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  1. Do we have to use Kerbin? Also can we come in on an interplanetary trajectory? I really want to find a reason to have Jool shoot me out and come back.
  2. What if the engines generate electricity and refuel the battery? Are we not allowed to use engines like that?
  3. Well, if I had launched it in 1.1 I would have had the game pass in real time and not a 1-4 IRL Time to Ingame Time ratio. Down there is a video showing the entire mission crunched down into a reasonable amount of time. Here's to the laggiest mission I've ever launched, not to mention an tiny TWR
  4. I have to say, nice ship. Also I wonder if squad will ever fix Pol's invisible terrain issue, considering you are (i think) the third person who has encountered this besides me. I had to redo my Pol ejection burn after a burn at peripol collided me with an invisible mountain that Pol had. Thanks, I am trying to make better videos. Thanks also for complimenting my staging technique. It took me forever to find a way for 2 nukes to get me to Jool with a 40 ton payload, and that's what I eventually settled with. About the Ion lander, it was for Pol and Bop as you suggested but I didn't put enough docking ports for both landers. Luckily, the lander had enough fuel from Vall left over for Bop, Pol and Minmus. I am also considering doing the level 2 or 3 challenge.
  5. The only suggestion I have is to remove the weight limit and add a score board for those who complete it. I also would like to know if I could make a badge for this challenge. I am also curious if I can use the radial xenon tanks. Thanks
  6. Looks fun I'll have my submission soon if the 1.1 preview can stop crashing in the VAB.
  7. Just yesterday my Jool 5 submission was accepted. Yay

  8. I do not want to use B9, USI or Mechjeb. Can I build the base without all that? Also is the SSTO Station need to be around Gilly or Kerbin.
  9. I have been summoned here. #jebsnotdead
  10. Did I submit correctly? If not please tell me how to. I could not find where to submit on the page. My original post is above.
  11. Can I use the radial xenon tanks also? Thanks for the quick reply.
  12. Can I use Ion engines? Only the .625 meter ones I mean not the big xenon tank.
  13. Here's my submission finally ALSO- I had hyperedit installed but DID NOT USE IT. I used it to test the landers and if necessary will make additional videos proving all my landers work. - Which game versions did you use? I used KSP version 1.0.5 - What mods did you use, if any? I had texture replacer for the spacesuits and KER for delta-v measurements. - How many Kerbals are on the mission? Halman Kerman was the only kerbal who went on the ship. (both attempts) - How many launches was needed to start your mission from Kerbin? 1 launch. - How much did your mission cost? 727773.6 funds was the final cost of the mission. - Did you needed a refueling mission? I did not need to send a refueling mission. - Did you bring additional stuff like satellites, rovers, etc? I did bring an ION lander that i ditched there as a Pol/Bop lander/escape pod back to Kerbin but besides that no. - Share the delta-V information too, if you tracked it! It is in the bottom of the video near the Nav-ball and I talked about it in the beginning of the video. - Any additional note or description? My ship was called the Joolius Caesar III. 1 Launch, 6 moons. After coming back to Kerbin I risked it by going to Minmus where the lander made it's final landing and is now stranded in orbit. I made it back to Kerbin with only 500 delta-v left.
  14. Can I use chairs for re-entering Kerbins atmosphere once I return? (Putting chairs in a 2.5 meter service compartment and adding a heat shield and parachutes. - - - Updated - - - Can I use chairs for re-entering Kerbins atmosphere once I return? (Putting chairs in a 2.5 meter service compartment and adding a heat shield and parachutes. I accidentally posted this on someone's submission also, sorry.
  15. Never considered that, I put a cap on how many one can visit now. I also removed the delta-v point addition and tons on launch pad so someone doesn't just have an ungodly amount of fuel they ditch before takeoff to boost their weight up. Thanks for catching that.
  16. I have edited it so that screenshot submissions are allowed now but still no meckjeb unless you can prove that you didn't use the autopilot feature.
  17. Is it possible that you could make a badge for this challenge? I think it's interesting and unique and think a badge would work well with it for those who got to orbit using only rcs thrusters.
