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  1. Just checked, used the BDB Delta II 7320 craft file, added the large general pad; works fine. 1.6.1 craft file is on the Github, in AlphaDev/Craft_Files. Make sure the SRBs aren't clipping into the pad.
  2. AlphaMensae

    [1.6.x] Animated Decouplers 1.4.2

    @Starwaster KSP.log and Output_log, plus the .cfgs for the two Saturn Arms, are in a .zip on my dropbox: The Saturn BDB arm is the one that resets, the General arm is fine. I just put one of each arm on a short Saturn tower, launched it, and hit the spacebar, then reverted to the VAB.
  3. AlphaMensae

    [1.6.x] Animated Decouplers 1.4.2

    OK, will have them later today as I'm on my way to work and on mobile.
  4. I might just have to remove Animated Decouplers from the Saturn arms if the problem can't be found; they'd have to be action-grouped. Now the general crew elevator tower is not working right either...may have to remove the animated doors.
  5. AlphaMensae

    [1.6.x] Animated Decouplers 1.4.2

    The whole Saturn Mobile Launcher is made up of separate components for use with a variety of rockets, so the arms are individual parts, using B9PS for mesh-switching among various styles. The Mobile Launcher Base itself is free-standing and not a launch clamp, but I do have other pads and launch stands that are launch clamps, but they use separate towers and umbilicals/arms as well....that's the "Modular" part of the name. Originally the animations were only manually activated, but a way to have them staged was requested, so I used Animated Decouplers as an alternate option. It worked fine through 1.3.1, and only now in 1.5.1/1.6.1 one Saturn arm in particular is resetting itself after being staged. The two types of Saturn arms are mostly indentical in setup, only differing in mesh-switching options, and use identical animations, but with different names.
  6. AlphaMensae

    [1.6.x] Animated Decouplers 1.4.2

    @Starwaster I use Animated Decouplers in Modular Launch Pads, strictly for allowing staging of various animated parts like swing arms and hold-down arms. It works great, but I have this issue with one of Saturn tower arms for version 2 where the arm resets after the animation runs when staged. An alternate version of the Saturn arm does not have this problem, neither do the swing arms in the current release of Modular Launch Pads. Both the v2 Saturn arms worked fine in KSP 1.3.1, this issue showed up in 1.5.1 and 1.6.1. Additionally, if the the arm with the problem is manually retracted and then reset, it the works fine when staged. A little video demo: The top arm is the problem v2 arm, bottom one is the alternate v2 typs, middle arm is from the current MLP release. The retractions were done by staging.
  7. I've sent messages to Starwaster, as I don't know what's going on. The same arm that worked fine in 1.3.1 has this issue in 1.5.1/1.6.1...and the other v2 arm is fine, plus the current release arms. In the meantime, you'll have to use an action group to retract the BDB arm.
  8. This is weird, as the general version of the Saturn arm works fine...and the two arms have pretty much the same .cfg file.
  9. Needs a few touch-up details, but the SpaceX-style enclosed variant for the General Crew Arm is in the game now!
  10. Oops, my mistake, as somehow unfixed versions of the arm .cfgs remained in my dev folder; they've been fixed and the github updated.
  11. Use the latest version of MLP (1.3.8), I had to fix a misguided idea about layer tags in animation modules that didn't work...that is the result.
  12. You mean the Shuttle FSS? One, I'm going to wait until SpaceX finishes what they're doing with it before making a new color variant; two, it would require a redo of the UV map, something I'm going to anyway with the Saturn/Shuttle tower parts.
  13. How is the dev version installed? The whole thing can't be just put into GameData, just the AlphaDev folder from the Github download zip. MLP is still needed for the all the Sozuz-Russian pads and the hold-down arms.
  14. Yes, you do need the released version, especially B9PartSwitch and Animated Decouplers.
  15. Another WIP Wings 3D dev image, showing the core section of the SpaceX-style crew arm; it will be called the "Enclosed" version in the switcher. It's still in a raw form, but that's the shape. The angled exterior panels and the lower and upper columns will use the 8 existing General Pads color options, with the Light Gray one being closest to white. The middle columns in the "windows", the roof beams and the trim detail will be black or very dark gray. The floor will use the existing General Crew Arm'truss-type version's walkway (it's literally the same mesh object ). The hatch interfaces, as I call them, will be the same ones for the truss version, with some modifications to blend them in with this version. This is the smooth-shaded view: