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  1. But it's not. RAM is dumb expensive right now because of the shortage. Also unrelated, but how's the performance with KSS right now? I really want to load up a fresh career save, but right now I seriously cannot stand the micro stuttering or loading times between scene switch.
  2. Another interesting idea, but what if there was a comet that's trajectory was interstellar? That way if you were hypothetically able to catch a ride on it, you could go interstellar without the need of hypothetical warp drives and whatnot... albeit a good chunk of Delta V.
  3. Man, I check in every week and it just keeps getting better- I'm holding off on my official play through. I'd love to see one of the black hole systems mirror that of Gargantua system from Interstellar. Having some planets orbiting a blackhole would be amazing. I'd also love to see some sort of planet that is mid planetary-collision, with tons of debris kind of in mid orbit like this: As for star types, I'd love to see a system with a massive asteroid/ring system around it: much like a newly born star system like the Gaetan-Lassagne system. Another suggestion would be to perhaps cut back on the habitable planets? I feel like, especially in the newer systems, there's a lot of Kerbin-esc planets, and I feel like they'll get boring. Perhaps start branching out and really making some planets hypothetical/fantasy? Such as a purple vanilla Eve like planet, or hell, maybe even a young Earth before water or something like that. I just feel as if the more common a habitable planet is, the less I want to go to them, you know? I feel like you need planets that just awesome to visit. The planet with the dyson sphere and all that is crazy cool. Other than that, I'm so excited for every new release of a system.
  4. Well what are your scene transition load times and frame rates? Because with the stats you told me there, I'm surprised the game launches.
  5. Does that mean when you release the new systems, will save games be compatible with each upcoming system finalization? Also, I have a beefy rig (1080ti, 32GB RAM, i7 7600u) and I'm getting some major RAM leakage or something among the lines of that with the 64bit version of the game. Load times are incredibly long; especially in scene transitions. Just loading the stock Slim Shuttle onto the launch pad took almost three minutes. I don't remember it being this bad when it comes to load times. What confuses me more is that my frame rate keeps a solid 60, but I've noticed I'm getting a lot of micro stuttering, which leads me to believe there's a terrible leak somewhere either because of the game or because of the mod (or both). I don't know if I installed it wrong, or anything like that (it was a fresh install of KSP), but the performance is quite sub par. Which worries me that if it truly is just the game reaching its limits, then when you guys release the new systems, I fear the game just won't be playable with KSS.
  6. Very hype-sauce for this. Now, what exactly do you mean "This Update is too big"? I understand that you changed the layout of the systems with this patch, but does that mean when you release the next few systems, will the save games be working? Also does this mod work with Research Bodies?
  7. I'm waiting up until I get a new RAM upgrade to continue my current playthrough with this mod. 1.7 looks interesting. What's going to be in it?
  8. What's a good amount of RAM for this mod? I noticed I'm getting some bad micro stutters and I don't know if it's because of my RAM or my HDD getting filled.
  9. That's what I noticed. Kerbalism isn't really supported for large systems. Specifically with moons. And since the Stars are the "planets" and the planets of those stars are the "moons", it makes Kerbalism really broken.
  10. Unfortunately, as for career mode with this mod, I chose to use the mod "Play Your Way", a mod that remove contracts entirely and gives money from science and merit. Now, I know a lot of people say that mod is a bit cheaty, but honestly, for KSS, it's perfect. It's not a work around for the current career mode, but I've noticed that playing vanilla career with KSS causes a stall. You'll start having trouble earning science to make your way down the tech tree to get engines that would allow you to go to other solar systems. In my first play through, I was having so much trouble keeping a positive balance of science and funding. Mainly because my current engines were outdated and couldn't do manned missions to Voon, and I pretty much racked all the science I could in the inner solar system. And since I was not making much money, I was limited to the amount of missions I could do, and if I unlocked something in the tech tree, I wouldn't be able to afford to purchase them. So there was no way for me to gain more science, to get better engines to go further and further. Perhaps, that was my fault for how I prioritized my missions, but I think there is that issue. If I were to continue doing the vanilla contracts, I would have to grind out the easy contracts until I could afford a better engine. I'm sure if there was a fix to prevent that "Send a probe around Kerbol" starting contract, it might be more playable, but honestly I still think that's not the case because I still managed to get in orbit around Kerbol easily, and I got tons of science. But I still had this strange power dynamic at around the mid-game (Jool-Voon area). So simply to end off, if you're playing Career Mode, I highly suggest getting the "Play Your Way" mod. You can configure it as you want it. I would suggest lowering the funding for science from 1,000 to 500 if you want the closest to Vanilla experience. I play at 1,000 since I simply enjoy putting up unnecessary satellites up and playing the game around some sort of historical basis where I create some story in my head and continue the game.
  11. So I have this strange bug on the map view with planets with rings... specifically Jool and Voon. The other ones are fine. I used the fix plugin in Kopernicus. On Jool I get this strange ring. I thought it was a shadow at first, and maybe it is, but it looks a tad strange. Secondly Voon is dark from the ring "down" and what not. Anyone have an idea of a fix?
  12. @Galileo, or anyone, dos anyone know what installing GPP does to the game? Does it replace the stock starting system, or add the planets to another system or what?
  13. I know that, but besides that there's nothing else done? The planet its self looks amazing.