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  1. Yeah, that grating appears for hold-down arm support configurations that don't work with the current exhaust hole shape, like the Saturn V type (4 supports on the sides of a square hole) with any of the rectangular holes. It was a very early attempt at resolving conflicts between hole shapes and support configurations, and will be completely changed with v3...whenever I get around to it
  2. The downside of hiding parts from the stock categories is that they can't be searched for either. Delete the Hide_Parts.cfg file in the ModularLaunchPads/Category folder to unhide the parts and make them searchable.
  3. It's in the MLP stock custom category, as I somehow forgot to add the CCK tag to it. I always use the stock custom categoery, so never noticed it.
  4. I haven't changed anything related to that. Most parts have the default stock value of whatever I used as the original template.
  5. What KSP version is this? If it's 1.12.1, that one is broken in all kinds of ways. In my 1.8.1 dev install, everything is still the same.
  6. It should say 1.8.1 for minimum KSP version now on CKAN. The separating of the historic launch stands was more of an idle thinking moment, and not something that will happen any time soon, if ever. MLP presently isn't too big to warrant separation, and everything is designed to work together anyway.
  7. I need a CKAN dev to set the Modular Launch Pads Netkan to have the minimum KSP version be 1.8.1, please. Thank you.
  8. You need Staged Animation, it's a hard requirement now, as the .dll contains ModuleAnimateGenericExtra, which replaces all uses of the stock ModuleAnimateGeneric.
  9. Aw, crap, I forgot to actually copy over the v2.2 folder into my upload folder before I zipped it up. Correct version is now on Spacedock, called v2.2.0.b, and soon on GitHub
  10. VERSION 2.2! Version 2.2 is now released on Spacedock and the GitHub. I added subassembly-versions of many of the bare launch base/stand+tower combos used in the craft file, they are in the Subassemblies folder. CHANGELOG: * NEW: Animated Decouplers has been replaced by Staged Animation, graciously provided by NathanKell Staged Animation, It has the same animation staging function and decoupler icon, but no actual decoupler function. It also works with Mechjeb's auto-staging feature. * NEW: All uses of the stock ModuleAnimateGeneric have been replaced with ModuleAnimateGenericExtra, contained within the StageAnimation .dll and also graciously provided by NathanKell. This version allows for custom titles of the deploy limit sliders used by many of the parts, and also can fully disable the animation toggle/start/end buttons. The PAWs for those parts are now far more understandable as a result. * NEW: Titan III Launch Stand added to the historic launch stands group. It is designed to work with the existing Titan III Auxiliary Mast and Service Tower parts. Can be configured for both the Titan III and Titan IV, and has integrated hold-down bolts that are fully adjustable in position. * NEW: General Fallback Umbilical Tower added to the General Service Towers group. It is a generalized, square-truss version of the Thor/Delta Fallback Tower, with many more height variants. * NEW: Extra Large General Crew Elevator added to the General Crew Elevators group. It replaces the old 130m height version of the Large Crew Elevator Base, and is compatible with the Large Crew Elevator Section and Side Extension. * NEW: Saturn Milkstool Launch Stand has been added. It is a standalone launch-clamp version of the Saturn Milkstool part, with a short height variant along with the default full-height version. * REVISED: General Droop Umbilicals have been remade, with an additional size added. An adjustable-length mount extension tube has also been added to provide better custom-fitting to a rocket stage. * REVISED: Large Crew Elevator has been revised with new General and Saturn truss styles; the General style is the same as that of the new Extra Large Elevator. The Elevator Tower Section also now has more switchable detail optons to allow it to be used with the Extra Large Elevator. * REVISED: Color of the side panels for the Large and Extra Large Crew Elevator towers can now be separately switched. * REVISED: More attach nodes for umbilicals and swing arms, including new side mount rails, have been added to the Large General Crew Elevator Section part. * REVISED: Large Crew Arm now has an option for a bare hatch interface, with all three sides open and no angled hatch brace. * REVISED: An additional height variant has been added to the Large, Medium and Small General Modular Service Towers. More attach nodes for umbilicals and swing arms have been added as well. * REVISED: Integrated hold-down support pads have been added back into the Large, Medium and Small General Launch Bases. These have three width options, and are adjustable in position with newly custom-titled deploy limit sliders. * REVISED: The Delta II single-piece service tower now has an adjustable-height structural detail group via deploy limit slider, so it can be positioned where desired. * REVISED: The Atlas Launch Stand's center clamps are now toggleable like the side umbilicals, for use with the Atlas IIAS (the one with the Castor SRBs). * REVISED: The Redstone Launch Stand's integrated umbilical pole can now be switched among 8 positions on the ring, and it's horizontal position is