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  1. Probably due to the stock calculator's weirdness. Best to figure the values out before attaching the launch base.
  2. Was this with the root part at the top of the rocket, like a command pod or probe core? If not, then the values will be missing or messed up, since the calculator works from the top down. KER is like that too. Then again, the stock one is a little weird and that may be normal.
  3. Yeah, I saw another report of this, it's because the Soyuz gantry and solo crew elevator, as well as the general crew arms, have a crew capacity value to enable the use of the transfer airlock . That mod apparently messes up because of that.
  4. No need to remove the S-IC, just push the whole stack upward. The launcher base attaches to a size 5 node that appears below the engines, it's actually added to the engine mount.
  5. What biohazard15 said. I'd push the Saturn V up through the roof of the VAB to get enough clearance underneath. Likewise when adding stuff to the top of the tower, push the whole thing down through the floor. The correct height for the launcher base is when the base's elevator pad is sitting on the VAB floor, or slightly under it, as the collider is a thin one at the very top of the pad.
  6. v2.2.3 is now on Spacedock and the GitHub. It just has the Small General Swing Arm fix for the UI groups.
  7. Thanks, that was due to not having ModuleAnimateGenericExtra in two of the B9PS UI Group definitions. Another minor update will be coming. The fx group thing just means there is no fx defined for the parts that use Staged Animation, a holdover from its Animated Decouplers origin. It's harmless, KSP just expects a decoupler module to have the stock puff FX (or something).
  8. Don't have the launch base as the root part, or nothing will work. Make sure Staged Animation is installed.
  9. That node is for mounting the whole thing onto a launch base. The rail portion surface attaches (and decouples the same way) to a rocket, so I'd guess the RN Aerobee doesn't have surface-attach enabled in the .cfg, which being a Raidernick mod isn't surprising. An MM patch can fix that, just change the attachRules to 1,1,1,1,0, or at least the 2nd and 4th digits, which is enable surface attach (attaching the rocket body/tank to something) and allow surface attach (letting other parts attach to the rocket) respectively.
  10. The rails surface attach to the rocket (or vice versa), which would have to have that enabled. The botttom node you see is for mounting the rail on a launch stand or base (or anything, really). RO already resizes the MLP parts by 1.61x. I don't use Tweakscale so I'm not making any configs for it.
  11. With thanks to Zorg for moving (and remaking) the Delta IV tank umbilical ports, I was able to get the positioning of the umbilical masts set (at least for the BDB Delta IV), and put the umbilicals themselves in, since I reused existing umb pipe meshes Also put the outer pairs in as well Next will be some more structural details and the hold-down bolts.
  12. Very early rough WIP look (not textured or even UV mapped yet), currently in the fitting layout, right now getting the umbilical masts' shape and position right...very close, just some fine tuning to do. Ignore the clamp stuff, that's from the Titan III stand I used as a template I think those pairs of small dark holes in the lower tanks are the connectors for the umbilicals; they're certainly in the right spots.
  13. It will probably end up sharing a lot of the visual look of the Titan III stand. I got the general shape to be pretty similar, but the details will be more of my making than the actual ones. The hold-down bolts and umbilical masts will be fully adjustable, so they will have the same functionality of the Titan III Stand's bolts. It also may be just one color, as I might have to make a custom texture for it if I can't fit the main structural parts into the Launch Stands series of textures. May have to chop the UV Maps into a lot of small sections, which means using what I call "ribs" and "nubs" to hide seams and provide detail, lots of which are on the Titan III stand.
  14. Uploaded v2.2.2 to Spacedock and the GitHub. Changelog: Updated Bluedog Design Bureau patches to give larger extra attach nodes to some of the tanks and engines to prevent catastrophic wobbling upon spawn. Restored missing CCK tag to the Saturn Hammerhead Crane; it's now visible in the Modular Launch Pads CCK category. I tried an experiment by integrating the Command Seat module into one of the crew elevators cars; it just needs an empty transform for the "seat", the module takes care of the rest. I was able to board a Kerbal into the invisible "seat", but it didn't move with the car, just got left behind on the bottom of the tower. I did this to see if I could provide an option to deal with the blasted anchoring system trying to pull free-standing Kerbals down through the floor of the car, without having to use the external command seat, which does work but requires Animated Attachment. Unfortunately it turns out to be a dead end, as I have no idea how to move the integrated seat with the car, or even if it's possible (could be a stupid KSP thing). The transform for the seat does move in Unity, but alas, not in KSP. In other news, I have started on making the Delta IV Launch Stand. I had to simplify the general layout, both to reduce complexity (it's more complicated than I thought, and seems to change from launch to launch) and to enable it to handle 2.5m size core tanks as well as the 3.125m BDB Delta IV. The core and side booster hold-downs and umbilicals (those wedge-shaped boxes on one side of the stand) will each be separately adjustable using deploy-limit sliders.
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