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  1. I was curious if the part clipping rule is included for the lifting vehicles for the assembly or for empty fuel tanks, I’m planning on doing something fairly extra and unnecessary and the crafts have clipped tanks with fuel drained out of them so they look a different diameter than what is achievable with stock parts
  2. Apologies for such a delay i’ve been busy with work and redesigning crafts for different saves so it’s gonna be a little while before I get around to finishing up
  3. You just might Now, it may be a bit tacky but the requirements say the modules that need to be removed via specific docking ports, but do they need to be reattached to those specific types of ports also?
  4. I've been making a revamp of my external tank for my STS and in the meantime, I got a new idea that I'll probably be putting to use whenever I finish the STS 3T which I can't stress enough how annoying it's been for me, but in the meantime here's another spoiler for a future mission post
  5. Actually, sorry to say it, but I don't think I will have the time to participate in this race, I would like to withdrawal my position as Roskosmos, apologies.
  6. Back at it with STS T-2, RTLS Abort https://imgur.com/a/gJ0j2gL Assuming this is approved, I was curious are RCS tanks considered as fuel in STS T-3?
  7. Roskosmos again, are you starting over for this one or continuing from the last one??
  8. I’ve been dying to do a shuttle apollo crossover, but I can just keep with the precedent of doing them in order
  9. @Robonoise so is one ike base, one duna base, and a duna station enough to qualify??
  10. If you want it to be somewhat easier on you, you can dock it together in orbit then land it, or put wheels on the base detachable or not and dock it with that
  11. And we have liftoff at Roskosmos! https://imgur.com/a/qw65zYe I will be leaving more detailed mission reports on the landing based missions, anything minor like a flyby or flying around kerbin for science I'll keep to a minimal amount of pics if that's fine Gonna be in depth as I can for all Duna based missions however. Also expects plenty of Koviet launches replicating actual spacecrafts and lifters when I have the proper tech
  12. I have absolutely no idea how I'll find a use for this right now, but its a WIP, It's been done before on the KSP Reddit but this is something I've been meaning to do for far too long.
  13. And on that note let me actually do a Jool 5 and take one to every moon. I’ll be back in a week.
  14. Hey just a heads up for you, you can upload your screenshots to imgur.com to allow us to see what you're doing! Also the mighty Koviets will be launching soon, don't think you can so easily defeat our vodka powered rockets.
  15. I really hope you understand, that was meant to be a joke about Juuls (It's an e-cig thing millennials are big on)
  16. I'll be pitching in to take the position of the Kussian Space Agency, for the glory of Mother Kussia. I'll be using this flag this someone has uploaded onto curse forge
  17. For the missions outside of kerbins SOI, or in general, are droptanks allowed once in orbit on the shuttle? And if so, would it be acceptable if they’re engines on them, more or less as boosters?
  18. Pure stock all the way, and the tank itself is composed of one large 3.75 tank in the core fully fueled, and 6 wrapped around it partially fueled to get a more desirable diameter Also sadly I have to see if I can figure out a way to make it fly smoother but its not as stable as you'd think from screenshots, when the first SRB is almost out of fuel (there is 4 srbs clipped into each other on each side) it wants to tip over with a passion, and once it slows down into the atmosphere it becomes rather unstable with roll. The new SRB having thrust vectoring though is honestly a god send for us
  19. I decided to redesign my entire orbiter design with the release of 1.8 Here is a STS-1 Commander entry with my new take on a visually accurate STS https://imgur.com/a/iJOwnQ4
  20. It may be somewhat out of the spirit to launch something from the shuttle to bring the asteroid back, but it was the simplest way while not going overkill like an STS Heavy (Hey that's an idea...) I introduce you to the Extended HammerHead ET https://imgur.com/a/PCO6r3H While I was at it I also noticed the flight test and whipped up a 747 real quick like. https://imgur.com/a/UTvaEDw Also, an RTLS? Ooh this sounds fun, I actually did one of those for the joke of it back in the day, should be an interesting challenge
  21. The last time I messed with the STS challenge was back in July, so it's been a while, once again with life causing a pause in KSP. So I've been working on this project of STS 5-8 since January off and on while I was in an Apollo Applications fix. https://imgur.com//a/484XR STS 5 is the Habitation Module STS 6 is the Service Module and part of the Kerbin Observation Module STS 7 is the Space Studies Module STS 8 is an expansion of the KOM and a capsule to be attached to the SM as a lifeboat for emergencies Finally I have what you may call maybe a STS 4b? I cal
  22. Well It would seem its going to take a while to figure out how to integrate this and make it function properly, but perhaps some food for thought for anyone else on the stock end of shuttles?
  23. STS 4/4R go here, and for future reference for looking over it, assume my crafts are pure stock unless I specifically state otherwise or go in for a modded run of the challenge, stock is life baby. Oh and I don't think Chronus' on orbit retirement will last long
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