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  1. The American Launch Stand now has the side clamps as an option: Yeah, Redstone didn't use side clamps like these, but an Atlas won't fit on this round stand...will need the rectangular one. The yellow color is just for the red version of the stand, the other versions get bluish-gray clamps.
  2. Been busy at work (as well as work ) on the American Launch Stand. All the core size configurations are put in, the service pole finished, and a new tower with drop umbilicals has been added. This is a custom tower for the stand, as it's limited to 18m max height due to the 20m height limit for the Tier 1 launch pad in career mode. The umbilicals are actually the prototype for what the new general swing arms and drop hoses will be like: they are "stretchy", i.e. have a telescopic extension that can be adjusted with a deploy limit slider, so far easier to adapt to various tank sizes and tower positions. These umbilicals even have a retracting end connector. Still more work to be done, like adding color variants to the umbilicals, putting in the rest of the stand and tower color options, and adding integrated side clamps as an alternative or addition to the bolts. And here's a litle demo of it, with a BDB Vanguard launch at the end (done normally ):
  3. Launching Vanguard....IRL-style That's with my WIP American Launch Stand and service tower....I did a normal launch too, but this was too fun to pass up.
  4. The American Launch Stand now has the service umbilical pole, with switchable heights and umbilical connector lengths. It was inspired by the pole (or maybe it's a stiff hose) that falls away during Redstone/Jupiter launches, like here in Freedom 7's launch (Alan Shepard). More than one can be added to the stand, and you don't have to release it at engine start. It and the stand are still WIP, more features are coming.
  5. @Beale Thanks very much! The big Soyuz pad is the oldest one of mine, and while it was given a partial remake for the initial release of Modular Launch Pads, it's due for a full remake as it's still largely assembled in Unity out of custom-made small bits. I also want to make the two main service arms that envelop the upper part. And add a 6-way setup for Proton.
  6. In the midst of all the work on the general pads, I decided to finally make the long-delayed American Launch Stand, a simple ring-style launch clamp inspired by that used for Redstone and Jupiter and probably others. Still a WIP, more features will be added, but the basic hold-down bolts are working:
  7. Yep, I do have plans to make those, just not sure when it will happen. The big Soyuz pad is due for a remake anyway (it was given a partial remake, but being the oldest pad of mine it's still mostly assembled in Unity out of small bits), so I'll make them then. One expected feature is a 6-way hold-down arrangement for Proton.
  8. New General Crew Access Arm! Multiple lengths (including 25m) and three different types of hatch interface ends are available. I will be adding a smaller-size option as well, it will be same lengths, just narrower an lower height for smaller towers/spacecraft.
  9. Ok, firs go to the AlphaDev branch, either by this direct link or selecting it from the "Branch" drop-down menu Then click the green "Clone or download" button and select download. This will downoad a copy of everything in this branch as a .zip file. Put the AlphaDev folder from the .zip into GameData, as a separate folder; do not put into the ModularLaunchPads folder. These dev builds are standalone, but they don't have other things in the current release of Modular Launch Pads. The folders with the launch clamp versions of the Saturn mobile launcher base and shuttle launch platform can be merged (or copied into) the AlphaDev folder. Craft files and subsassemblies go into their respective folders in your KSP save folder. The v2 Saturn parts can be searched with "saturn v2", and the shuttle pad parts can be searched by "shuttle launcher". The part descriptions are still a bit rough and unfinished, so there might be confusing bits in them.
  10. Yes, the shuttle pad is part of the version 2 development build on the Github, in the AlphaDev branch.
  11. The tower has reached the Apollo CM on the Saturn IB Using the 2x crew access section puts the elevator (with adjusted deploy limit) at hatch level.
  12. Started work on the new Small Saturn Tower, the little brother to the big Saturn tower, and useable with all the launch pads. Early WIP demo: More heights are coming.
  13. The Large General Pad base is now on the Github's AlphaDev branch. Download the AlphaDev folder again to get it. It can use the existing Saturn tower and hold-down arms, both current and v2, plus the Soyuz pad arms and hinges. Note: It is designed to sit low like in the video demos, but won't look too bad (if not just plain weird) if it's raised up more.
  14. Finished the base part of the Large General Pad at last! Well, for now... Yes, the nominal 15m extended size can accomodate 1+4x 5m cluster stacks like this......thing--the "BFR Thicc"--with room to spare, especially if rotated 45 degrees Saturn V-style. (Yes, it's the older Tundra Exploration BFR; it's what I had in my 1.3.1 dev install). The base has been revised yet again (several times since last lol), now the standard core sizes have just the three shapes, with optional extra hold-down supports (or extensions) in two variants available separately. The three separate extended sizes (10m, 12.5m, 15m) now also have optional extra supports, a combo 45 and 60-degree one. There is also an extended deck size option, to give more room for towers and such with the extended hole sizes...or even the standard ones. Now I can start work on the various towers, crew elevators and hold-downs.