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  1. Now we just need to use this case as the optimization benchmark. Bet with hardcore programming for 10 years we could get it up to real time.
  2. Bouncing off of the question of space mining, here is a question I have been speculating on for some time: Given most of the things we want to mine are heavy/dense (metals) is it a reasonable assumption they would be in higher concentrations in the cores of differentiated bodies? I think so, which leads to the next part. What technological level would you need to be able to mine from the core of the moon? How deep could we reasonably attempt to mine on the moon with current technology? What's the largest differentiated body in the Solar system we could mine the core of? (ignore the probable profitability of such ventures, just looking at could we do it)
  3. "In October 2010, Bigelow announced that it has agreements with six sovereign nations to utilize the on-orbit facilities of the commercial space station: United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Japan and Sweden." A bit off topic, but addressing the concerns that a commercial space station doesn't have a viable business model, Bigalow thinks they have one and I doubt the nations are getting free access. When it comes to evaluating a proposed business I trust the capitalist.
  4. There are types of hawks in Australia that have allegedly learned to control fire.
  5. Hello all. Iv been thinking about trying to start modding KSP for some time now and have not done so because of "I don't know where to start so I'm not going to" syndrome. Well I've decided to ask for info. I tend to have very grandiose ideas when entering a new hobby. What would be a good intro level project that would both be doable for someone with little experience but also actually contribute something useful to the community? I have a hobbyist understanding of Blender and 3d modeling, a few classes of college level Java programing under my belt, and have done one or two basic Unity tutorials a number of years back.
  6. This article claims that since the crew Dragon will be splashing down it won't be able to be reused. That doesn't seem right to me as they reused a Dragon 1 after a splashdown. Also no sources or quotes from SpaceX. Anybody have info on the current reuse plan for D2?
  7. Question. How many posts does it take to turn a thread into a black hole?
  8. Well, I am assuming the ritual worked and that is the reason we have not had an update is so... [crash, ominous rumble] AGHRGR!!! [static]
  9. According to SpaceFlightNow, they are definitely gonna try.
  10. I got into a train of thought the other day where I started speculating on what kind of things would become popular on a lunar resort. I decided to create this thread to see what kind of wacky ideas this community can come up with. Anything that might be possible within the next 20 years is the aim, so try to keep to known science. (no Antigrav Olympics guys) Assume we can create pressurized domes of say stadium size and have mastered life support for such structures as well as a decent suit for extra-habitat activity. If you are having trouble thinking of ideas, just consider how 16.6% gravity would affect your favorite pastime/interest... And what kind of new things would be possible? I'm also considering energy is rather cheap, ie large solar fields/nuclear plants etc, however, feel free to contest that. Enjoy! So here is my starter idea: Magnetic skiing! In a low gravity environment, would it be possible to cover a slope with electromagnets and then ski/board down on carefully crafted equipment with opposite polarity? I was thinking you could arrange both north and south pole magnets on the bottom of your skis with varying field strengths so you would be able to levitate but still have a bit of a grip. Anybody willing to run the math on what you would need? Other promising ideas to consider: Wingsuiting, water jet riding.
  11. Granted. Now they can only play Meteos and die from not eating. I wish there was a colony on Mars.
  12. 22. Goto line 22 23. This thread violates modern coding wisdom of not using GOTO 24. This isn't even a program 25. Multiple reasons using the same number 26. It is causing me to waste time when I should be doing coding homework
  13. the interesting thing about Mars is we actually have the tech to make a space elevator there. Due to the lower gravity, existing polymers would work.