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  1. Version 2.0.4 is out! Changelog: Fixed missing FX for the General ROFI; forgot to update the paths to the FX for the v2 release. Added some more BDB craft files and a subassembly for the Medium General Launch Base configured for a Delta-IV-Heavy-type rocket, with extra swing arms. I just discovered that while I had updated the Shuttle TSM's FX paths to the v2 release version, I didn't do the same for the General ROFIs, which left them with no FX...whoops! So a quick .cfg edit solved that, and a new version is out.
  2. I've come to to realize that there does need to be a small General Crew Elevator and Crew Arm, something more appropriate for smaller, shorter rockets. So I'm going to make them. They will be separate parts (don't want to screw around with the existing elevator and arm), with the current General Crew Elevator and Arm becoming the Large versions. The small crew arm will be able to be used with the large elevator tower. The small tower will be able to be used with the tier 2 launch pad, with the elevator pad height being limited to under 36m (the now-Large Elevator's pad has a 120m setting, so it can't be used with the tier 2 pad, even if the actual tower that's built is less than 36m) so it will be a more traditional alternative to the Gemini-type elevator. I'm also going to split the General Launch Base back into the three separate sizes. I originally merged them in a fit of part-reduction frenzy, but it now violates my personal rule for variants, that being they should be of a similar basic type rather than different types. The three General Launch Base sizes are different from one another visually, and that isn't clear when they are all merged into one part. It's why I didn't merge the Atlas V and Delta II towers into one, and made the General Hold-Downs all separate. Having the three General Launch Base types also means I can customize each one much easier. I might even split the General Launch Plate into two or three separate sub-types too, as this also will make adding larger sizes much easier. I won't wait until v2.1 for these changes, they will come sooner than that, as the small crew elevator and arm won't take long to make, and the bases and plates splitting is just involves Unity changes. And.......the first of the "big 3" manned segments that will form the final act of the new trailer/demo: the Saturn IB launch from the Mobile Launcher with the Milkstool, unedited. Audio is from the Skylab 2 launch (no more Jack King......)
  3. Ok, something more traditional, Saturn IB launch from the Saturn Mobile Launcher with the Milkstool. This is the first of the "big 3" segments: Saturn IB-Milkstool, Shuttle, Saturn V.
  4. Next unedited clip for the new v2 trailer/demo: Saturn IB on the Large Launch Stand with the Apollo 7 audio, using the General Crew Elevator and Crew Arm (the elevator tower has attach nodes for umbilicals). This is the rescaled BDB Saturn IB, using the rescale patch in the BDB extras, except the nodes don't get moved (the rescale Saturn V is fine), so had to manually move things into proper position.
  5. Next unedited clip for the v2 trailer/demo: Saturn IB on the Large Launch Stand, using the Apollo 7 launch audio That's also the rescaled BDB Saturn IB, but the nodes don't move (the rescale Saturn V is fine), so had to manually move things into proper position.
  6. I know that can work, but the real one were more of a flip-down top type: I didn't know those were the side clamps, sitting over the booster engines; I thought they were on the front and back.
  7. Version 2.0.3 is out! Changelog: Revised General Crew Arm to only have one retract animation, the direction is now changed by a B9PartSwitch changer. This fixes the arm appearing in the half-retracted position after loading or launching from the VAB. Added more craft files for Bluedog Design Bureau, Tantares and Tundra Exploration, plus a stock craft with the Large Launch Stand. I apologize to who found that that general crew arm was appearing in the half-retracted position after loading or launching, as I discovered it for myself. So I fixed it by just having a single arm retract animation, with the direction now chosen by a B9PS option. I simply duplicated the whole arm hierarchy in Unity, gave it a different name, and have a B9PS module switch between them. One arm now retracts one way, the other arm goes the opposite way in the same animation (but the other arm is disabled so you don't see it). Since I had to duplicate the arm, I removed the three longest arm length variants to keep the .mu file size from becoming too big; it's just about 1 MB larger in size than the old arm. I also added more craft files from the ones I've been using for the launch clips that will be in the new v2 trailer. There is also a stock craft (very simple one) with the Large Launch Stand). Some of the rockets in the craft files are incomplete, mostly just no payload, but the N1 is not actually usable, as I just stuck a LOK on top and covered it up with a not-exactly-correct fairing (it was just for a demo launch, not to go to orbit ).
  8. The towers themselves are static objects. It's the swing arms and drop pipes that are attached to them that can be staged.
  9. Yep, once you stage the clamp base, it and anything else attached to it becomes a separate part. So you have to put all animating-at-liftoff things (hold-downs, umbilicals, etc) with the base in the same stage. Or use one big action group where you put all that stuff in it.
  10. Ah, I only saw the two flipping down. So there's two more on the other sides? Hmm, well, it's a more generalized stand, not like the Saturn V, Shuttle and Soyuz bases, which I did replicate to a certain degree. Everything else is "make it up yourself"
  11. All umbilicals will have to be staged separately or done manually, as the towers are separate parts and not part of a base. The exception is the Soyuz Launch Base, which has everything integrated. But only the clamp arms are part of the launch clamp animation, everything else is a separate animation and has to be done manually.
  12. I didn't actually set out to make a replica of the Atlas hold-down method, just a generalized side-clamp type that could be used with almost any small rocket. But I could make some kind of riser or pedestal that would look more like the Atlas type...probably either a separate part or with a new square launch stand.
  13. Yes, the umbilicals (swing arms and drop pipes) and hold-downs need to be staged like normal or done manually via action group or right-click. The integrated retract-at-launch parts of the launch stands and plate are part of the launch clamp animation that happens when you stage a l. And I'll be making a general parts tutorial as well sometime soon.
  14. I used the Atlas-Centaur craft file from BDB, and replaced the Centaur stuff with Mercury, thinking the Atlas would be the same.