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  1. Yes! I am surprised that they haven't added something to switch a fuel tank from LFO to exclusively LF. Mk3 big tanks work fine, but attaching them can be a little awkward looking.
  2. Congratulations again on completing the Jool 5 on the 3rd level! I like how this mission is a clear upgrade of your previous mission, and will add you to the leaderbooards now!
  3. At last my finals are over, and I can focus on something else for once! Congratulations @18Watt on completing the Jool 5 on the first level. Your mothership is unique in using wolfhound engines, the vast majority of Jool 5 submissions use nervas. I also liked how your laythe spaceplane staged its back half/wings. I apologize again for the delays, and will add you to the leaderboard now, and have your second submission reviewed by the end of the day!
  4. @18Watt Hello there! Currently I am approaching finals and have projects I must complete, which are all set to be due in about a week and a half. I will review you missions once I have all of these assignments behind me. Take care until then!
  5. I'd be curious how a Vall or Tylo lander that's only RCS would work.
  6. Congratulations @bwest31415 on completing the Jool 5 Challenge on the 1st level! Your crafts name reminds me of the ship I sent to complete my first Jool 5 challenge, the Joolius Caesar II. I thought it was very interesting you chose to perform a Jool aerobrake, as I haven't seen that used in a submission in quite a while. The use of the lander to do the final two landings and return to Kerbin also exhibits its range, as I would not have thought such a small craft would be able to do it on liquid fuel. Excellent job, and I'll add you to the leaderboards now!
  7. Congratulations @RuBisCO on completing the Jool 5 challenge on level 3! I really liked your landing legs for the Pol refueler, and also can't say I've seen many helicopters (if any, unless my memory is failing me) in submissions before. Well done, you've already been added to the leaderboard!
  8. Congratulations @camacjuon completing a low cost Jool 5 mission! Your use of EVA tanks and manually removing fuel tanks as staging was quite a clever technique, I'll add this mission the leaderboard now.
  9. Clever Would building a lander while in orbit save cost or mass in any meaningful way? Full disclosure, I'm starting a new job currently and will be swamped for the next weekish. I already reviewed your submission and it's good to go, but I'll re-review it and give it the official recognition as soon as I can.
  10. Wow that is optimized! I'm not super familiar with the in orbit construction mechanic. Just to be sure, was the weight reduction and fuel tank jettisoning done using that mechanic?
  11. Don't we all. High TWR reduces delta-v usually, but adding more fuel then lowers the TWR, and so on and so forth...
  12. Wait so are you doing it in 0.19 or just using parts from 0.19 in modern KSP?
  13. How do you mean? I feel it's pretty straight forward. Ship goes to destinations, titles name each world visited. When the mission concludes, all the parts will be edited together into a super cut, which is why the editing style is consistent across installments.
  14. Congratulations @Lt_Duckweed on completing the Jool 5 challenge on the 1st level! The design of this craft is very unique, I felt like I was watching an alien spacecraft. Additionally, your mission is only one of a handful of Jool 5 submissions I have seen which utilized nuclear engines for Tylo landings. I must say I think this is one of the first Jool 5 missions I've seen in which Laythe was the final moon visited. The video is well edited as well, and I will be adding you to the leaderboard now.
  15. Yeah that's fine. Total cost would be sum of all launches
  16. Congratulations @BeanThrusteron completing the Jool 5 challenge on the third level! I enjoyed the story you crafted around your mission, and must say your low-Tylo orbit refuel is not something I've seen done before. Additionally, I really like your plane's design. I'll add your submission to the leaderboard now, congratulations again!
  17. Congratulations @AlpacaMall on completing the Jool 5 challenge on the 3rd level! I like how the Orca and its landers used a modular design. I found the Laythe lander module and the reusable stage to be my favorite two. Both the design of the craft and the visuals of its blue-plume launch from Laythe were pure eyecandy, sleek, and awesome. I really cannot apologize enough for missing your submission, I will add you to the leaderboard immediately. Congratulations again on completing the Jool 5 Challenge!
  18. MY APOLOGIES! I don't know how I didn't see this, I'll review it right now!
  19. Thanks for the reminder, I updated the title!
  20. That brings you to a total of 3082 points! I really enjoyed watching your YouTube series, and will make it into a playlist and add your submission to the front page now. Real quick, do you have the total cost for all launches?
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