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  1. @Sir Mortimer, I have a question. How exactly do science data transfer rates work in Kerbalism with RemoteTech? With stock KSP comms, I understand the transmission speed is directly linked to the signal strength. But RemoteTech completely overhauls this. And yet, some transmissions are extremely slow. For example, my probe above Moho, with HG-55 dish, connecting to a relay above Kerbin (which also has HG-55), tells me it will take 108 years to transmit a 12 Mb science package. Which doesn't make any sense, because according to RemoteTech documentation, this connection setup should be more than enough. So why are my data rates so slow? EDIT: when I open the in-flight Kerbalism window, and hover over the wifi-like icon above the Moho probe, it says DSN Connected: Yes, Science rate: 1 b/s, Strength: 0.01%.
  2. Forgive me, my mistake, I must have misdiagnosed. It appears that his problem is present even in stock KSP 1.7.3, especially when editing craft with 100 parts or more. It's just not readily apparent, which is why I made a mistake while diagnosing which mods are causing it.
  3. @linuxgurugamer , i wanted to inform you that I'm getting micro-lag spikes in VAB/SPH with the 0.9.8 version of RCS Build Aid, running on KSP 1.7.3 with Breaking Ground 1.2.0. They are very apparent when zooming/panning the camera. These spikes do not coincide with GC spikes, so I don't think it's memory leak issue. Log shows nothing. Could you look into this, please? If you can't recreate the issue, I'll start checking compatibility with other mods I have installed, but I hope that maybe it won't come to that
  4. So how do I know how much more time a particular experiment will take, or at least what is it's completion percent?
  5. Pretty sure, yeah... Even if it's transmitting, I have no way of knowing how long do I have to keep that experiment running to get all the science out of it, because as I said, it doesn't complete due to these resets. What can I do? Sorry, I don't use discord... EDIT: I noticed that sometimes when doing experiments that take a lot of hard drive space, during comm blackouts (when unable to transmit), Kerbalism sends a message "Scanner halted. No storage left on vessel", which leads to incomplete experiments. What is the proper way in Kerbalism to fully perform experiments that take months to complete, yet produce more data than could possibly be stored or transmitted?
  6. @N70 , I'm having some troubles with the new science system. A lot of experiments that take a very long time to complete (ScanSat, DMagic Orbital Science, which can take 100+ days) often reset when the probe data storage capacity is reached or when these experiments have to be paused due to insufficient sunlight. I noticed that these resets happen a lot more often when the vessel is unloaded, and at high time warp. This problem makes it impossible to complete certain experiments. Is there some solution, or is this a known bug?
  7. Thank you very much!!! Deleting these two dll's fixed it. Damn. I always update my mods manually (I read that's the better way as opposed to CKAN), and I always overwrite on top of the old versions of the mods so I get to save the configs. Never occurred to me that a situation like this could ever happen. How do I make sure this never happens again when updating mods?
  8. I double-checked the versions of each mod... It's correct. I'm very surprised that you couldn't reproduce it. This is certainly weird. I launched with this mod combination again, tried to open BV panel, and the log reads this at the end: I think it's the same one as last time. I put my Gamedata folder and the saves folder into an archive, you can get it here - Maybe you'll see something that I missed... The save is called Test, and it has a rover sitting on a runway.
  9. I tested it again with fresh install and the mod list that I quoted in the previous post. Same thing. With MFI, the BV control panel does not open.
  10. That is very likely. I hope there is some way to work around it, because MFI is still used by FAR, and it doesn't look like MFI is going to be updated any time soon. Thank you!
  11. Yes. My Gamedata folder list: BonVoyage Kopernicus OPM CTTP (comes with OPM) Squad SquadExpansion ModularFlightIntegrator Without MFI, Bon Voyage works, with MFI it doesn't. I am not entirely sure which mods require it (I have a long mod list, not to be confused with the one above), but I think it came with FAR, and it's certainly a dependency. MFI version is 1.2.6.
  12. @maja , I finally tracked down which mod causes that Bon Voyage menu not to show. It's not Kopernicus, it's the Modular Flight Integrator. Without it, Bon Voyage works perfectly. Problem is, Modular Flight Integrator is essential for numerous other must-have mods, like FAR. Modular Flight Integrator hasn't been updated in a long while now, and it seems dead, yet it's still a dependency for many mods. Is there any way you can work around this issue in the next Bon Voyage release?
  13. I have it on C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program - why?
  14. Yeah, that's what I meant... That takes ages to narrow it down, since I have like 60 mods now. Is there any better way? Maybe look at logs or something?
  15. Damn. This is weird. Is there any way I can find out what is causing the problem without having to test by removing and re-adding all the mods I have installed? That takes ages
  16. Thanks for the suggestion. I went into config, and set the controlWindow X and Y to 0 (they were 0.74 and 0.32 respectively), but it didn't fix the problem (window is still not visible). I am not using CKAN, I'm installing mods manually, and this install of BonVoyage was fresh, no previous configs.
  17. I tried with the latest version of Outer Planets. Problem still there.
  18. Outer Planets. EDIT: I will re-download that pack, since I'm not entirely sure if I have the latest version. Maybe that's the culprit.
  19. I would prefer to wait, since I need all these other mods for my save... Thank you sir.
  20. Sure. Here is my log: (Not all of it, since it's too large). As you can see, there is an exception at the end, when I click that Bon Voyage Control Panel button. I hope you can find what's wrong there.
  21. I am trying out Bon Voyage in KSP 1.7.3, and the Show Control Panel button is not working (control panel does not open). Is this because the BV hasn't been compiled to 1.7.3 yet, or is this some other issue?
  22. No sir, no Hyperedit on my installation. I did notice this bug before, but I think it is somewhat worse in Krash and KSP 1.7 combo.
  23. @linuxgurugamer Just a report, I tested the version with KSP 1.7, and it seems to be working, except that during simulations if I enable time acceleration (even the slowest acceleration), the orbit of the current vessel changes considerably, as if the planet underneath suddenly rotates a lot. I'm not sure what's causing this, and it seems to be the only bug, so just letting you know