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  1. Oh yes, i second this! Galaxy-style front loading ramp + SuicidalInsanity's mk3x parts = transport anything, anywhere.
  2. I'm surprised that nobody reported this by now, but mk3 "Sievert" engine is unusable due to some collider weirdness.
  3. Simple - generally, it is a good idea to space out engines for greater stability of VTOL craft, helps to avoid capsizing or loosing control @ low altitude. That goes double in case of heavy cargo lifters or narrow-bodied vessels. The problem is that extra part between engine and main hull introduces at least 2 extra joints (engine-outrigger-hull), which only gets worse with every extra pair of rotors, longer outriggers or in case of low mass of this part. In case with heavy cargo or particularly powerful engines this whole contraption may start to flex (even with KJR), which impairs maneuverability AND may attract Kraken, esp. with new physics system. Another thing is visuals. Two nice models glued together with some stock truss or strut is... kinda wrong. It sticks out like a sore thumb, at least in my opinion. That is also why i mentioned B9 Part Switcher, since you can potentially make outrigger optional, thus giving option to stick with original appearance. And lastly, i'd argue that Near Future Construction-style truss outrigger would fit quite nicely, esp. if you would be really-really generous and add a bit of plumbing inside, like fuel line and(or) power cabling.
  4. No, something like this. Some sort of outrigger between vessel and engine with attachment node on end (radial+snap) It shows up in part search as well, as does heavy RCS thingy. Anyway, glad to hear you haven't abandoned it yet - would keep up those blood sacrifices in hopes of seeing lift, if not front ramp, ingame someday
  5. IMO those fans could benefit from B9PS-switchable mount w/ stack node, kinda like RoverDude's ducted electrofans from FTT and EXP packs. That would allow to put some space between craft and engine + simplify construction of dedicated VTOL crafts. Couple o' questions - Any luck with Vulture's inbuilt docking tube? - Do you work on inline cargo lift or is it scrapped for good?
  6. Cool. And what about omniwheels, you scrapped them?
  7. No, there is something going on with mini-wheels. They always blocked regardless of node choice on Malemute, attaching them to Buffalo MMSEV (pic 2) chassis either results in sick flips or wheels simply sink into ground and twitch constantly. Also, congrats on release!
  8. Awesome! With stack nodes it's much easier to assemble new rover, or even build one in the field. The only extra feature i hope to see somewhere in the future is RPM integration. MFD is always useful when it comes to exploration.
  9. If roadmap posted earlier is still true, then you're close to full release + something extra (since map stops at 1.0).
  10. Those parts do not work out-of-box due to outdated config files. Simply change the module names to current standard, add lift values and it should work - at least it did in 1.0.4.
  11. Speaking of wheel attachment - it might be a good idea to add attachment nodes on rover body and wheels. Would be easier to just snap wheels in place without annoying fiddling with gizmos and symmetry.
  12. Take a look at the tail included in this mod. Dunno if it uses two separate c/s but it does have STS-style tail airbrakes and drogue chute too.
  13. That was a joke of course, though every joke has some truth in it and i do use your engines more often than regular airbreathing engines. Ran numerous tests with completely different SSTOs, different layouts, different TWRs, different weight, different CoMs - same result, and for 1.25 turbine too. I do hope it's 1.0.5 quirk...
  14. I'd argue that dedicated K&K rover system can be quite useful, especially if you throw in some adapters to haul base modules or even create mobile bases, mining rigs, and such, though that would probably require custom wheels.
  15. Many thanks for the update, Eskandare! The new engines look sweet, not to mention finally getting the long-awaited 2.5m turbine. All that's left is mk2 nuke and i can safely toss out rest of 'em jets Couple of reports: - The contrail from MASAMUNE is spawning from outside of engine, off-centre to the right. Not critical, but can be annoying. - Dual Firestorms start to gimball like krazy once out of the atmosphere, the aft section of the shuttle continuously made circles (counter-clockwise) and failed to finish last 5 m/s of circularization maneuver. Using 1.0.5 version here, so not sure if this is incompatibility or mod issue.