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  1. Just post fighter replicas that you made. I will upload mine shortly
  2. Squad is the most dedicated game devs I have even seen and I also couldn't be more proud
  3. Maybe an alternate galaxy that must be unlocked after career mode completion and in the galaxy an alternate Kerbin with alternate beings. Maybe villains to Kerbals. Just alternate stuff. It'd be so cool. But the villains to kerbals can't look like kerbals. They have to look different.
  4. SpaceplaneAddict, I've been searching through this thread and found that maybe you haven't posted more of your incredible creations, *cough* AA-Invisible.
  5. Wow that is awesome! Just keeps accelerating. Good Job! THAT IS WHAT I CALL, AN INTERPLANETARY BEAST!
  6. Why u always so negative SpaceplaneAddict. You don't see other Kerbals transporting tons of our astronauts to other planets with tons of satellites orbiting these planets. (not dres) This might seem shocking coming from the guy who made the Dres Awareness badge but, times change. Dres had it's time.
  7. We shouldn't add any hostile Aliens. Maybe friendly ones, right? Slow down there, buddy. I think there's been a lot of evidence KSC has found regarding human existence. They seem to be intelligent according to sources but not as intelligent as us Kerbals. Just for that maybe, we should add them.
  8. I don't think Dres needs anymore support. Don't you agree spaceplaneaddict? Dres got it's 15 minutes of fame. (No negativity here. Give other planets a chance) -RS Aerospace's "Give Other Celestials a chance!" Branch
  9. I know this might sound outrages, but just because of conspiracies I think we should add Aliens!!! .
  10. That right there my friend, is a fantastic airplane! You are talented! Wow that's fantastic! You are extremely good at designing!