edit: Congratulations @PhoenixRise86 on completing the Jool 5 challenge on Levels 2 and 3! For simplicity I only put you on the scoreboard for level 3. The landers featured in this mission are absolutely amazing, I also liked the rocket cluster on your launch stage. Overall very cool. Good job!
  10. Congratulation @Xurkitree on completing the first Jeb's Level entry for the new thread! Missions like yours are my favorite, as you learned a lot during the mission and clearly had fun doing it. I especially liked the moment when you realized you needed fuel from Pol so you left Val. As for your imgur album, it is more organized than some others I've checked, so thanks for that as well. Overall this was an amazing mission, good job!
  11. Just the engines. ISPs of 60,000 would make it too easy. Fly sage, I am excited to see a brute force approach, especially if the DLC is involved.
  12. JacobJHC

    [WIP] Saru Planet Pack

    Rest in Space
  13. JacobJHC

    Rinkeutov - A planet pack

    Thanks! I've glanced around a bit. Which channel would the issues I'm having fit in?
  14. JacobJHC

    Rinkeutov - A planet pack

    Sorry about that. I've fixed the album. https://imgur.com/a/u6bFzV5