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  1. I also had this issue in stock. My solution was to have both canards and tail controls, but to inverse one of them. Which ever one is inverse also needs to have the pitch limit set lower then the non inverse one (I had the canards at 100% standard, and the tail at 50% inverse). This helped smooth out the pitch issues for me.
  2. I have yet to install KER but when using MecJeb, I tend to avoid using it whenever possible. That said, I typically end up pulling a Soyuz and let auto docking handle my station docking. In large part, this is because I have a really hard time docking ships manually.
  3. So Nils. With 1.1 out as of today, the question on everyones mind is this. "Will that time line prediction for the 1.1 update hold true?" Sorry if it feels like im trying to presure you or anything. Just curious as to what a rough estimate will look like for the complete 1.1 overhaul.
  4. Having gone out and gotten my feet wet with 1.1, time for me to try the experimental update with this mod.
  5. One thing I have noticed, is that when I looked at a lot of my older base projects in the VAB, most of the craft files appeared corrupted. Any base designs I have made post 1.0 mod update appear fine, but every single one I have in the VAB from before that is corrupted.
  6. Fact is, you would burn to death long before reaching 6000m/s. I built a craft that pulled off a velocity of just over 1500m/s at an altitude of roughly 20-23 km altitude (20,000m-23,000m). At that point in the flight, both the nose cone and wings had already exploded from over heat, and everything else threatened to explode as well.
  7. Found a small visual bug in the VAB with certian parts. I put a twin base part mount on top of the new central hub, and while moving the camera around, the bug occured. I had the currently non attached large storage unit between the actively being built craft, and the camera, yet for some reason, the bicoupler turned invisible, but only the portion being obscured. Funny part is that the central hub didnt share this problem, despite also being obscured.
  8. Geez nils. Im starting to lose track of which update version im on here. I didnt even get to open the zip folder for the 1.0.5 version before I have to now go and download 1.0,6. Sorry if im sounding a bit hostile here. I trully enjoy this mod, im just puzzled by the seeming avalanche of updates.
  9. Kind of off topic here, but I have to ask: Why no poetry? Seeing the dev teams issues in poetry form gave a nice comedic twist to the dev notes.
  10. Gotta say, I do love this mod. While I havent been doing much base building as of late (VTOL design work is way more engaging than it should be), I do look forward to finally getting back to base building with all the new parts. Speaking of parts, I think congratulations are in order Nils. I just checked on curse, and currently your mod is the number one most downloaded parts pack for ksp. Very impressive. Time to update my own install.
  11. Ah. It seems this update is right around the corner. I really like how this mod is comming along, and as stated many times before, no stock alike mod is better than this one for base building. If only my launch vehicals, were well, reliable. I gotta say, some of the designs that people have made are jaw dropping.
  12. I kind of hope that option 3 becomes reality, in large part because my hardware would benefit greatly. Running multiple big mods, such as KIS and KAS tends to slow down the game rather heavily (Laptops suck). So I end up needing to go rumaging around in the mods files to strip out what ever supported content I cant run (since KIS and KAS are just to problamatic for my hardware). This is mainly done to try and speed up the initial load times, and to keep my frame rate at a decent level as much as possible.
  13. Also, double check that the ports were properly installed to begin with. One half is narrower than the other half. The narrow half actually does the docking while the wider half stays attached to the rest of the ship.
  14. Yep. From what I know of the coding in ksp, that line is the only reason. The idea behind it is that it prevents mk2 docking ports from connecting to mk1 docking ports.
  15. Drill is confirmed for the next update. Nils even posted photos a while back as I recal.