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  1. Although I played KSP for some 2~3 years I never managed to recover a manned mission to mars. Delta V maps seems to be always off, I find it impossible to build something that works. I know other people can, but how the heck they do it? This needs to be tought by the game, cuz clearly internet doesn't do it right. I think that a way to do this is by having an optional better automated system for burns, orbits transfers and even gravity assists. It liquided me off the ammount of mods I had to use to make the game playable. It always took hours to fiddle them into working. The game needs to implement mods slowly maybe. Having a rover was previously a frustrating experience. They can be easily lost in low gravity environments and you need to drive them manually. I wish there was an auto moving option for long distances. In short. I want an option for things to be more antomatic. Sometimes I have more fun planning than failing to execute what I planned.
  2. I'm having some trouble downloading it. It's very slow and eventualy fails. It's also VERY slow. Any clues? Great job, I was waiting for 1.2 versions of this for months to start playing KSP again. Edit: For no reason it sped up amanzingly and instead of taking 4 hours and failling it finished in 2 minutes.
  3. Thank you all for the answers. Lets see: I'm still using 1.0.4. But yes, I don't get that weirdness too. Looks like S6 and S8 added are the S7. Didn't knew that what I was doing was calles Aspargus. That was instructive. So those ultra big rockets can't be made with keybodine? It bugs me because I can lift different parts of the ship and assemble it in space, so theoreticaly (for me at last) I should be abble to offer the same power to a huge rocket and it would go to the destination. Are my physics wrong? Because this guy did this LOL thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MA1ILgysnYE --- @Phil deCube Liked your tank dumping system. What mod do you use for mining? There are 6 satellites, one for each moon, that why it's so heavy. Refueling is an idea, but I'm too lazy for that haha. It got huge as I was trying to fit those huge things with enough fuel. Aerodynamics play that much of a role? I read that I don't even need nose cones, only for aesthetics. Good idea with the Spark, I didn't saw engine. That brings me to another doubt. How do I know how much fuel should I use depending of the engine? Too much and it doesn't move, too few and the engine weights too much and it doesn't move too. You said too much TWR. Isn't it the more the better? Will try the ideal too. EDIT: I tried it, got only 600 more delta V.
  4. Ugly rocket, I know. This is one of the versions, but the concept is the same.
  5. I'm trying to get to Jool with a 36 ton payload. But after the sixth keybodyne tank with mammoth attached, in line, with fuel crossfeed to central ones, the delta V added decreases significantly. So much that i can't pass the barrier of a certais (low) delta V with 600 ton of fuel. and I need 5000~6000 (based on a delta V map). That makes sense, but since I saw videos of ridiculously large rockets with many engines in line over many stages I don't get why. Can someone explain how am I supposed to get to Jool anda Eeloo?
  6. Thank you ss8913. It must be a bug (they dont click) that explains why I'm strugling. Will try that. I dont have that mod that you talked about that helps managing the temperature. I have 20 mods and little patience to find the bug origin...
  7. I need a lot a help. I'v been using interstellar for a month now and i'm getting nowehere. I find it extremely confusing with too many parts that must be put together to make something work. So far I managed to use only the vista and the thermal turbojet engines and only because I found youtube videos about them. I'm sorry if this is not the place, but I cant find a clear guide and not even where to post to find help. Mainly i'm going nuts trying to assemble generators + reactors + fuel + engine. Or they don't even click together, or are in the wrong order, or they don't work, or they blow up. This mod in wonderful, but its getting me crazy. please help
  8. There are some parts that cant be rescaled, but i really want them to. i have huge cams that doesnt fit my smal rover also the robotic parts could be a little smaller. do I need to edit something in the mod files?
  9. no, did not used CKAN (what's that?) I just downloaded and added to the game data. I have all the parts, but they don't work.
  10. My GUI doesn't open, and the telescope module doesn't show the temperature as in a tutorial vídeo in youtube. i'm using kerbal 1.0.4 and the cact 0.6.8. any clue?