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  1. "And so I completed the Jool 5 in day 383, 1 hour and 9 minutes of a new career" Congratulations on completing the fastest Jool 5 in history! The fact you managed to get all landings done within a 12 day window is incredible, and your trajectories! I've never seen anything like it! I'll add this submission to the leaderboard now, congratulations!
  2. @king of nowhere I'm reviewing your submission today FYI, I've been glancing over the thread in the last week trying to make sure I have a proper understanding of it. I must say that the premise itself sounds very difficult and I'm impressed at the travel times you're achieving. It's a style of KSP I'm not overly familiar with so it's interesting to see in action.
  3. Congratulations on completing the Jool 5 Challenge on level 1! Apologies again for the delay. Your mission's use of Kerbalism (specifically with Jool's radiation belt) added a level of anxiety not present in most Jool 5s. Usually I am just seeing how the landers were designed and what trajectories were used, but for this one I was genuinely concerned any time you had to dip into the danger zone. Your limitations to account for realism added an additional level of intrigue as well. It was very interesting to see what compromises you made and when. Overall, I found your mission very entertaining to review, and it was very thought provoking when considering how a real space agency might have done it. Fantastic job! I'll add this submission to the leaderboard now
  4. Apologies, life got super busy and I forgot to check in. I'll have your submission reviewed tonight.
  5. Congratulations @kspfreakon going above and beyond for a level 1 submission! Your Tylo lander was a design I haven't seen in a while, your Bop landing paid a visit to the Kraken which is also not super common, and you visited every other moon in the solar system on top of that. Excellent work. Adding you to the leaderboard now.
  6. For the ladders: No that's fine. I've built ships where I clip entire payloads out of a fairing to pretend I have a service bay. For MechJeb: That's fine too. Good luck!
  7. Congratulations on a record breaking Jool 5 mission! You video was very well narrated and broke down your reasoning and potential improvements in an easy to understand way. I think the most interesting thing you did was not use air-breathing engines for Laythe. The method you used saved weight and was not something many of us have considered. Congratulations on this achievement!
  8. Your worlds have always been works of art. I'm sad to see you go, but wish you the best. Thanks for all the sights!
  9. Basically any mod except OP mods are allowed. The Gatecrashers / honorary mentions category is pretty much for casual or rule-breaking runs. Yeah it's because of the lightbulb. Yeah not sure why Jool doesn't have biomes either, would be easy to add.
  10. That definitely is a big vessel. Is there more than one picture, perhaps some of the transits and landings?
  11. Congratulations @camacju on completing the Jool 5 Challenge on the 1st level! This is genuinely one of the most impressive KSP missions I've seen, the sheer optimization shown is mind boggling, especially with your admittance that you could have shaved more weight off but chose not to. This is without a doubt a record breaker. Have you considered snapping a screenshot of the craft next to a single mammoth engine? It'd be cool to see the craft next to the engine you used as a mass goal. Adding you to the leaderboard now!
  12. Personally I feel that an unkrewed Jool 5 wouldn't complete the challenge in spirit. One of the most important parts of a Jool 5 is stepping or swimming on all 5 moons.
  13. Congratulations @Krazy1 on completing the Jool 5 Challenge on Level 3! I like the refined look of this craft, along with its orange/gray color scheme! As usual, your album was well put together, and I enjoyed watching the Tylo landing. Adding you to the leaderboards now
  14. I'm happy to see the challenge revived! If I can get myself back into the game I might give it a try.
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