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  1. VERSION 2.1.5! Version 2.1.5 is now on Spacedock and the GitHub. Changelog: All crew elevators have been greatly slowed down so they are now useable on fast computers. This now results in a "slow ride" to the access arm. Added a simple manual drop-down safety gate to the cars of the Large and Snall General Crew Elevators. Removed the max height preset options from the Saturn and Shuttle crew elevators. Saturn elevators are now fixed at 80m max height, the Shuttle elevators at 45m amx height. Done so a single elevator speed could be implemented and to reduce needless
  2. What I do have time for is small updates. The next minor update will have slowed down crew elevators, as they were moving far faster than I has expected. They were fine when running KSP on my laptop, but now I'm back on a desktop PC, and I have green clock all the time, and yeah, they were going too fast All of them will be slowed down, so it'll be "Slow Ride" instead of rapid ascent. I also removed the different height presets for the Saturn and Shuttle elevators. They made having a single elevator speed impossible, and was just more needless complexity, so now the Saturn el
  3. Note that I'm also not making anything for Blue Origin either, so it's not some bias against SpaceX, I'm just not interested in rockets that don't exist. Flying grain silos don't count MLP started out as the Saturn V and Soyuz launch bases, and historical rockets will always be the main focus. I added the General bases and towers for the newer things (which are now also mostly historical) and everything else.
  4. It's meant to be used with KIS/KAS, as the suggestion for it came from that thread. That's why it's separate from the other MLP parts.
  5. One: Yes, I don't make things based on some glossified render from years ago. I need actual hardware on the pad ready to launch. The prototypes don't count. Two: I'm not interested in any more SpaceX stuff for Modular Launch Pads. I made the Falcon 9-style strongback and added the current condition appearance to the shuttle FSS tower since Falcon 9 has been around for quite a while now, and they have uses for other rockets. I'm leaving any Starship/Super Heavy stuff to Tundra Exploration (if Damon wants to) or someone else. Now, if a Starship actually ends up landing on the Moon in
  6. The only thing remotely like this in RO-native scale are the special towers and launch bases that Katniss is making for his series of alternate and modified Saturns. They're not modular though, just single-piece parts for the highly specialized Saturn variants he's making for his videos (one of which is a crewed Uranus mission ); they are available on his GitHub. Otherwise, yes, RO now has support for Modular Launch Pads that makes them bigger.
  7. First turn on the Saturn TSM nodes: Then attach the shuttle TSMs individually: Then use the offset and rotate them to move them to the proper positions.
  8. The Delta stage was an improved Able, being a little longer and with RCS among the notable changes, but otherwise visually very much an Able. It was NASA who started calling their Thor-Deltas "Delta" for the whole thing.
  9. Glad it worked! I'm not adding water to any of the rainbirds unless someone makes a good water shower plume effect (and not just white smoke) for me
  10. That's great news! The current Saturn V, as was mentioned, has have everything below the S-IVB to be rotated 45° so it will fit in my Mobile Launcher, as I had to do.
  11. Oops! I had made it bigger as a test of B9PS node-switching problems with rescaled parts, and I just forgot to reset it. Another update coming....
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