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  1. The Name Change Thread (WARNING! ONE TIME ONLY!)

    Hey, I'd like to change my name to AlphaMensae, thanks. It's my Twitch name, and I've been using it in other places as well, so it's time to change it here as well.
  2. [1.3.0] KerboKatz - SmallUtilities - 04.06.2017

    Ok, I'm still using KSP 1.2.2, and the last 1.2.x version of Kerbokatz Small Utilities (only using FPS Viewer and Physical Time Ratio Viewer), and when usinf Module Manager's Alt-F11 menu to do a quick database reload (something I've recently started using), I get a cloned Kerbokatz button in the VAB/SPH and the flight scene. Every time I do the Alt-F11 reload, I get another cloned button. During the Alt-F11 reload, the Kerbokatz button for the FPS viewer disappears and is replaced by the purple Kerbokatz toolbar, but with nothing else below it.
  3. [1.2.2/1.3] Fuel Tanks Plus 1.12.1 (2017-04-09)

    @NecroBones, I hate to sound like a pest, but those gray stripes you have around the top and bottom of the FTP decouplers are causing a problem for me. They're ugly and present a visual disconnect, so I hid the top stripe of the interstage I made by offsetting it up into the bottom of the stage, but then the decoupler doesn't separate cleanly--it sticks for a moment (how long depends on the separation force) then falls crookedly, i.e. standard clipping problem. Just another of those things I never thought about, as I used to use the MRS decouplers much of the time. Not sure which would be easier to do, either making the textures run completely from top to bottom or removing the colliders from the stripe areas, but it would be a huge help if you could adjust them.
  4. [1.2.2/1.3] Fuel Tanks Plus 1.12.1 (2017-04-09)

    @NecroBones, Just to show you what I had in mind with the FTP decouplers, here's what I'm currently working on: Yes, I know you have one in RSB, but what's the fun in that? I'm doing manual part welding with CCC tank models, some stock models....and some other parts of yours, with some changes by me.
  5. [1.2.2/1.3] Fuel Tanks Plus 1.12.1 (2017-04-09)

    Wow, thanks a million, @NecroBones!
  6. [1.2.2/1.3] Fuel Tanks Plus 1.12.1 (2017-04-09)

    @NecroBones, I have a favor to ask, could you add (or modify) a decoupler (just one size) that is truly hollow (i.e. no colliders) on the inside to match the visual appearnce, much like the Mk1 Structural Fuselage? I have use for such a thing as an interstage (with appropriate scale changes), and with the mesh-switching capability I could make all sorts of matching interstages. As you may have guessed, I found out the hard way that the FTP decouplers are not actually hollow.
  7. KSP Weekly: What a week!

    Yep, that was bound to happen with Roverdude making the parts, they're going to resemble the original stock parts (and his own MKS parts) rather than the Porkjet parts, let alone something from FASA, Blue Dog Design or Raidernick.
  8. The only things that would get me hyped would be: > No more memory leaks and stuttering and other bugs and an SAS that works again. > Graphics overhaul > Rocket part overhaul > Career mode overhaul If you're a non-English speaker, ok, good news for you. For me, it's a big yawn, sorry.
  9. [1.2.2/1.3] Fuel Tanks Plus 1.12.1 (2017-04-09)

    @NecroBones, Yup, that's exactly what happens, one dome looks and switches like normal, the other is Z-fighting. I'll go ask in the IFS thread too.
  10. Ok, I'm experimenting with manual part welding to make custom spacecraft out of existing parts, and I thought I'd weld a Mk1 parachute into a descnt pod I'm making out of a nosecone from MRS. All I've done is include the part MODEL and all the chute modules from the Mk1 .cfg. Well, the chute can be operated like normal, it shows up on the staging stack, the deploy parameters can be adjusted, and it does deploy when staged. The problem is that it doesn't work like normal. When semi-deployed, the pod and chute turned to near horizontal and actually started climbing. The F12 aero overlay showed a strong body-lift line from the pod. After a while the pod started descending again, but when the chute fully deployed, it turned to a 45-degree angle, with the overlay showing equal-length drag and body lift lines 90 degrees apart. The pod never got into the usual vertical retrograde-pointing position. Putting a regular separate Mk1 chute on top of the pod works just fine, so there's something about welding one into a pod that's screwing things up, and I don't know what it could be.
  11. [1.2.2/1.3] Fuel Tanks Plus 1.12.1 (2017-04-09)

    @NecroBones, I'm trying to make a part using two of the FTP dome tank models manually welded togther, but only one of them gets the texture mesh and switching capability (using IFS). Is there a way for the texture meshes to be applied to both of the part models, either individually or collectively? Simply including a second mesh-switching module doesn't work, just duplicates the variant buttons.
  12. [WIP][1.3.0] Sigma Dimensions

    @Sigma88, Ok, don't laugh , but this is a question about SD 0.4.3 with Kopernicus 0.6.2 in KSP 1.0.5 (don't ask either ( ). I noticed a bunch of exceptions showing up in the Alt-F2 debug console. Suspecting it might have had something to do with Kopernicus, I removed all other mods, but then no exceptions showed up. Adding in SD made the exceptions appear. This was even without my Kopernicus or SD change .cfg files being loaded, just the mods themselves. SD does appear to be working fine, the changes did work when I load them, but I am alarmed by the exceptions. Are they harmless? Screenshot of the debug console: KSP Log is here. Output Log is here.
  13. [1.2/1.3] Color Coded Canisters 1.5.1 (2016-07-03)

    @NecroBones, Ah, thank you, so that's what that section does! Never really looked that far. So I just need to copy the ones I don't want into the part where FTP is present and appearance switching is turned on?
  14. [1.3.0 & 1.2.2] Kopernicus (Release 6) - Aug 25

    Yep, Kopernicus is installed correctly, as all my other changes (moving stuff around, adding stuff via cloning stock moons, changing orbits) show up as expected. I saw the "FOR[]" line in the older post, was a bit confused about it. Does it go in the main "@Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus]" line at the top? And what name do I use? I did Hyperedit a probe to Laythe at a 100K orbit. At first I thought I saw more land, as there was a blur of brown below the probe. Increasing the otbit to 400K though made things look like the normal stock appearance. I also tried to use Kittopia, but got lost in it, couldn't find where to adjust VertexHeightOffset in the 5 million () PQS setttings.
  15. [1.3.0 & 1.2.2] Kopernicus (Release 6) - Aug 25

    @The White Guardian, A Google seach brought up this post of yours, as I'm trying to lower the sea level of Laythe, the goal being to make more land visible--that is, if such a thing is even possible. I used your example, but there was no visible change to Layhe, whether the offset value was 100, 1000 or even 5,000. Here's the entry in my Koperncus .cfg: