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  1. This is fun. Now what do I do? @MrStayPuft
  2. I'd like to add my request for help here too. That is to say, if you have a resource somewhere on the forum for someone who wants to modify what a particular part does, e.g. merging aspects of ESLD jump beacons and Parameciumkid's Jump Drive 0.6 onto the large spacedock from the IXS mod to create something that looks like the jump gate from Babylon 5. Alas, I'm very new at this and find all the information out there a bit overwhelming, so any specific directions would be nice.
  3. In your mod, have you decided to go with a part attached to the ship or to stay with an "ESLD Hailer" style activation?
  4. Hello, I finally thought it was time for me to register so I didn't have to keep Google-ing the threads I'm keeping track of. I've never coded in my life but somehow the idea of modding something has become lodged in my brain and thus, I here for that help too. See you around.
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