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  1. It may be somewhat out of the spirit to launch something from the shuttle to bring the asteroid back, but it was the simplest way while not going overkill like an STS Heavy (Hey that's an idea...) I introduce you to the Extended HammerHead ET While I was at it I also noticed the flight test and whipped up a 747 real quick like. Also, an RTLS? Ooh this sounds fun, I actually did one of those for the joke of it back in the day, should be an interesting challenge
  2. The last time I messed with the STS challenge was back in July, so it's been a while, once again with life causing a pause in KSP. So I've been working on this project of STS 5-8 since January off and on while I was in an Apollo Applications fix. STS 5 is the Habitation Module STS 6 is the Service Module and part of the Kerbin Observation Module STS 7 is the Space Studies Module STS 8 is an expansion of the KOM and a capsule to be attached to the SM as a lifeboat for emergencies Finally I have what you may call maybe a STS 4b? I call it the STS 4SS as it's reusing the orbiter left in orbit as a Space Station part pretty much but it's just an extra bit for your viewing pleasure.
  3. Well It would seem its going to take a while to figure out how to integrate this and make it function properly, but perhaps some food for thought for anyone else on the stock end of shuttles?
  4. STS 4/4R go here, and for future reference for looking over it, assume my crafts are pure stock unless I specifically state otherwise or go in for a modded run of the challenge, stock is life baby. Oh and I don't think Chronus' on orbit retirement will last long
  5. Welp back at it again for one of my off an on visits to the forums, STS 2 attempt done with my block II of my STS and block III of my STS launching my Kerbler Space Telescope into orbit for a STS 3 attempt.
  6. Oh joyous day, another think to pique my interest and waste time doing at some point! General Score: 47 Launch Vehicles: 10 Ares I: 5 Ares V: 5 Stage Recovery 1: 3 Stage Recovery 2: 4 Orion: 6 Crew Safety: 4 Commnet: 10 Munar Sortie : 50 Objective: 20 KOR: 8 Accurate Altair: 7 Fuel Cells: 2 Descent Module: 4 KDS: 3 Altair Orbital Insertion: 3 Mun Rover: 3 Total Score: 97
  7. I may get to STS 2 soon™, but as of now here is my new shuttle, I have been trying to make one that visually looks highly realistic but this is what I got. I tryed it with my block II variant of this version of the shuttle and could barely circularize, so went to block II using LRBs similar looking to those proposed to be used with the actual shuttle. So to sum it up, STS Chronus Block II 198.2 km x 198.2 km
  8. Active reaction wheels aren't, check the kerbalX file and you'll see its disabled, originally had it for aesthetic purposes with batteries and I didn't want to rewrite all my prices and the such so I left it Also I am aware that it is a waste of money but I'm not the best at economical decisions
  9. Artemis I Dimensions 19.9x1.4x1.4 The fuel tanks and engines do not extend past 1.25 meters 25,000 Test flights with 2 ton payloads for first stage recovery as well as lunar payload capacity have been completed. LKO : 3 Tons Polar : 2 Tons GTO : 2 Tons TLI : 1 Ton First stage recovery not including refurbishment costs is : 6,542 Description : First generation launcher of the Artemis rocket family, experimenting with engines with gimbal for steering and a high efficiency aerospike upper stage engine
  10. So starting off with mostly test launches and some earlier Apollo missions, My non mission test flights. Little Joe II to test my capsule Apollo I boilerplate and Pegasus launch Saturn IB Test Flight A Saturn MLV "simulation" done by the boys in R&D Now for some actual missions. Apollo 4 Apollo 7 Apollo 8 Apollo 9 Apollo 11 So for the goals, - Saturn Five uses 5 engines on the first stage, 5 engines on the second stage, and one engine on the third stage. +20 - Free-Return Trajectory until in Mun's SOI. +10 - Lander stored behind a fairing. +10 - Leave Descent Stage on Mun. +5 - Stock. +20 (Use only stock parts) (Stock for life baby) - Launch Escape System. +5 - Use fuel cells for power generation only +10 Total Normal Apollo Program Score: 80 More to come and finish the Apollo Program up to Apollo 18
  11. When you did the last ones somewhat and always ended up getting lazy and stopping, feel like I am gonna start anew even though I was at STS 4 and a flight director, so without further ado, STS-1A, meet Odysseus. When you've been working on your Apollo and Saturn designs and thought you may be the first of the v4 to make a Saturn Shuttle, le sigh.
  12. After some laziness and not playing for a while heres me actually finishing my entry. I think anyway.
  13. So I am assuming the only one I am missing is 8D then right? Or do you want me to deorbit my second one as well? Only asking because I am being cheeky and using this as an excuse to send crew to my station. Also after looking at some of these designs I may start to remake some designs specifically the orbital module.. I will also link a download to my craft file when I am done working on it.
  14. I apologize then, if you could just tell me which ones I will get to it in the morning.