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  1. PauloRazen

    [1.3.x] MusicMute 1.1.3

    mute and play
  2. Allen Mrazek 30b3b3b Reduced garbage produced by KspResearchAndDevelopment somewhat. It's still a problem though Branches 2.0dev 5 hours ago Allen Mrazek 04cf5b2 Eliminated garbage produced by composite rules and RuleVesselHasOperableModuleScienceExperiment.Passes Branches 2.0dev 6 hours ago Allen Mrazek c96f9d2 Eliminated 12b per call allocation by KspVessel.Body Branches 2.0dev 7 hours ago Allen Mrazek 4f4c472 Eliminated garbage produced by ExperimentReportValueCalculator.GetOnboardReportsMatching Branches 2.0dev 7 hours ago Allen Mrazek 44f3333 Added eva experiment deployment trigger Branches 2.0dev 15 hours ago
  3. PauloRazen

    [1.4.x] AutomatedScienceSampler - V1.3.5 - 28.04.2018

    Same here. No fix yet i guess.
  4. The link drop not work. anymore. The oficial link have only the 1.1 version.
  5. The eva parachute is highh recommended, but ths dont have update,, any problem if i play whitout eva parachute?
  6. PauloRazen

    [1.2] Karibou Expedition Rover [0.3.0]

    Anyone know the USI mods have a tech tree?
  7. Oh, justing wait here. good work done this.
  8. PauloRazen

    [1.1.2] Realism Overhaul v11.0.0 May 8

    Yessssssssssss NICE UPDATE
  9. PauloRazen

    [WIP] KerbinRover Off-road vehicles

    Nice mod, but, need better wheels, its is painful. You need to try many times to get this work.
  10. PauloRazen

    1.1 64bit always crashing

    Some times i take CTD on remove or puts parts on my ship on construction mode. Without and with mods.