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  1. If this is a science or career save, most of the parts are in custom tech tree nodes that have to be unlocked first. Only a handful are in the start node.
  2. Figure out dV and TWR without any launch base attached, then once things are the way you like, set up the base and stuff. The Saturn Milkstool is a special case as it's a decoupler and not a launch clamp, so it's figured in differently.
  3. Probably not, as Raidernick has one in one of his mods, and I really don't want to bother with it, as it's an asymmetrical mess.
  4. EJ_SA on Twitch has done such a thing in pure stock (with the DLCs) with his Falcon 9-type rocket "Condor 9". He actually did it before the Breaking Ground robotic parts came to KSP, though they did make his revised version easier. Mods can make this even easier, but it's still going to be a very tricky and finicky thing to do, since KSP has a tendency to explode free-standing craft on the ground when they are in physics range of each other. It will also require the use of many docking portws, which will need precise alignmewnt of craft to join them together.
  5. At the moment, nothing, as I'm pretty burned out on it. Eventually in the coming months I'll get to the Saturn base and tower remake, but that' pretty much it. Any other plans I may have mentioned earlier are now cancelled.
  6. The mod craft file require the mods they were made for. The SOCK shuttle craft file also needs reDIRECT for the ET and SRBs.
  7. Both Cormorant Aeronology and Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit. The Shuttle launch base was designed around the Cormorant (Mk 3 cockpit-based orbiter) so it fits the best; using the SOCK orbiter and reDIRECT stack requires some adjustment.
  8. Use the Saturn launch base and tower (in gray), as the SLS version is largely the same, aside from some details that I will get to eventually. Use the general Saturn tower arms for SLS.
  9. Yes, some will have to be updated as there were additional changes to already completed parts after that date.
  10. You had the launch stand as the root part. Launch clamps won't work if they are the root part. Best to build the rocket normally from the top down, adding the stand or base last.
  11. You have to use the longer droop umbilicals or probably the straight ones on the tower itself to reach the 1.875m tanks. Note that Cobalt actually modeled the Titan III hold-down attachment points, they are those two angled block-like things on the bottom of each SRB. Nothing was on the core, as the SRBs were mounted onto the engine thrust structure attach points. As for MOL crew access, I have no idea how it would be done, as MOL was cancelled long before even reaching that point. Also, the SLC-40 and 41 pads in Tundra's Space Center are not the original Titan III ITL versions, s
  12. Welcome! Unfortunately, I have no desire right now to make the Starship-SuperHeavy tower. I don't do things based on rendered animations anyways.
  13. Yes, need to hold left-shift when dragging the offset gizmo's handles to get 20m of free offset range. Edit to add: v2.1 of Modular Launch Pads has a rebuilt craft file (KSP 1.8.1) for the SOCK and reDIRECT shuttle stack. I tested it, and the shuttle launches fine.
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