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  1. No they won't. v2.0 will require new/updated .cfgs This includes RSS.
  2. It's "micro" based on its width, as it's narrow enough to fit on the new Micro General Launch Stand. Won't be any height variants, as it's a tapered structure, and yes, it was sized to fit the Electron. Won't be a release for quite a while, as I got bored and am doing other non-KSP things.
  3. You can write a MM patch to remove the crew capacity from the arms and elevator towers that have it. Or use this (no idea if it works in KSP 1.12 but it seems it should):
  4. It's ModuleToggleCrossFeed, and can be set to false as the default, which you want for decouplers. Then crossfeed can be temporarily enabled so upper stages can be reached by the fuel generator in the MLP launch bases/stands.
  5. @flartPlease remove Modular Launch Pads support from this. My launch bases and stands, which are node-attached, need a substantial mass to work properly, and considering their size, it's entirely appropriate. I do not want complaints of bouncing rockets from people who use this with MLP. I also include a fuel generator already, so do not need another one. Thank you.
  6. You have an old version of MLP mixed in with the newest one, with duplicate .cfgs that have the same name but are different. The Saturn Tower general swing arm no longer has fixed length variants, and KSP loads the first of the duplicate parts it comes across. Always delete the entire ModularLaunchPads folder before updating to a newer version. CKAN doesn't do this, so watch out for it.
  7. Ok, I added Zelda's MAS patch (substituting NEEDS[MOARdv]:AFTER[MOARdv] for :FINAL) to the MLP Compatibility_Patches folder and uploaded MLP v2.5.3 to Spacedock and the Github.
  8. Yes, as a .cfg, and anywhere in GameData will work, but if you want to remember where it is, then maybe in the MAS or MLP folder, or make a custom folder called "My Patches" or something.
  9. I don't use MAS, and was alerted to the problem by other people who did. I'll include this patch in MLP itself to prevent that problem from happening.
  10. I think MAS (MOARdv's Avionics Systems) has problems withe some of the crew arms and crew elevators having crew capacity and the stock generic IVA, so if you have that and some set of patches that adds it to everything with an IVA, it causes the screen to go black as well. Otherwise, everything works fine with just Modular Launch Pads and itss dependencies installed.
  11. Most likely cause is aiming the camera at an animated part before launching, that causes the screen to go black. Aim the camera at something on the rocket or the launch base/stand.
  12. Yes, you can with the Large General Crew Elevator and the Large Elevator Side Extension. It won't be an exact replica, but something like it. If you watch EJ_SA on Twitch, then you probably know LupiDragon. Lupi made a stock Atlas V-alike to carry a mini shuttle in a fairing, and requested something to help make the Starliner elevator. The side extension was the result; it can be used to make that tower extension on which the crew arm is mounted.
  13. The new Micro and Mini General Launch Bases and the Micro General Strongback Tower are now on the master branch of the Github. Custom category .cfg was also updated. I've also started the revamp of the Small General Base, and ended up trashing the whole thing...a complete rebuild.
  14. As I had mentioned, it was the replicas that burned me out. The general bases are freeform style, no poring over images and trying to recreate a mass of details. Here I just make stuff up.
  15. To complement the new Micro General Launch Base, there is the new Micro size General Strongback Tower. It's just a single slim tapered blovk tower, as I had room for it on the General Strongback textures, and one height of 15m. The upper clamp and umbilicals are the same from the Mini size strongback tower. Slim enough to fit on the Micro Base:
  16. This did inspire the new Mini General Launch Base for Modular Launch Pads
  17. After many delays, I finally got around to completing the new General Mini Launch Base. More so than the Micro size base, this one has the new modeling method that will be used in the revamp of the existing General Bases: The stretchy columns of the launch clamp structure are no longer the main support columns/footings. They've been replaced with 2 micro-sized versions stuck in two of the walls. The actual "supports" will be either wheels or fixed footings. New solid-style walls with a custom texture for the bigger meshes. The hollow-type walls will be going away. The decks and exhaust holes are being remade. Much less size options for the larger bases with little or no overlap. The Mini base has a 2.5m wide hole, either square or rectangle shape. Less structural details on top, and the rainbirds will be toggleable off/on. The new Mini Base, mobile platform style with wheels and no rainbirds: With the fixed footings and rainbirds:
  18. Finally got around to testing it, and works fine for me. I use the MLP BDB Vanguard craft file. Make sure you use autostruts, the launch stand goes to the root, everything else use grandfather part.
  19. LC-34 and 37 were deactivated as a cost-saving measure when the moon landings started as NASA's budget was already being slashed. LC-34 was of course later abandoned in place as a memorial to Apollo 1.
  20. Just need the latest Firespitter .dll, can get it from the full package https://github.com/snjo/Firespitter/releases
  21. @TruthfulGnome Just made the freestanding Saturn Base footings toggleable on/off, and the updated .mu and .cfg are on the master branch of the GitHub. Also made that switch, the elevator switch and the mass switch operable in flight for use with the crawler. Also made the default mass 2000t, with the switch to 1t for easier moving. Shuttle freestanding footings will follow later.
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