now adjusted with a deploy limit slider. * REVISED: The Mercury-Redstone Crew Elevator now has a new long mount rail option, and the tower's rollback position can now be adjusted with a deploy limit slider. * REVISED: The Titan II GLV Service Tower droop-style umbilical arms have been revised to match the style of the revised General one, and also include the adjustable extension tube. The Gemini version also has been changed to match. * REVISED: The Saturn Launch Stand has been retitled the Saturn IB Launch Stand to make clear what it was designed after. * REVISED: The old Saturn V combo swing arm part has been separated into individual arm parts, one for each Saturn V arm (8 total) and one for the Saturn IB's S-IB first stage. Internal revisions have made each arm much smaller in size than those in the old integrated part, and only one animation is now run when retracted. * REVISED: The old Saturn Tower General Swing arm has been converted into a telescoping adjustable arm like that of the General Swing Arms, greatly reducing the complexity and .mu size as a result. The pipes can also now be independently switched among 15 variants. * REVISED: The Saturn and Shuttle Launch Bases now have the attach nodes for towers and accessories move properly when the base is rotated with the B9PS switcher. The things attached to those nodes won't rotate, but they will be in the right position. * REVISED: The Saturn Tower Hammerhead Crane now has an 180° rotation animation and a deploy limit slider to adjust the rotation amount. * REVISED: The two crew access arms for the Shuttle FSS Tower have been retitled to "Shuttle Tower Crew Access Arm: Orbiter" and "Shuttle Tower Crew Access Arm: Rodan" to position them later in the part list. * REVISED: Title changes for the Saturn Tower sections, Shuttle Tower sections and Shuttle Tower arms to better position them in the part list. * REVISED: Nunmerous edits to to the part .cfg files to add/modify B9PS UI Groups and switchers, and to use StagedAnimation and ModuleAnimateGenericExtra where needed. * REVISED: Edits to the Saturn and Shuttle custom subcategory names to "Saturn V Mobile Launcher" and "Space Shuttle Launch Platform". Screenshots of some of the craft files included:
  11. All the dev work on v2.2 has been done (on Saturday actually), the changelog has been written, and now I'm redoing the craft files for v2.2. The ones for BDB, Cormorant and the stock examples are done, just need to do the ones for Tundra and Tantares. The most common issue is to readjust the general and Titan II GLV droop umblicals, but others required more work, like the Saturn swing arms. New files for the BDB Thor-Able TAT, Titan IIIE and the Saturn IB on the LC-34 style Launch Stand (now retitled the Saturn IB Launch Stand) have been added as well. Also testing everything out, and found a few minor bugs, all the result of .cfg file typos, and all fixed. I should have v2.2 ready for release on Monday.
  12. The Saturn base and tower parts are now finished for v2.2. The Saturn V (and the one Saturn IB arm) swing arms are now all separate parts, each with a title that states what they are (e.g. #1 S-IC Intertank)....no more confusion! It was a bit more work than expected, as some of the arms needed a short extension for the 5.625m and 3.75m (current BDB) sizes, so I had to kitbash them in Wings 3D. The end result is that the groundwork for v3 has been laid, with the arms consisting of a single main mesh, extension if needed and a single umbilical group that is moved with B9PS as needed. Each arm's .mu got cut down in size by a large amount. Also getting cut down in size by a huge amountis the Saturn Tower General Arm. It was a product of time when I didn't know any better, so it had duplicate meshes for every arm size. Now it's just one core mesh, one extension mesh (the sliding part), one umbilical group and one pipe group. The pipe styles are also now separately configured from the umbilicals.
  13. I've finished the General Base and Launch Stand parts for v2.2, and have moved on to the Saturn-Shuttle parts. This is going to be a combo of putting in some missing features and some preliminary v3 features. One of the missing things was moving the tower and accessory attach nodes for the Saturn (Saturn V TSM nodes) and Shuttle (SRB holder nodes) launcher bases when they were rotated using B9PS, so now the tower will move with the base (of course, it itself isn't rotated ). The shuttle SRB holder node moving is temporary, as the holders will be integrated into the shuttle base, with multiple adjustment sliders, in v3. Early v3 work is separating the Saturn V swing arms back into individual parts. Over time I realized it was too much consolidation, and since all 8 arms were combined into one part, you couldn't tell which variant it was in the staging stack. Now they will be separate again, but using the advanced B9PS features the other MLP parts have to reduce duplicate meshes as much as possible without a full remake that will happen for v3. The Saturn Tower General Swing arm is also going to get a long-planned switch in mechanics, going to a telescoping adjustable arm like the General Swing Arms have, eliminating a lot of duplicate meshes (the Saturn pad parts are really old now ).
  14. Oh, I did a quick test with KSP v1.12.1, and MLP and all dependencies work perfectly normal as is. Nothing needs updating.
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