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  1. On 11/10/2022 at 1:52 AM, camacju said:

    grand tour but also jool 5

    Congratulations @camacju on completing the Jool 5 Challenge on the 1st level! This is genuinely one of the most impressive KSP missions I've seen, the sheer optimization shown is mind boggling, especially with your admittance that you could have shaved more weight off but chose not to. This is without a doubt a record breaker. Have you considered snapping a screenshot of the craft next to a single mammoth engine? It'd be cool to see the craft next to the engine you used as a mass goal. Adding you to the leaderboard now!

  2. On 9/18/2022 at 6:43 PM, Krazy1 said:

    Well, I didn't know when to stop I guess and I have another level 3 submission. I made another SSTO rocket about 1/2 the size of 2 by 4. I followed a somewhat more difficult moon sequence and used Principia again.

    Encore 242: Recoverable SSTO rocket. 2 Mastodons, 4 Darts, 2 NERVs. 5 crew and full size ISRU. Under 250 tons at launch. Used Simple Fuel Switch to change some tanks to LF.

    Album with captions

    I'll post the ship on KerbalX - link in signature.




    Congratulations @Krazy1 on completing the Jool 5 Challenge on Level 3! I like the refined look of this craft, along with its orange/gray color scheme! As usual, your album was well put together, and I enjoyed watching the Tylo landing. Adding you to the leaderboards now :) 

  3. On 8/19/2022 at 2:49 AM, Krazy1 said:

    So, I'm throwing this one in the ring... not sure about the rules but I decided to do it anyway. I used Principia. I just searched this topic and "Principia" has no hits. Nobody even mentioned it? Well here it is...

    SSTO reusable rocket-lander called "2 by 4", with ISRU and crew of 5.

    Used KSP 1.12.3. I have many QOL and visual mods but no part mods. Besides Principia I used FAR. (FAR was a nuisance anyway because parachutes deployed early and failed.)

    Album here with a couple video links in the captions


    Congratulations @Krazy1 on completing the Jool 5 Challenge on the 3rd Level! I don't recall if I've seen a principia submission before, but I can say that the 2 by 4 is an impressive craft! (especially its Tylo capabilities, it's usually pretty difficult to make SSTOs to everywhere handle Tylo). I'll add your submission to the leaderboard now, but also want to say that your album was very well organized and was easy to read. Congrats!

  4. 15 hours ago, OJT said:

    I hate to be the party pooper. And don't get me wrong, Alpaca Z's video is mighty impressive (as is Lt.Duckweed's craft). But the submission clearly breaks Rule 7 on Tylo landing because due to landing approach no kerbal could leave the craft and then climb back into it again. I'm afraid you'll have to knock it down to Honourable Mentions @JacobJHC

    This is what I get for reviewing submissions while sleep deprived. Thanks for catching this @OJT.

    @Alpaca Z sorry about that, but OJT's correct and your crew did not walk on Tylo's surface, meaning I must move it to Honourable Mentions.

  5. On 6/29/2022 at 12:09 AM, Alpaca Z said:

    Lt_Duckweed created an SSTA and I used it to do a single stage grand tour mission that includes Eve (with his permission). It includes the Jool five mission, but sadly I wasn't able to plant a flag on Tylo due to lack of ladder.

    I'll post it here anyway just for those who are interested.


    Congratulations @Alpaca Z on completing the Jool 5 challenge on the second level! Your submission video is nicely choreographed, nicely edited together, and the music choice works in its favor as well. Overall a very well made YouTube video. As for the mission itself, it was flown very simply. I am impressed in your 15 year mission time. In regards to the Jool 5, I found your Laythe ascent interesting, and I found your strategy of rebuilding the craft in low Tylo orbit to be most amusing and very Kerbal! Since you said that @Lt_Duckweedallowed you to use the craft, it only seems fair to honorarily include him in the hall of fame entry. Congratulations again!

  6. On 6/28/2022 at 11:09 PM, Alpaca Z said:

    Lt_Duckweed created an SSTA and I used it to do a single stage grand tour mission that includes Eve (with his permission). It includes the Jool five mission, but sadly I wasn't able to plant a flag on Tylo due to lack of ladder.

