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  1. Am I posted that .... some sort of..... a 'crude' stock skylon before? I welcome you selected my skylon to compare your mod and stock skylon. But although it is very similar with my kerbalx-posted stock skylon, the stock skylon in your screenshot is not my own made skylon. To tag my name at stock skylon in your screenshot, please use "my" skylon. Anyway, your mod is good and I gladly downloaded it. thank you.
  2. I think I found a bug related with canard. Left : 1.7.3, powerful canard, 118 m/s. Right : 1.8.1, weak canard, 165 m/s this two planes are almost same plane. raw picture and .crafts are here. 1.8.1 picture, ..craft file, stock video(youtube), FAR video (youtube) 1.7.3 picture, .craft file, stock video (youtube) The problem is this : canard is nerfed too hard. is it intended? or bug/mishap?
  3. Link to youtube video regarding this behavior is it a bug? or intended behavior? I had no problem like this until 1.7.3. just after takeoff, v-tail makes abnormal lifts so I can't control my plane's pitch midair. .craft file is here
  4. Kerbalnauts makes a craft as only vehicle. Not a main actor, but disposable vehicle. Other simulation games handle craft as a main actor or player. But kerbals make a kerbal as main actor and crafts are just tools. This is important and really making missions living. If there is no kerbal, expedition missions for KSS are just docking and reentry missions. But there is a kerbal and kerbal makes expedition missions meaningful like changing kerbals.
  5. As you know, kerbalistic crafts are elastic and fantastic. Yes. It is the one of identities of kerbals. But, is it more important than making massive things without physical lag? Without allowing elasticity, the craft will not need to be a "tree". It makes everything improving. Multiple linkage can be allowed. Torques and linear forces are able to be calculated simpler. I cannot judge it is wrong or not. But at least in my opinion, elasticity needs massive cost. How about your opinion? Elasticity or Massive?
  6. I considered it before releasing this mod, but I decided not including that feature. Because it is too complicated and similar feature is exist in other mod :
  7. I'm sorry to say this, I missed 1.4.x version. I didn't test so I'm not sure, but maybe will work. Not overriding, but both of them should be same. because TL uses that factor to calculate sci reduces for promotion. I saw there are an API to get current star of kerbal, in APIdoc. So my plan is reading current star and providing next-level-training. But as I said, I'm very busy now and I don't have time to do this until my real-life plan is very busy. updating my mod in CKAN and providing AVC support is delayed by same reason. I think it is
  8. Actually, It is not same kerbal stars with level of this mod. This mod displays only 'Training Level'. If it is 5, that kerbal is 5-star. but it doesn't guarantee 'Training Level' and stars. If a kerbal have many experiences to reach 3 star and Training Level is 1, that kerbal will be 3-star, not 4-star. because training is treated another experience in game. I have a plan to make Training level matches stars, modifying Training level calculation. But I'm not sure when I can do that. Yes, these mod intend using like "school".
  9. 1. That is.... hmmm... good question. In game system, It only adds training stuffs for kerbals to crewed module. I thought MPL can be training ground. That is a reason I named my first mod as "Training laboratory". honestly, FTF is named not seriously. If you ask me that 'Is it worthy to facility?', I can say 'I dunno.'. If your question is 'Adding MPL is enough to use TLFTF?', It's correct. 2. no. this mod not touches any option.
  10. I use necromancy sometime, so I can say it will not be disappeared. but I don't have any plan about CKAN now.
  11. Thank you for suggestion @Gordon Dry, but.. honestly, I couldn't fully understand what that codes are doing. Because I'm not good at modulemanager coding, I need some more information or description(especially, Where they will place). Thank you for report. If I was not busy now, I could debug or at least test with them now. I will do something including remake and merge someday, but I can't promise before ksp 1.5.2. I think that problem is from kerbal experiences block in save file, and it is the reason I'm planning remake. I will appreciate someone or some group ado
  12. Sorry for very late update. I'm busy awhile, so I almost forgot these mods. I can maintain this mod with recompile, but I don't have enough time to improve this. This mod uses MIT license. If you want, you can fix/update/modify/improve these mod. Sources are included in .zip file.
  13. I totally agree your mention about black ribbon problem and I think it is from KSP 1.4, Unity 2017, or Catalyst's own bug. I'm not saying this problem should be fixed by you. But, shiny effect with this and SVE is at least reported once more by windmt that nVidia Geforce GTX 560 user. I also think shiny glitch is not this mod's problem and fix is needed from T2, but I just wanted to notice it to you.
  14. I have same glitch like windmt, and I found that Flight Indicator mod causes same problem. I think it regards about lighting. I don't have log now but I can create and serve it if you want. Win 10 64bit, KSP 1.4.2, Radeon HD 6370M(shown as 6600M series). P.S. KSP 1.4.2 doesn't fixed that black ring glitch.
  15. I tested previous version(1.3.4, for ksp 1.3.1) too, but same black ring appears. almost 20km black ring starts appearing, and until 55km ribbon becomes thicker, and at 55km ribbon suddenly disappears. While reentry, thick ribbon appears suddenly at 55km and becomes thinner and disappears 20km, mirroring takeoff sequence. I also think this is Unity 2017 or KSP 1.4.1 bug with radeon, but in my case this bug disappears without navhud.
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