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  1. episode 5-6 now up,slightly worried about that pirate faction of 244 ships
  2. https://youtu.be/rJUzpdZiJK8 This is Episode 1 of my new series on Distant Worlds Sandbox Mode With Extended Universe Mod Max Stars and sector Size Welcome to the Major Empire all puns intended Ok so we may have a bit of a fuel problem Episode 2 " Out Of Gas"(Shameless Firefly Reference) https://youtu.be/ntneteGFIZc When you walk into a room full of Strangers and everyone hates you. Episode 3 "Meeting Strangers" https://youtu.be/rg3uq4d1E8I The First Bug War Episode 4 "The Only Good Bug Is A Dead One" https://youtu.be/ExVrLRDfUoQ Its Getting Awefully Crowded in my Sky Episode 5 "New Neighbours" https://youtu.be/PMfz-Xlg_9w Trade Sanctions From Whom Episode 6 "Antisocial Strangerss" https://youtu.be/WaR7sUGHZ-8
  3. https://youtu.be/geq8FQXx54Q I attempted an EVA during exit and Re-Entry First part worked,second not so much.
  4. There is diferent types of microtransactions,ethical ones and unethical ones,in this case it is ethical.
  5. [URL]https://youtu.be/ZgZXvM3sxaY[/URL] Heres my report on the MicroTransaction Issue.I fail to see why gamers are getting upset,given that Tripwire is doing exactly what DOTA,CSGO,ect have been doing for years. For any one who dosent know Killing Floors Devs have implemented cosmetic micro-transaction,which has led to another,alledges controversy.
  6. @ElMenduko,No Mods Im afraid,but please test it and show us your result,just give a breakdown of what mods you use.
  7. Well TewPie Takes The Lead,That is a damn impressive figure.Anyone ableto hit 1250 ms
  8. Example [URL]https://youtu.be/Aeabe6WlH2g[/URL] Challenge As in the video you must Cartwheel a Craft to the end of the runway. Furthest Distance Wins Rules Must Cartwheel at least 10 Times Must Cartwhell From Rear to Front No Wheeels Segments Boosters Allowed If the Craft Survives extra kudos. Enjoy
  9. [URL]https://youtu.be/7XERvNss6Xw[/URL] I created a Speedracer for a challenge,while launching she went onto her side and kept going full speed. Question is:How the hell didnt she blow up. I ran the launch with no input 4 times same result each time. Once spectacularly hittiing the floodlight at the end of the runway.
  10. ElMenduko takes the lead,anyone do better. [COLOR="silver"][SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE][/COLOR] In regards to staying on the runway,I locked the steering on all my wheels and she held somewhat steady.
  11. Tewpie Second attempt disqualified,you started before runway began. :P [COLOR=silver][SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE][/COLOR] rcgothic leads the way,can anyone top that.
  12. [url]https://youtu.be/1mkPNt6PYdc[/url] Tried to lauch a decouplers 140 mini boosters,to observe rocket spread and trajectories.Was very bright for a few seconds.
  13. [URL]https://youtu.be/1mkPNt6PYdc[/URL] Launched(well tried to)140 Mini Rockets all at once.
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