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  1. Might want to give more detail. I use joystick(s) and a Hotas with no delay issues what so ever.
  2. Confirmed with 1.8.1 that INFLIGHT is broken in ArgumentNullExeption, but map view works fine. As a "fix" could someone just take out the code for inflight and recompile?
  3. Right. I have a space ring of science stations and it takes a while to get through them all.
  4. Could Squad please add "Transmit Science" for an option in the action groups. It would be nice to press one button to transmit science. Thank you,
  5. Confirmed. this works as well as it did in 1.7.3
  6. Chrome works fine. Used it on PC and Ipad.
  7. Do Scanning Arm's work with JNSQ? I can ram into the trees but not scan them.
  8. I don't but I like the challenge idea of a challenge, but it would have to be relative to the sun and stock. If you time it right you could go from Eve to flyby bounce out to Jool\Tylo to raise your Heliocentric Ap. Burn to get speed. Then at your Ap then back to EVE to pull closer to the Sun. Then anything left in your take burn as much as you can.
  9. Thank you for maintaining so many modes. This one is working in 1.7.1! When you get a chance can you update it to add support for the new axis for robotics?
  10. I am running "VERSION": { "MAJOR": 2, "MINOR": 3, "PATCH": 4, "BUILD": 1) . Could somene conifirm the mod is not working under 1.7.1 for them to? No options in VAB or in flight if you click\right click on the icon.
  11. I see EL just updated hours ago. If you Fork the DLL from it that might work for this. I have not tried it on 1.4.5. Squad said today that 1.5 should be out in Oct so I am just waiting for that before updating.
  12. There is a note about it about a page or two back.
  13. You don't me to tell you these are good ideas. I know one of the reasons many use the Simple version is less materials, but also less parts. When\If you convert to fewer materials it might be worth stripping out most parts and moving them over to another parts-only-mod.
  14. Before someelse post it logs will be needed. Easy things to check would be to make sure versions of EL correspond the the version of KSP. It’s hard to see on the dark side of the mun but make sure the base is all one piece.