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  1. I have no way of doing the map-view trajectory the way I have the mod set up short of rewriting the entire trajectory drawing system. The quicksave issue I never ran into in initial testing, but I went back and tested it some more after reading your post and only managed to get that moving over terrain warning when the vessel had engines on and was at about a 90 degree pitch. I don't fully understand why that happens. My only guess is that it has something to do with some oscillations or rotational speed in the vessel being above a certain threshold. I'm also guessing that the issue is pretty
  2. AirPark resets the position of the vessel to where it was frozen during physics updates as no matter what velocities and accelerations I reduce to zero I can't get it to remain completely stationary without doing that (there is a very consistent 0.2 m/s downward velocity without it, if anyone recognizes why that is let me know). I never did lock the rotation any more than setting angular speed to zero (vessels didn't rotate for no reason unlike the velocity), so you can rotate (both with VM and with the standard controls) it and it will keep where you left it. Unless I can figure out to get ri
  3. When I was developing this mod it was with the intention of enabling midair refueling (not so much booster and part recovery) so I had expected that both vehicles would have controlling parts. The reason for autoparking was to make sure that if you flew near an airparked vessel it would resume flight (as you can't switch a flying vessel to a nonflying vessel with the [] keys to manually toggle airpark off) and pause when leaving it. It wasn't added to make returning to a vessel automatically unpark it or park when hitting pause. I also had expected that anyone using it for booster recovery wou
  4. AirPark v0.12 Freeze your vessel in atmospheric flight and resume it later. Download from Kerbal Stuff Instructions: Install by copying to GameData folder. Doesn't require any other mods. Place the AirPark part (located under the command and control tab) anywhere on the vessel. While in atmospheric flight toggle AirPark from the part's right-click menu to freeze the attached vessel in place and mark the vessel as landed. From here you can switch aircraft or return to the space center and your vessel will remain in place. Returning to this vessel and toggling AirPark off will resume the flight
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