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  1. I have not thought about that, but will give it some thought.
  2. No, I have not. Hmm, so you mean like set it to zigzag across an area and at specific points do some science?
  3. Tuning to elevator controls for more stable flight, which also gives it more nimbleness in avoiding sudden terrain changes. The logic is generalized and not specific for this missile as it adjusts and learns which default elevator angle results in stable flight for the given craft's center of gravity and speed. The missile itself is different from the previous video, with different warhead configuration, length and center of gravity,
  4. An earlier version did have one, but in this version--it's a little difficult to notice--when it reaches within 500m of the target the fairing pops and a 1000lb Aviator Arsenal mod bomb is ejected and takes out the target. That's why the engine half suddenly tumbles out of control since the center of gravity suddenly dramatically shifts. I will likely play around more with the warhead configuration now that the flight script seems to be working sufficiently well. There is something unsatisfying about the current system since I think I'd rather see the entire missile slam into the target. What
  5. Dman, Your instincts were totally right in terms of banking during turns. In my latest tests where I added banking logic the missile performs much better. It seems almost obvious, but when you're stuck in the minutiae of kOS logic it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. There will be a new video forthcoming.
  6. I've put in more hundreds of hours into using kOS than I'd like to admit!
  7. It might be both. I was allowing banking into turns before, but then sometimes the missile would slowly, but inevitably, go off in a crazy direction. My script is using both the PID cooked controls in kOS and some small adjustments using raw controls, and I think there is some conflict between the two that results in some of the current weirdness. What I will next try to do is tune the cooked controls and remove the raw control adjustments to see if that improves things. I will also make some adjustments to the surfaces, as you suggest, although I would like to keep it looking sort of like a T
  8. Thanks! The yawing towards the end of the flight is due to my script over-correcting and not being able to get out of it, so more work needs to be done, but it seems that in most flights, despite the swinging back and forth, it gets on target. I might even preserve the bug as a "feature" and call it an evasive maneuver, lol. I may just in the end put in an inline stabilizer, since with one it flies significantly better, but I've been trying to control flight with just aerodynamic surfaces.
  9. My most recent attempt at an automated kOS cruise missile that targets hard-coded Long-Lat coordinates. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1TPhWpTUEM
  10. I've put up the second video in the series. It turned out to be on the long side.
  11. There are many Harrier AV-8B replicas out there, but I don't think any are quite as accurate as mine. Please leave comments, criticisms, analysis of anything you see so I can improve the model.
  12. Hi all! I've been playing with KSP for a couple years now and finally decided to start making some videos using BD Armory and a few other mods. I just kicked off a war mini-series where the United Kollective Kerbal Republics (UKKR) just invaded the island runway and are threatening the United Kerbal States (UKS). I know there are a lot of Kerbal war video series out there, but my angle with these will be that most of the vehicles will be (relatively) close replicas of real ones, mostly dating from the 50s through the 70s or so, and mostly US and Soviet ones. I'm very new to making videos, so I
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