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  1. If you have the latest RO and that outdated basic RO patch from the Extras folders installed, then you would have two things trying to rescale the MLP parts and causing problems. BDB does have some RO configs for it now, but SOCK doesn't.
  2. RO now has direct support for Modular Launch Pads, so that simple patch is no longer needed, and has already been removed from the v2.1 dev build. All the youtube videos I've made were done at stock scale, with the regular BDB parts. The Saturn V and Saturn IB though were rescaled up a bit with the patch included in BDB's Extras, it makes them properly-sized with the other BDB parts (eg. 6.4m wide S-IC and S-II).
  3. Which crew elevator were you using and what was the max height setting? All the elevators reach the bottom at the same time for any given elevator tower, so the higher the max height, the faster it will go. Also, going up works much better than going down with the taller towers, the ride down can be quite rough. Making the cars move slow enough so the ride down is gentle would make the trip up extremely slow; these are after all high-speed elevators (especially the Saturn tower ones I can't make the elevator cars move too slow. I haven't had trouble with Kerbals going up or down with the shorter heights for the General and Saturn/Shuttle elevators. They might bounce around on the downward trip, but end up ok, as the larger towers have full elevator shafts that have colliders all around. I can fine-tune the elevator animation speeds, and add additional height settings.
  4. And now the Engine Test Stand is done! All three Test Stands are now on the AlphaDev branch. NOTE: As a test run, I moved the Hide_Parts.cfg patch into MLP's Category folder in GameData, so now all the parts are hidden from the Structural category (and searches too). Use the MLP CCK category tab or the MLP stock custom category (from the Advanced Mode) to see the parts. If you want the parts back in the Structural tab, just delete the Hide_Parts.cfg file (or just rename it a .txt file) in the ModularLaunchPads/Category folder. I've also removed the RO stuff from the basic rescale .cfg, and renamed it (and its folder in Extras) the Basic_Rescale_Patch.cfg. Another note, as v2.1 is still in the dev phase, I'm going to rework the General Service Towers to have a single-piece version, much like the Delta II and Atlas V ones. They will have a limited amount of height variants, and the top will be toggleable so additional modular sections can be added. Those will stay, but the tower base section will be removed. The two modular tower sections may be replaced with just a single part. As I've fully embraced all the advanced features of B9PS which I had previously been reluctant to use (to keep things simpler), I'm going to do this re-re-revision.
  5. The reworked Tower Test Stand is done, and both it and the Cradle Test Stand are now on the AlphaDev branch. Most of the changes were "under the hood" in Unity, but hold-down bolts were added as an option, more tower heights added, and some minor mesh revisions to the tower truss were done. Working on the new Engine Test Stand now.
  6. You need Animated Decouplers installed (included in the download) to be able to stage the animated parts like the hold-downs.
  7. The test stand was sort of a rush job, as it was made for RocketPCGaming (now Rocketology), who was then doing a full-blown BARIS career, and wanted something appropriate to do test fires with (a requirement with BARIS). I was never really happy with it, but it served the job. Now I took the opportunity to make a more proper cradle stand for SRBs and stages. i.e. things that contain fuel. The Engine stand will have on-board fuel capacity as well as the fuel generators, so you'll be able to stick an engine directly onto the mount plate and fire it. The tower stand won't change too much, it'll be more of a reworking of the .cfg to add the B9PS UI groups and stuff, but I'll add some vertical hold-down bolts. Oh, the tower being made toggleable off was a request from Tundra dev damonvv, who wanted the stand to resemble the Falcon 9 stands at McGregor. That means it can also be used as a launch stand.
  8. There is a Hide_Parts patch in the Extras folder to hide the parts from the Structural category. Note that hiding them this way also hides them from searches. I might make them hidden as default, as now there is the CCK category which appears in the standard part picker's category list, as many people don't go beyond that into the Advanced mode or use searches.
  9. Been busy with the splitting and rework of the small test stand, which will now be three different types. The now-named Cradle type turned into more of a partial revamp, as I decided to go furthur and make a set of different sized tank support rings, which reqired redoing the side supports....which ended up bascially rebuilding the whole thing in Unity. Anyways, the Cradle Stand is done! It retains the original TestStandSmall part name, so that's what the old stand will look like in current saves.
  10. I meant extend the footings downward, so something would still be visually connected to the ground if the base was placed on the side of a hill. The ladders do have a short and tall setting; the railings would require a mesh modification to make toggleable. I have no idea if launch clamps can have their staging disabled.
  11. The reworked Flat Launch Bases in v2.1 of Modular Launch Pads would work for that purpose. I just have to add a plug for the smallest square exhaust hole to provided a solid deck option, and long downward extensions to the footings to make them reach uneven terrain.
  12. It looks like you also installed the Extras folder, as it has a very basic RO patch that makes everything bigger. Only the things inside the download's GameData folder are needed; the Extras are just completely optional things and only should be used if you really need them.