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  1. @GRS, your submission has been reviewed. There are three ways reviewing this submission could have gone, rejecting it for craft copying, accepting it no problem, or using it as a learning opportunity. Your mission, by your own statement was inspired by my own extended grand tour mission. However, there is no doubt that the mission contains drastically to many similarities to my my own, with the only major difference being your launch stage. Shown below are pictures comparing your craft to mine, arranged in pairs with mine above yours. As seen in this set, the craft used for Gilly is completely identical to mine, minus the fact you used one less fuel tank. This pair is quite interesting, as they are virtually the exact same screenshot. Note how both of our vessels are comprised of several xenon sections, made of three take segments docked to one another. Similarly, both have a solar panel array mounted on a girder. I wouldn't normally count this as copying since it is an incredibly basic design, but given the other similarities I am inclined to believe you copied this design aspect from my craft as well. Next, there is one of the spherical command pods, followed by large battery arrays, which have 6x symmetry xenon tanks with ion engines on the back. These screenshots alone tell me that your mission is more of a reboot of my own than your own mission, and that alone seems to take away from the mission's supposed grandeur, as most of the components that made the mission possible were copied directly from my mission. This final pair just further shows how your main mother-ship is significantly too similar to mine. To be completely honest, I expect anyone who sees the thread of your mission, and the YouTube video of my mission to mistake them as the exact same mission. While I feel I could have ripped this mission apart on your mission thread, I won't, because I feel this instance is best used as a learning opportunity. Missions are difficult to build, they often require extensive amounts of planning, testing, and whatnot to make everything work. Having someone copy your mission almost part-for-part can feel like you've been cheated in a way, especially if it's submitted to a challenge. It feels like plagiarism. My advice to you is to be inspired by missions like mine, or missions done by everyone else, but not to copy them in such a precise degree ever again. The reason I say that is 1. People might not take your missions seriously if they are mostly other people's designs, and 2. They might not be as polite as I am and go off on you. At the end of the day, you did the Jool 5 mission, you planet the flags, and returned the Kerbals, although I'm just not sure what to do. I have never seen anything quite like this, with two virtually identical submissions from separate users. In a situation like this I would let the other mission's submitter determine if yours is counted or not, but that other submitter is me, so there is extreme bias present. So, I'm going to ask @Ziv and @sdj64, the previous heads of the Jool 5 Challenge decide for me. If they don't see this and reply, I'll determine another course of action I feel is fair to decide.
  2. Fine Although to be fair I have a final today, so it will probably have to wait until later today.
  3. Incredibly busy actually. I'll review the recent submissions when I can, but that isn't likely to happen until Wednesday or Thursday.
  4. One of my favorites from back in the day was Thor LP, who did the insane rockets division series. https://www.youtube.com/user/watchnasatvcom/videos And also HOCGaming and Scott Manley.
  5. Honestly I wish I knew. The heightmap must have a white pixel near the poles, or there might have been an issue with a seam that made them. I find them a tad too amusing to remove though.
  6. Salus: A J1407b Analogue [1.7.3] What does this mod add? Salus: A large gas giant out past Jool with the largest rings Kerbals have ever seen. It is thought that a close encounter with a rogue planet gave its orbit its inclination, as well as its current ring system. Visit soon, they're not expected to last for much longer. They've already begun collapsing into moons. Dauble: An icy world harboring a subsurface ocean, with plumes spraying out world-wide. Dauble is nested inside Salus's rings, providing quite the skyline. Dulus: A small moon orbiting rather close to Dauble. This flattened moon is collecting material from Salus's rings across its equator forming a massive equatorial ridge. Don't slip! Duran: A captured asteroid that orbits far from Salus, well past its rings. It's inclined orbit gives the best possible view of Salus. Be sure to bring your camera! Pictures Download Dependencies: Kopernicus https://spacedock.info/mod/2250/Salus - A J1407b Analogue All Rights Reserved
  7. In that case, congrats on completing the Jool 5 Challenge on level 3! I'm impressed the most by the margins the Tylo landing took place in. Adding you now!
  8. @Kerbolitto that was a fun mission to scroll through, I just have two quick question. How many kerbals came (I counted 7 but want to be sure) and did Bob stay behind on Laythe or come back with the crew?
  9. @Kerbolitto forgive me if I have missed your second entry, but upon scrolling up and checking the last page I can only find your STS Jool 5 submission, which I have already reviewed. If this was one of two separate entries my apologies, and if so could you post the link to the one I missed below since I can't find it?
  10. So do I get a spot on the completion board then?
  11. Congrats @EveMaster on a level one submission! I counted you as a level one because Jeb was the only Kerbal from the Jool System who returned. Also, managing to build an ISRU craft that can do Tylo? Major props to you!
  12. As much as I would like to count this mission, there simply aren't enough screenshots of it in the album. The only included images are of the craft on the surface, none of crucial maneuvers, landing burns (especially for Tylo) , or the launch. If you have more screenshots, I'll gladly look at them, but as it stands right now there aren't enough screenshots to count the submission.
  13. Looks great so far! I'd like the post but I can't seem to find the button for it.