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  1. Just posted to Spacedock another minor update to v1.3, this one is v1.3.4: Updated B9 Part Switch to v2.3.2, as blowfish recompiled it for KSP 1.4.4. I don't think this was necessary, as the previous B9PS should work fine in 1.4.4, but hey, why not.... Added a craft file for the DECQ Saturn V, with it on the full Saturn mobile launcher. The craft file was saved under KSP 1.4.3, just change the version number in the file itself to use in other KSP versions.
  2. AlphaMensae

    [1.2.x/1.3.x/1.4.x] SaturnV v1.0.3 d16.07.18

    The tower is part of my Modular Launch Pads mod, available on Spacedock,; here is the forum thread. In short, it's not one piece, but broken down into the various components; even the tower is in modular sections.
  3. AlphaMensae

    [1.2.x/1.3.x/1.4.x] SaturnV v1.0.3 d16.07.18

    Awesome work! I know this comes with a mobile launcher, but if anyone wants to use my Saturn mobile launcher from Modular Launch Pads, I've created a little MM patch that adds a size 5 node to the S-IC (way below the bottom). Also includes a craft file with the complete mobile launcher assembly already added on. File is on my Dropbox. It fits this Saturn V pretty nicely.
  4. Now have remade the hammerhead crane, which was simply recreating the Unity-assembled version in Wings3D, aside from a few bits I left alone as Unity-added things. Then I made the lightning mast that was mounted on top of it, and confirmed why I didn't make it the first time--it was a real pain, being an angled triangular truss structure. Slogged through it, and got it done: The mast is a separate part, so it's entirely optional; also, a new mast was installed for the AS-210 Saturn IB launch for ASTP, a larger white cylindrical one which was later put on LC-39B for the space shuttle, so this way allows the mast to be changed. I'm now working on adding a working hoist to the crane. Probably will have zero practical use other than a ride for Kerbals, but why not?.
  5. Remade the Saturn Milkstool for version 2.0. It was mostly about creating major sections in Wings3D as single objects rather than the current versions's huge number of objects assembled in Unity (it was easier that way, but now I know more about Wings3D), but there are some differences as well. More pics here
  6. Just compiled the new umbilical retraction animations into a single video clip:
  7. Yes, version 2 will still support 1.3.1, as I still do all dev work in 1.3.1. So I'm not going to use any features found only in the KSP 1.4.x versions of B9PartSwitch, and will still include the 1.3.1 versions of B9PS and Animated Decouplers. Also made the one Saturn pad thing I didn't do for the first release of Modular Launch Pads: the damper arm It stablized the Saturn V during the rollout from the VAB and during times of high winds; raised shortly before launch. This one is completely optional, and attaches to a center node on the front of the crew access tower section.
  8. And the last Saturn V arm, the S-IC Intertank (LOX fill I'm pretty sure) is done. Wasn't sure if the umbilical pipes actually retracted or not, so I improvised something with a bit of visual flair: And here is the full BDB Saturn V with the revamped launcher base, tower and arms (crane to be redone later):
  9. Arm is feeling much better, so I was able to continue the Saturn V arm revamp. Did arm 3 (S-II Aft) earlier, it had no umbilical (was just a service access p;atform), so nothing extra to animate. Finished arm 2, the S-IV Forward one, this one has one of those plates with hoses that gets yanked back by a cable:
  10. Also, for KSP 1.4.4, a new version of B9PartSwitch has been released by blowfish. I'll upload an updated version of Modular Launch Pads once Spacedock updates to 1.4.4, so in the meantime you can get the new B9PS here.
  11. Thank you! Yes, other modern/current pad structures will be coming. Not as individual pads, but using a new general smaller pad base that can have different towers/strongbacks attached to it. A note to all: Dev work is going slow right now due to real life issues that have resulted in my left forearm/wrist being in a splint. It's hard to do computer work with such a thing on, so I limit it to short periods.
  12. @smotheredrun Thanks! Been making good progress on the new Saturn V arms. Well....until the current one I'm working on, arm 4, the S-II intermediate arm, or the "big boy" as I've taken to calling it. I knew this one was going to be complicated, as it has two umbilicals, the upper one being the LH2 fill and drain hose, which has this big mast for retraction. It took a while, but I finally got an acceptable animation for it: The rest of the arm will follow. The key to that hose retraction was realizing that the "retraction line" object needed to stay fixed, and not moved or rotated. So it is simply rescaled to match the rotating hose object.
  13. The new arm 5, the S-II forward arm, is done The animation got a bit more fancier...
  14. And then revised the umbilical end of the arm, doing some comprimise to bring in a couple of elements of the real one