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  1. Actually, sorry to say it, but I don't think I will have the time to participate in this race, I would like to withdrawal my position as Roskosmos, apologies.
  2. Back at it with STS T-2, RTLS Abort Assuming this is approved, I was curious are RCS tanks considered as fuel in STS T-3?
  3. Roskosmos again, are you starting over for this one or continuing from the last one??
  4. I’ve been dying to do a shuttle apollo crossover, but I can just keep with the precedent of doing them in order
  5. @Robonoise so is one ike base, one duna base, and a duna station enough to qualify??
  6. If you want it to be somewhat easier on you, you can dock it together in orbit then land it, or put wheels on the base detachable or not and dock it with that
  7. And we have liftoff at Roskosmos! I will be leaving more detailed mission reports on the landing based missions, anything minor like a flyby or flying around kerbin for science I'll keep to a minimal amount of pics if that's fine Gonna be in depth as I can for all Duna based missions however. Also expects plenty of Koviet launches replicating actual spacecrafts and lifters when I have the proper tech
  8. I have absolutely no idea how I'll find a use for this right now, but its a WIP, It's been done before on the KSP Reddit but this is something I've been meaning to do for far too long.
  9. And on that note let me actually do a Jool 5 and take one to every moon. I’ll be back in a week.
  10. Hey just a heads up for you, you can upload your screenshots to to allow us to see what you're doing! Also the mighty Koviets will be launching soon, don't think you can so easily defeat our vodka powered rockets.
  11. I really hope you understand, that was meant to be a joke about Juuls (It's an e-cig thing millennials are big on)
  12. I'll be pitching in to take the position of the Kussian Space Agency, for the glory of Mother Kussia. I'll be using this flag this someone has uploaded onto curse forge
  13. For the missions outside of kerbins SOI, or in general, are droptanks allowed once in orbit on the shuttle? And if so, would it be acceptable if they’re engines on them, more or less as boosters?