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  1. Right now I have 20+ science stations going on right now in my save. So yes it take 30 minutes of clicking just to harvest them all between moving around to tag the parts and switch stations. The API is in there they just need to add it. also @quazarz KOS can do it, but I hate loading KOS mod as it take yet more memory up.
  2. I Upgraded to a 4K monitor for KSP. How do you change the font size of KER?
  3. I found if you edit the first line in Resources.cfg RESOURCE_DEFINITION //:NEEDS[!CommunityResourcePack to RESOURCE_DEFINITION //:NEEDS[!CommunityResourcePack then it no longer needs CRP. IDK if this impacts other part mods down the road but by itself it works.
  4. