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  1. Congratulations @The Space Dino on completing not just a Jool 5 level 1 submission, but for completing an entire grand tour! If you haven't submitted this to the "Ultimate Challenge" challenge I would do that as well so you can get a grand tour completion badge. Using the Laythe lander again as a Tylo lander is something I haven't seen in a while, and can't remember a lander quite like that one before. Even though it did not have enough delta-v to re-orbit and your Kerbonaut had to jetpack, I found it quite intriguing. I will add your mission to the leader boards now!
  2. Yeah, sorry. Using pre-launched craft in addition to the actual mission (with the exception of ore probes) is forbidden.
  3. Any gamemode works. The gamemode only effects scoring anyhow. Rest assured it does not put you at a disadvantage whichever one you choose.
  4. I'll definitely take this into account when I retool everything. There's a mod I'm looking into called TRP-Hire which makes hiring kerbals significantly cheaper. This should help with the Kerbal hire (which helped end my last attempt at this challenge), as all 500 colonists in theory would cost under 75 million funds, which is totally doable if several large science missions or contracts are completed. If the mod works how I think it will I'll definitely recommend it for all challengers. As for the probes and 25-kerbal bases being your computer's limit along with the probes, I'll take a note from the previous challenge admin and ok the deletion of probes to help with framerate. As long as the relays were in place once, deleting them and disabling com networks would be 100% acceptable. In your case I would also allow you to simply build multiple 25-kerbal outposts if a 50 kerbal base (as required by the challenge) isn't possible on your machine. If you have any other suggestions on helping to generalize/open up this challenge please do comment it here.
  5. There's a mod that makes hiring kerbals cheaper but they know less. This mod could potentially make the 500 kerbals in total cost 75 million funds, which would be doable. Also I want to tweak some things to be more stock friendly.
  6. Yep! Your solution of making a pretend larger cargo bay is probably the smartest thing you could have done. Best of luck on your submission!
  7. For any science points to be counted they must be recovered.
  8. Congratulations @s_gamer101 on completing the Jool 5 challenge on the third level! Your decision to use the Tylo tug as an extra stage gave this mission a tinge of suspense missing from most entries, and your reusable launcher was quite impressive. Additionally, I found your Laythe aerobrake maneuver to be quite entertaining as well. I'll add your submission to the leaderboards now!
  9. The propellers are fine, although the science bay needs to have the clipped science parts and RTG moved. I also think the roverarm needs to be moved so it isn't clipping as well, although I am not sure what I would suggest you do with it. Hey, sorry for the late review. Did you transfer fuel from a pre-launched Minmus station before heading to Jool?
  10. FYI, this challenge is getting a much needed overhaul in the near future.
  11. Hello everyone, I am back from my hiatus (please forgive me I know it's been a heckin' long time). I will begin reviewing submissions Monday while I watch labpadre's Starship livestreams.
  12. I would make a few flybys of Kerbin to lower your orbit. Then when your orbit is very similar to Kerbin's an aerobrake should be safe to do.
  13. Congratulations on completing the Jool 5 challenge on level 3! You did quite a few extra landings, while I'll be sure to mention when I add you to the winner board...
  14. Yeah the link is just going to the thread's first page, not your submission.
  15. Thank you! If I might amend one thing though, the craft's name in flight was 'THICC BOI' and not 500 Subscriber Special due to its large heft.
  16. Awesome! In that case I'd like to submit the 'THICC BOI'. The thumbnail is deceiving, but it is an SSTO and can fly to Laythe and back without refueling, and bring a few hundred passengers with it.
  17. Does KJR disqualify? I built a Laythe SSTO which uses it to stock kraken attacks.
  18. Something similar happened on my first Jool 5 attempt, the kraken destroyed my Tylo lander. I wish you the best of luck in any and all future attempts.
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