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  1. Parts might have been welded, there might have been a simplified drag model, that might have been the only usable footage from 4 hours of crashes and bugs.. it's hard to tell the exact state of the game from a short video clip which is why I don't agree with the "it was in a better state then" I could cut up the preview footage from Matt Lowe and Scott Manley into a pristine trailer, just by snipping out 2 or 3 second sections and putting on the given soundtrack.
  2. It's easy to get something looking like solid gameplay in a 3 second clip. Especially with no interaction. Most of the could be just assets running in engine with no code like thrust or inputs or anything Not saying it isn't fishy, just that the video footage doesn't really tell us anything
  3. I'm out of the loop, what was the reason for the inspection of Dragon for damage? Good that is now required, safety always important but was there a triggering event? There usually is
  4. They might need a pilot for returning crew dragon? or maybe just want one for some kind of safety margin? Cuz then it would 3 crew dragon trips, each dropping off 3. Although I would have thought that uncrewed return of a dragon would be proven tech because of cargo dragon.
  5. There isnt a box for EVA repairs on the toolbar controller
  6. Whats the reasoning behind the shortcut to disable the mod directly on the toolbar? is there a setting to disable it?
  7. So turns out KEI is also managed by the fantastic @linuxgurugamer seems he has taken over literally the entire modding scene. or at least all the mods I still care about. I dug thru the code of KEI a bit, and found that it excludes the Station Science parts by manufacturer rather than by individual part. As the Fuels experiments uses Arcanum Science Industries instead it was slipping thru the filter. Adding the new manufacturer to the list fixed the issues. Single line copy and paste, very easy fix. Thanks for your help!
  8. Has this been confirmed into the download yet? looking at github it seems still open. As for it not effecting all thats most likely because I haven't unlocked the other 2 yet in the tech tree so only have encountered it with them. For KEI, if I just grab and edit the config manually it should work then right? (or is that such bad practice that I shouldnt do it lol)
  9. Hello all, first off thanks to everyone for the hard work in keeping this mod updated. Its one of my essentials. Iv got a bit of a bug report to make. In what way is the rocket fuels experiment configured differently than the other experiments? The rocket fuels experiment behaves a bit wonky with a few other mods. For example, when using Kerbal Environmental Institute, the rocket fuels experiment is able to be done on the ground, as if it were a stock science experiment. The other Station Science experiments work correctly however. There also are issues with some of the contract mods im running (Contract Configuration and the Contract packs not sure which) which seem to want to treat the Rocket Fuels experiment like a stock experiment while correctly ignoring the other station experiments. It seems like this would be an easy MM patch fix and Im happy to help, just wondering where to start. Thanks for your time.
  10. Thanks for making this thread @sevenperforce Im a big big fan of nuclear power, for multiple reasons. I honestly think it is the only viable way to get off of a petrochem energy economy, due to articles like https://spectrum.ieee.org/solar-energy-isnt-always-as-green-as-you-think as well as the major study that google conducted some years back. There was another IEEE article about wind turbines that shaped my views as well. Essentially the argument is the crucial requirement for leaving fossil fuels is finding a way smelt steel, since we do not have a way to do that from electricity. Without steel production wind turbines cease to be a viable baseline energy generation tech, and solar will never be able to augment that enough until we develop a viable pure electric steel-making process. I view the stifling of nuclear research under the mountains of regulations a large mistake, and tales about how the US molten salt project ended and the loss of data that followed actually make my blood boil. (Like seriously if you end a program make sure the data you paid for gets archived. what government) I tend to be skeptical of small scale nuclear reactors tho. Economy of scale is a hard thing to run against esp when your tech needs as much shielding as fission reactors do. Any body got interesting articles on revolutionary shielding? maybe meta-materials could spark something in that area, stopping particles with smarts instead of shear mass. I wish there was more research going into that honestly. Would not even have the dangers associated with experimental reactors, but I bet the general public would not make the distinction.
  11. Perhaps we should start another thread for nuclear reactor design. It is something I would greatly enjoy learning about in detail with all of you
  12. I tried rss a few years back and did a few launches. I like to claim my computer gave up before I did.
  13. This is the one. Thing. I am hoping they sort out in ksp 2. Like if it was just ksp 1 with full fps and load times, I'm happy to pay 60 bucks
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