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  1. I would make a few flybys of Kerbin to lower your orbit. Then when your orbit is very similar to Kerbin's an aerobrake should be safe to do.
  2. Congratulations on completing the Jool 5 challenge on level 3! You did quite a few extra landings, while I'll be sure to mention when I add you to the winner board...
  3. Yeah the link is just going to the thread's first page, not your submission.
  4. Thank you! If I might amend one thing though, the craft's name in flight was 'THICC BOI' and not 500 Subscriber Special due to its large heft.
  5. Awesome! In that case I'd like to submit the 'THICC BOI'. The thumbnail is deceiving, but it is an SSTO and can fly to Laythe and back without refueling, and bring a few hundred passengers with it.
  6. Does KJR disqualify? I built a Laythe SSTO which uses it to stock kraken attacks.
  7. Something similar happened on my first Jool 5 attempt, the kraken destroyed my Tylo lander. I wish you the best of luck in any and all future attempts.
  8. They are the most efficient bet, but they are also the most annoying. As someone who has done NUMEROUS missions using ion engines, I must warn you your patience will be tested.
  9. Yeah an ore satellite is fine to send ahead, just make sure no actual transfer of science occurs tho between the Jool 5 mission and previous missions. Preferably you'd bring the ore scanner with you, but it's not required. Yeah that's fine. Please do post a picture of your custom suit!
  10. Congratulations @Entropian on completing the Jool 5 challenge on level 3! Building an SSTA that can handle Tylo is already challenging enough, not to mention how tall yours was. Similarly, your tight-margin landing on Laythe is something truly kerbal, and I like how you used the 5-meter tank section with the built-in nosecone flares. Even though you forgot the Bop flag, I will still put you in the main thread since your mission did everything else it needed to excluding the flag, and you were on Bop.
  11. @Entropian I'm reviewing your mission now and I have a quick question. How did you land on Laythe with 0 delta-v remaining?