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  1. mute and play
  2. Allen Mrazek 30b3b3b Reduced garbage produced by KspResearchAndDevelopment somewhat. It's still a problem though Branches 2.0dev 5 hours ago Allen Mrazek 04cf5b2 Eliminated garbage produced by composite rules and RuleVesselHasOperableModuleScienceExperiment.Passes Branches 2.0dev 6 hours ago Allen Mrazek c96f9d2 Eliminated 12b per call allocation by KspVessel.Body Branches 2.0dev 7 hours ago Allen Mrazek 4f4c472 Eliminated garbage produced by ExperimentReportValueCalculator.GetOnboardReportsMatching Branches 2.0dev 7 hours ago Allen Mrazek 44f3333 Added eva experiment deployment trigger Branches 2.0dev 15 hours ago
  3. The eva parachute is highh recommended, but ths dont have update,, any problem if i play whitout eva parachute?
  4. Oh, justing wait here. good work done this.
  5. Nice mod, but, need better wheels, its is painful. You need to try many times to get this work.
  6. Some times i take CTD on remove or puts parts on my ship on construction mode. Without and with mods.