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  1. Well, I think i have some mod that allows me to make xenon. OH RIGHT IT WAS KETHANE! Kerbal refinery program
  2. Hey folks! I've been wondering, is mining an asteroid and refining the ore and sending the fuel products back to Kerbin proficient or does it provide barely enough to pay for the mission?
  3. Translator for english to german and vice versa Though my old company kinda stopped responding, so I am looking for a new one.
  4. The year is 256, Kerbin has been exhausted of Ore and Energy, and the people are looking forward to a major climatic catastrophe, a large asteroid hitting Kerbin, wiping out all it's life. Basic rules to this story: I have exactly one year of preparation time, after that, Kerbin will remain inaccessible until a large crew lander of at least 20 people landed at the KSC, with sufficient materials to construct new buildings(think creating a large launchpad factory in EP) Heavily Modded: KSPI-E Kethane Tarsier Extraplanetary Launchpads KIS and KAS A lot of other smaller additions Community will be able to influence the story: Suggestions and Builds are welcome. First part will be uploaded soon! EDIT: Early semester school stress tumbled me out a little, I will try to catch up on the weekend with a proper story and stuff like that.
  5. I plan on building a nuclear powered mining base on eeloo soon, maybe with antimatter power beamed from jool. I use Extraplanetary launchpads, kethane and KSP Interstellar by the way.
  6. Today is my second day at higher education school in Perg. It is heavily IT based, they even learn you basic hacking skills lol. If you know german, look up "HTL Perg".
  7. Hey, @Scotius, do you think formica fusca like algae? I happen to also grow algae to combat mold in my hydroponic farms.
  8. UPDATE: Queen has laid a couple of eggs, and she is currently caring for them Can't wait for the first workers to arrive.
  9. Actually it helps a lot since there's a lot of common houseflies in my house and they are highly annoying.
  10. So, Update: I fed her a small fly I just killed and coated with a bit of honey. I hope she accepts my offering.
  11. Huh? Did i once bring something like that up? UPDATE: Survivor queen has entered physogastrism. her butt is now a few times larger than the rest of her body. Man those queens real thicc.
  12. We had pretty harsh winters 10 years ago, now global warming kinda changed that. However, I think they're hibernating through winter then. But she must REALLY like the coco noir, seeing as she dug into it within a night.