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  1. JacobJHC

    The "Douglas Adams" Challenge

    @Laie Flawless landing
  2. JacobJHC

    The "Douglas Adams" Challenge

    This challenge looks fun. I'll give it a shot.
  3. Congratulations @mystifeid for completing the Jool 5 Challenge on level 3! I really liked your lander, I haven't seen those making history engines used by anyone here yet. I also liked how you were able to make a universal lander that could handle all the moons. A lander like that has to be very adaptable. Overall, through and through great job!
  4. Maybe not @adamgerd , this guy managed nearly a double Jool 5 on his first interplanetary mission.
  5. Thanks! I used Spectra and the OPM visual overhaul mods for visuals. To make sure the camera had smooth warping shots I just had to time warp slow enough my computer didn't freak out and freeze. All the parts are either stock or making history. No parts mods were used. All the music came from the YouTube audio library and one came from incompetch.com
  6. Congratulations @sturmhauke for completing the Jool 5 challenge on level 3! I really like your drone launcher concept and the detaching mothership. I also found it very interesting how you used fuel cells to give your ion crafts longer burn times. Feel free to add the badge to your signature. Great job!
  7. Whenever you can could you post the full album? Is it the mountain lake by any chance?
  8. Do you have any screenshots of maneuvers you used to get there or of your fuel levels during the mission? Off the top of my head I think it took just over 6000 years, so 60.
  9. No worries. Maybe in the future my mission will have enough landings to qualify for your challenge.
  10. Sure thing, this will probably turn into one of those saga threads just without a story. In part two I will probably just visit a few more gas giants. The issue is finding planet packs that still work for this version that aren't OPM.
  11. Not quite. I won't be visiting any other solar systems in this mission as I feel the idea behind a grand tour is to land on all the bodies orbiting the main star, or a planet pack that was designed to be a binary star for Kerbol. and not a seperate system. I also am not visiting the moons of Duna, Eve or Eeloo because they don't work in the current version. The other destinations will likely make their way into my mission eventually though, so maybe. A suggestion of advice, I would remove the xenonclave mods since they are broken for this version and maybe make a separate challenge for visiting multiple solar system to keep the extended grand tour within Kerbol's reaches. Also, I want to say I remember you saying you were doing an extended grand tour, how's that going? Good I hope
  12. JacobJHC

    Outer Planets Mod Challenge

    Ok I finished. https://youtu.be/9U51DDWbfzA I should have a score of about -4,150 (or -16,600 if you give me the x4 for impressiveness)
  13. Only one, but every time I installed a planet pack it would move orbits lol.
  14. Awesome thanks! Also sure, here they are: - Stock planets - All OPM moons/ planets - The Spud Moon mod - The More Gas Giants Mod - The Apollo System Mod
  15. - Which game versions did you use? 1.4.3- What mods did you use, if any? Visual mods, timewarp mods, kerbal alarm clock and kerbal engineer- How many Kerbals are on the mission? 5- How many launches were needed to start your mission from Kerbin? 1- How much did your mission cost? a lot- Did you needed a refueling mission? no- Did you bring additional stuff like satellites, rovers, etc? no- Share the delta-V information too, if you tracked it! in the bottom corner of the video.