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  1. Nice mod and I'm perfectly happy with it. I just wonder if there is way for the extreme lazy Ones, like me, making the addition of new decals easier. I have no idea of coding and scripting but would it be possible to have just one texture-config-file for the satndard decals and one for the long decals where all those parts take their information from instead of adding it to every part-config? Just asking Anyway - great little mod!
  2. @Tonka Crash I'm sorry for putting this into the wrong topic. But my, obviously wrong, observations took me here. I am now going to check KIS and DMagic forums because it might be something there. Also Kerbalism will be worth another check. Maybe this can contribute to future updates so that I did not waste your time. Thousands of Thanks!
  3. @Tonka Crash SOLVED!! Well - at least it's a workaround. I still don't know the reason for this "bug" but we are at least flying again while keeping Kerbalism and KAS onboard. Give me an idiot-patch if I should have known this but what I've found out is this: I noticed that only science-parts (no matter of which mod) cause a negativ mass when added to an inventory. BUT: They only do if I directly pull them from the parts tab. If I do drop them somewhere in the VAB first and drag them into any inventory from there, the mass adds up correctly. And, because of that, rockets don't get stuck on the pad anymore. No such thing when adding any part from any other category to inventories. I've checked any Kerbalism-config regarding science but didn't find any hint there so far. Anyway - Thanks for your help and taking your time. I am happy to "have the game back" but still want to find out about why this is happening. P.S.: Thanks and best whishes from ESA-commander Horst Kerman who can finally visit Almaz 2 in his Hermes shuttle
  4. Think so, too. Keepig your explanations in mind I've also looked at the craft file posted here again. There are two other parts that get a negative mass once they are added to the inventory. One is from Kerbalism the other from Tantares. Both parts are not decomented having their mass getting changed in the MMConfigCache. I will now add items to the inventory and observe the change in mass and TWR, and will also repeat this once whithout KAS, once whithout Kerbalism.
  5. I will continue to check. Helped me a lot to narrow down the possible reasons. Thanks again. I'll write as soon as there's relevant information to share.
  6. Jepp - it's the 1.25m IMiC-800 Here's the file:
  7. @Tonka Crash Thanks for your help and your time, again. I felt a little bad about probably having spamed the wrong topic with my issue. But here's a little update: The downgrade to KAS 1.1 didn't help unfortunately. Before going through all the config files I've decided to launch and revert the craft linked above, removing parts in between launches. All I did was removing parts attached to the payloadbay of the Contares Hermes. - Removing Kerbalism-Tanks from Bay -> no Lift-Off - Removing all items from inside KIS-Container -> no Lift-Off - Removing KIS-container from Bay (no KIS/KAS-parts in or on vessel) -> Lift Off !! So, considering that stuck-in-air flights didn't happen when removing KAS it still seems to me that there's either a problem between KIS <-> KAS or some mods have bad configs (for integrating KIS and/or KAS) created by their mod-authors. How can I check whether those configs are written correctly?
  8. Okay. I will check all those points. Couldn't thank you enough! So far I have not discovered a part with mass = 0 but a lot with mass = 0.00something. Here's the craft file anyway I will now try the 1.1-KAS-tip of yours and than probably take the matter to Kerbalism.
  9. Wow! Thanks for that detailed check and reply. I've uplaoded a recent KSP.log because it happened again. Vessel got stuck mid-air. This time with Contares Hermes. The vessel was named Hermes - 6. For quicker search inside the file. Here's a look at what it looks like:
  10. Yeah, the console really helped. Thank you. unity-player-log-file:
  11. Sorry, again! There you go:
  12. Sorry! Well - I'm running a mac. Checked the guidlines linked above. But I don't have a unity folder in my Library/log/-directory and therefore no player.log as well .
  13. Hello everybody! I need your help solving a problem that occured to me: My rockets got stuck on launchpad. In the first place I thought this might be caused by the Tantares mod because it only happened to vessels built with Tantares-parts. There's also a warning for the KIS-config of Tantares in my MMpatch.log. But after removing KAS from my game the problem seems to be solved - with the disadvantage of not KAS ingame anymore. So - do you guys have any idea on how I could solve this and still keep KAS in my game? Best wishes.
  14. @Beale Hi there! It's the annoying KIS-Bug guy again. Short update: My issue (rockets getting stuck) seems to be caused by a very strange compatibility problem between KAS, KIS and Tantares. In other words: removing KAS seems to solve the problem for now. I am now going to take this matter to the KAS-thread and will update you via PM if a solution might involve updating any Tantares-config-files. @Zorg Those pics look great!
  15. Great looking pics, @Beale ! Little Update on my problem with grounded Tantares-crafts: It's probably something concerning the KIS-config or the communication between KIS and Tantares. My Vessels still don't take off as long as there's a module that includes an inventory on the vessel. So I deleted the KIS.config from the Tantares/patches/KIS-folder and whoop - we had a lift off. And several beyond to confirm. I still don't know what this conflict is exactly created by but all my Soviet programs are grounded right know.