  18. The Asteroid Hopping Challenge The Asteroid Hopping Challenge requires you to build an interplanetary vessel capable of drilling asteroids. If a Jool 5 Mission is possible this should be easier due to the use of ISRU. It is a vessel that is on it's way to Duna, Ike or Dres (landing optional but gets you more points.) and refuel using an asteroid along the way there or back. If you decide to take on the challenge you can try and shoot for any of the three tiers of winning. Level 1: You drilled and refined fuel from an asteroid on the way to or from Duna or Ike. Level 2: You drilled and refined fuel from an asteroid on the way to or from Dres. Level 3: You use an asteroid to refuel your ship on your way to Duna or/then refueling your ship using an asteroid around Dres. Things to take into account: - Dres has asteroids that spawn in an orbit of around it in stock KSP. - You can launch multiple vessels and dock them together in orbit but it must leave and return as one ship. - You may ditch your lander after the landing as long as the kerbal or kerbals have made it back to the main ship (if you aren't doing a orbital rendezvous. Allowed Mods (Basic List) * Give kerbals more living space habitats or centrifuges. * Give you information about the craft- (kerbal Engineer). * Alarm Clocks for transfers. * Mods that change aerodynamics * Visual enhancement mods (clouds or new planet skins.) * Mods that allow asteroids to spawn in random places. * Timewarp enhancement mods Forbidden Mods * Meckjeb or other autopilot mods, for meckjeb you can use it if you can prove that you didn't use autopilot. * Mods that add new parts or engines (Interstellar or KWRocketry) * Mods that teleport you. (Unless testing landers but for the whole thing you must actually fly the mission.) Submission Rules: All submissions should be in video form or in screenshots and either posted to the submission or a link to youtube or another video/image viewing cite. Please include a breif summary about your vessel and include the amount of delta-v the ship has as well as if your ship had any special features. (You brought a rover with your lander, etc.) Also I plan on doing all of the scoring. Rule for scoring - Every kerbal that returns from the surface of each body. (some kerbals could count multiple times if they landed on multiple bodies.) + 10 - Every flag planted (With a limit of 5 per celestial body, any more than that won't be scored) + 2 - Every asteroid drilled from in orbit around Kerbol or in Kerbin's sphere of influence + 20 (Maximum of 3) - Every asteroid drilled from in Dres orbit + 50 (Maximum of 3) - Returning from Duna surface + 15 (Only counting 1 landing) - Returning from Ike surface + 10 (Only counting 1 landing) - Return from Dres surface + 25 (Only counting 1 landing) If you have done all this and been approved by me you will get this badge. https://imgur.com/R9Nc6KW (might have to resize on your own if it is freakishly large or small) Read below if you completed the challenge: Congrats
  19. Thanks. But seriosly try to build a drawbridge or make it a Challenge.
  20. Have you considered attempting to use the jr. docking ports to make a drawbridge? If you have seen the space planes people built in stock KSP with the tail able to undock and lift up I think that you could do the same with your bridge.
  21. About the Post I have recently completed the ship I plan to attemp the Jool 5 Challenge with picture below, http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=534850011 Because I feel calling the ship the Joolius Caeser isn't a worthy name I figured that I would just share the ship and see what others think it should be called. About the Vessel The vessel with three landers with the intentions of manually breaking at Jool. About the Un-named vessel's mission The Laythe lander with it's own mini transfer stage. The stage has enough delta-v to rendezvous with the lander once it returns to orbit to pick up the kerbal and use it's claw to take all the leftover fuel. The Tylo lander requires the final orbital injections from takeoff to be completed with the kerbal's jetpack for a nice little challenge/twist on the landing as well as to reduce lander weight. The final lander is a tiny lander for Vall built to barely make it back to the main ship. For Bop and Pol the kerbal will do jetpack landings because bringing another lander for both moons would require more fuel and my laptop can only take a ship so big, this also is so that I can say I landed somewhere using only a jetpack.
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