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  1. I have no clue in regards to modding (just using them) but I hope this info will help. I had a savegame with TAC_Life_Support-v0.13.2 installed and upgraded to 13.4. In the savegame I had a vessel that reported electricity depleting but Kerbals did not die as long as there was actually EC on board. After upgrading to 13.4 they died when I returned to the vessel. I fixed this by looking in the savefile and searching for 'taclife' and looked at the lines there. I noticed that under 'vesselInfo' there was lines with 'lastUpdate', 'lastFood', 'lastWater', 'lastOxygen' and 'lastElectricity'. They all had the same long number after them except for 'lastElectricity' so I changed that to match the others, saved the file and loaded that and now my Kerbals survive when I return to the vessel. Regards, Mikey
  2. I installed your new patch in my 'clean' install and both my satellites are now working Then I installed fusebox with patch in my bit heavily modded install and same thing - satellites that without the patch were dead in space, were now functioning - hurra Thank you
  3. I sent you a link with my persistent.sfs and a small explanation of how I switched away and back.
  4. Thanks for working on it and responding so quickly. I copied the dll from your zip file and overwrote the old one in my clean install (except for this fusebox mod) Unfortunately the satellite I launched earlier, in the clean install, is still dead in space. I launched a new one which again launched fine, but when I switched away from and then back to it, it was also dead in space.
  5. (FuseBox_Continued-, KSP (WindowsPlayer x64)) Please don't read this as a complaint - it is just info I hope you can use. I have only used two of the probes sofar on my satellites and the ones with RC-001S Remote Guidance Unit have no problems, but all my satellites with the Probodobodyne OKTO are dead in space with this mod installed. During launch theres no problem, but changing to another vessel or going back to KSC and then returning to the satellite with the Probodobodyne OKTO probe, will have it dead in space. I tried a clean install with only this fusebox installed and launched a pretty simple satellite with Probodobodyne OKTO, plenty of battery (1010 EC total), 6 OX-STAT + 2 OX-4W 3x2 and 2 HG-5 High Gain Antennas. Put it in Low Kerbin Orbit then went back to KSC and then via tracking station back to the satellite and it was dead in space. In clean install only modded with FuseBox_Continued- In the VAB Fusebox states a drain from a single Probodobodyne OKTO to 6.02. (Leaving VAB and going back in changed it to 6.11) According to the describtion it should drain 1.2 EC/min = 0.02 EC/sec. During flight it seems fusebox reads it right as 0.02 EC/sec.
  6. Would appreciate that so much, so yes please. Really looking forward to be able to tell if my crafts are actually fullfilling the requirements to satisfy 'non-eva-transfer' between parts.
  7. I'll look into what broke, but if the RemoteTech folk changed something I may have to wait until they do an official release. In the meantime, I'm going to have to throw this out there: All RemoteTech pre-release builds are unsupported and will break stuff in Contract Configurator. If you want to use a RemoteTech pre-release, don't use it with Contract Configurator. EDIT: I couldn't confirm what exactly changed from skimming their changelog (RemoteTech is going through a heavy development phase right now), but can confirm it just needs a recompile to fix it. But I won't do that because that'll break anyone on a release build of RemoteTech. Once they release their next release build I'll release a Contract Configurator update. Meanwhile, if you want to play with pre-release RemoteTech and Contract Configurator, you'll have to compile Contract Configurator yourself from source. Thank you very much for your reply Yeah it was also mentioned in the RemoteTech thread, that a recompile probably wouldn't happen before it was an official RemoteTech release. I figured it would be good to write here too though, in case you weren't aware of the conflict, so you could be prepared for it - seems like its helped others figure out why they too have conflicts happening.
  8. Received this exception after upgrading RemoteTech to the Pre-release: build-develop-519 Exception occured while loading contract 'RemoteTech.RT_KerbinRelay_4sat': System.Exception: No ContractRequirement with type = 'CelestialBodyCoverage'. at ContractConfigurator.ContractRequirement.LoadRequirement (.ConfigNode configNode) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at ContractConfigurator.ConfiguredContract.OnLoad (.ConfigNode node) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 Contract Configurator: Version 1.10.4 RemoteTech: build-develop-519 ContractPack RemoteTech: 2.0.2 From the RemoteTech thread it seems its been happening since RemoteTech prerelease 'build-develop-509'.