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  1. MY APOLOGIES! I don't know how I didn't see this, I'll review it right now!
  2. Thanks for the reminder, I updated the title!
  3. That brings you to a total of 3082 points! I really enjoyed watching your YouTube series, and will make it into a playlist and add your submission to the front page now. Real quick, do you have the total cost for all launches?
  4. Yeah I worded this awfully, I'll change the rule so it's add 2 points per starship. I would say the easiest thing to do that would be to do some in game testing, but if you don't want to do that I would suggest just finding out what the heaviest thing the landers set down on each moon.
  5. @jinnantonix Awesome job on completing your entry. Finals are starting for me so please excuse the fact that my review of your submission will be delayed. I promise I will get to it, but it likely won't be for about 2 weeks.
  6. My apologies, I looked at those a week ago and thought I replied to you. Yes, those are all fine to use.
  7. Every time I update this thread I see the orange banner telling me not to revive dead threads. It's not my fault I procrastinate months between landing sprees!
  8. Congratulations @king of nowhereon completing the Jool 5 Challenge! Did you complete this mission in science mode or in sandbox mode? Since it appears you had a different Kerbal on each moon, I am unsure whether to place you in Level 3 or Jeb's Level. Either way, the mission thread you put together is one of the most entertaining I've read in a while. All the trials and malfunctions and solar storms you had to deal with made the mission have very real stakes, and it's something that many Jool 5 missions lack. To top all of this off, you did it with Kerbalism installed, and dragged around a sel
  9. 1. No, drop all the tanks you want. 2. 100km 3. a. no b. no c. Maybe, post a screenshot if you don't mind. d. I'm confused, do you mean a radially attached docking port? Could you reply with a screenshot of that too? e. Depends on the context, once again, screenshots will enable more thorough answers. Hope that helps! Please do reply with screenshots so I may better understand your questions.
  10. Man that is a huge ship! Sorry for the delay, I've been looking it over here and there. I have just gotten to the Jool portion of the mission. I know I've been inactive, but I am reviewing the mission. Your drama and solutions to all of your mission issues make for one of the most entertaining mission reports I've read in a while.
  11. Yeah that's fine. You could either make an imgur album and post it here or make the mission its own thread and link the thread here.
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