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  1. The best missions are the ones that encounter disaster, and have to do some real missle-man stuff to keep it alive. That you managed to complete it instead of just "put up a good fight" makes it that much better.
  2. My Mun rocket, an Apollo style Saturn V. I find replicas boring, but it was the ship that forced me to micromanage everything. I learned more about making a successful mission from that ship than any other, so its the best of mine, although the lander was hideous.
  3. If i were less of a gentleman, i'd respond with an expletive, followed by the word "awesome"
  4. How do you use it? Please explain barney style, i seriously cant figure out what use they are. Thanks!
  5. Write up a tourist contract to orbit Jool
  6. A complete solar system (2-3 more gas giants with moons) Stand alone VAB and SPH Part creator
  7. I read spacecraft exchange, get inspired, boot up KSP, screw around with whatever my idea was, quit and timewarp for cool kerbal names. It takes about 30 minutes.
  8. Unreal. This is my new favorite KSP video, just so damn epic.
  9. No idea what thats from but very nicely done. That cab detail is sweet
  10. Ive never used a storage bay. I dont even know how. Just attach things in them?
  11. Welcome the K.E.R.B.O.T.! The Kerbal Engineered Ro Botics Operated T http://imgur.com/a/B3eHc (for some reason it says image doesn't exist, just click on that) I built him to clear the debris from my failed launches, but all he does is test his top speed on the flight line and try to rust himself in the swimming pool. something about being existentially meaningless without boosters. I'll do up a craft file later. maybe. I have no idea how to do that yet. anyway you can look, just don't taunt him for being unable to go to space, or he'll blow his probe core.
  12. This thing looks hella fun
  13. Jaw dropping planning and execution! Also, how much $$ did you save?
  14. I dont usually fawn over atmospheric craft, but this little devil makes a STRONG case. It looks cool, flies great, and has power to spare? Where can i get one???
  15. Same here, forget about doing anything but watching the sunrise repeatedly.
  16. I dont know if ive seen as functional a VTOL look this good! Instant favorite of mine.
  17. I completely mis-timed a reentry burn at Slate with a giant tracked rover, and slammed into the ground so hard, the treads ended up hundreds of km from each other. (Foundry tracks are nigh indestructable). I killed 3 of my favorite recruits and a few other rookies.
  18. If the OP doesnt appreciate what happened here, just know that I do. I freaking love you nerds.
  19. Ive never heard of this for a single player game, why would you even care if someone didnt approve of how ypu play? i'd say those people are a problem if their opinion affected anything, but it doesnt.
  20. How loud can my computer get program
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