    I'll post it here anyway just for those who are interested.


    Will watch tomorrow!

  7. On 6/20/2022 at 8:45 PM, Kerb24 said:

    Are we allowed to send more than 5 Kerbals, having landers with 2 seats, and landing 6 Kerbals in total on the Moons, having 1 Unique kerbal on each landing and the other seat being occupied by the same kerbal for all the landings?


    On 6/22/2022 at 9:30 AM, imcute said:

    i already built a grand tour craft incapable to land on eve and only weighs 0.365 tons

    there is a vid about this but idk how to publish it(NOT on youtube)

    I would recommend youtube but if you're deadset on not putting it on a website you could always put a google drive link I suppose

  8. On 4/2/2022 at 5:11 AM, camacju said:

    The single engine Jool-5 is finally complete! It's kinda hung out in the limbo of incomplete KSP missions for a long time now, but I finally dredged up the motivation to complete it.

    Congratulations on completing the Jool 5 on the 1st level! I never would have thought that a mission like this would be possible (especially with a rapier) which just shows how bad I am at using that engine! In all seriousness, your cargo "door" design is rather intriguing, as it looks like the air intake is offset, and therefor the fariring's front isn't causing drag? Also, I must congratulate your engineering for being able to produce a rapier Tylo lander, and then incorporating that into a cargo SSTO design. I'll add this unique submission to the leaderboard now!

  9. On 3/29/2022 at 8:47 PM, obnox twin said:

    I might try this challenge as I haven't even been to Jool/landed on any of its moons matter of fact so it will be fitting to do a jool 5 challenge. But I want to know is Restock allowed? it revamps stock textures to make it more nice from what I've heard it doesn't alter any parts.

    Go for it!

  10. On 3/4/2022 at 8:56 AM, cqIpb said:


    Hello @cqIpb! Congrats on completing your Jool mission! I'm happy that this thread inspired you. Back when I was new to KSP, the Jool 5 thread of the time inspired me as well, so it's nice to see the trend continuing. If you have any more screenshots from this mission, we'd be happy to see them. Since it sounds like the lander was to unstable on Laythe and you had to skip it (apart from the station you took there for the contract), I want to add this mission to the leaderboard under the honorable mentions section. I also want to congratulate you on being one of our first Xbox submissions!

  11. On 2/28/2022 at 11:54 AM, king of nowhere said:

    @JacobJHC here's my new submission. Sorry if the report is long and gets a bit messy.

    It started as a nanocristalline diamond caveman (parts 1-6, there's no strict need to read those), and when I needed an interplanetary mission to finish I decided to go big and do a Jool 5. So I started building a big mothership, which required well over 100 launched and capped at 530 tons and 900 parts. (parts 7-15). Then part 16 is the trip to Jool.

    My original plan was running the Jool 5 as part of the NCD challenge (which includes a no reload policy), but I immediately lost the Tylo lander. At that point, to avoid jeopardizing the NCD challenge, I decided to skip the difficult landings and just do a reduced mission (Parts 17-21) - luckily I included a backup lander pod for such an occurrence.

    Then, completed the NCD, I reloaded back to just arrived at Jool, and I did the Jool 5 with some reloads (parts 22-26). Technically you don't need to read parts 17-21, as those are not part of the Jool 5 continuity; except that I referenced stuff from them, as in "I brough Navis Sideralis Neanderthalensis back to Pol in the same way as described already", so I think they can be confusing if one has not read parts 17-21.

    This is a third level Jool 5, the second submission in caveman (if I didn't miss anything), the first with commnet enabled (basically means, no kerbal on a ladder, had to use the heaviest pods for everything). I also got 11395 science that could deserve a mention in the Jeb level; it's a pittance over what can be achieved there, but it was still quite complicated to achieve, as science jr and goo cannot be refreshed and I had to bring 20 expendable containers to run those experiments (almost) everywhere.

    Congratulations @king of nowhere on completing the Jool 5 Challenge! Given that you collected science, I think this should qualify as a Jeb's Level submission. Otherwise, I have to say that this may be my favorite Jool 5 submission I have ever reviewed. The sheer amount of work that went into this is staggering.  Slowly watching the mothership grow as you kept adding such tiny modules to it was suspense building, and I found your method of getting around the launch pad launch mass limits to be really clever. Again, considering you were literally building your rockets on the pad and launching them, and did SO MANY LAUNCHES to throw this thing together, I can't say this is any less than that this Jool 5 probably has more work put into it than any other Jool 5. Congratulations! I'll add your mission to the leaderboard now :)

  12. On 2/27/2022 at 4:20 PM, OJT said:

    @JacobJHC Here's my second Jool 5 submission: Thread link

    Level 1 with ISRU, fully reusable (except for fairings, but I'm not sure if ditching fairings still counts as fully reusable, lemme know). KER and visuals are only mods like last time, Normal difficulty in same career save


    Congratulations @OJT on completing the Jool 5 on the 1st level! As for ditched fairings being reusable or not, I'm not fully certain myself. I have come up with concepts to use robotic parts to clip the payload through the fairing and release it and just using my imagination to pretend there was a cargo door, but I don't know. I'll put fully reusable* and then explain the fairing part. Other than that, it is an impressive follow up and simplification of your previous mission, and I'm glad you were able to work around the dozens of refueling flights from the lander. :D I'll add you to the leaderboard now.

  13. On 1/31/2022 at 12:29 PM, OJT said:

    Bumping up my submission if y'all don't mind

    Congratulations @OJT for completing the Jool 5 Challenge on Jeb's Level. I just want to say that your submission has to be one of the best from a visual perspective. I kept finding myself staring at your screenshots, they truly are beautiful. Additionally, I liked your mothership design. Simply yet effective. I also admire your patience for the refilling missions on Pol. A possible idea for a future mission: a docking port or claw that could allow the lander to go in front might allow the overpowered lander to directly land with the entire mothership sitting on top. I tried landing a really tall 3.75 meter rocket on Pol once and it didn't want to stay standing so maybe not, but I digress.  Your thread did a good job detailing the entire mission from the relay probes to the final Kerbin descent. Adding you to the leaderboards now. :)

  14. On 1/15/2022 at 8:57 AM, king of nowhere said:

    Meanwhile, I'd like to put forward another Jool 5 I did over one year ago, as part of another challenge. At the time, I wasn't even aware there was a Jool 5 challenge in the first place

    The report starts from a No Contract Career challenge. The first time I went for the trip, I failed, but I still linked that part because the subsequent part, where I improve the mothership design and then go on landing in all the outer Kerbol system and orbiting Eve before coming back home, would make no sense without the premise.

    It's quite a peculiar entry because it won't compete for low cost, low tech, tech gathered, or caveman limitations, but it had to deal with all of those issues in some form.

    Congratulations @king of nowhere on completing the Jool 5 challenge on the first level! The multitude of extra constraints made this mission one of the more unusual ones,  but that also makes it far more impressive. I found your mission thread very entertaining to read. I also found your solution to swap docking ports for claws to be interesting and funny to look at (looking at you, claw gripping cupola). In addition, the fact you were able to visit Duna, Ike, Eeloo, Dres, and Eve in addition is wild. That was almost a grand tour! While you said yourself it originally wasn't done as a Jool 5 submission, it will gladly be accepted as one. Congratulations again! I'll add you to the leaderboards now. :wink:

  15. On 1/13/2022 at 3:08 PM, Jack Joseph Kerman said:

    I just realized that I believe I completed the Jool-5 challenge on level 3 as part of a larger grand tour mission of the stock system and OPM back in 2020. Given that I visited all moons of Jool and returned to Kerbin, would such an entry still meet the stipulations of the challenge? I will post an Imgur album later once I get home from vacation.

    Yes. Please do post, I'd like to see such a mission!

    9 hours ago, OJT said:

    @JacobJHC Here's my submission: Thread link

    Level 3, Jeb's Level with ISRU in Normal Career mode. KER and visuals are the only mods, everything else is stock. No DLC parts. 26871.3 Science points recovered. If you have any questions hit me up :)

    Will review this weekend or early next week. I have a bunch of stuff IRL I have to get done by the first so life's a little busy atm.

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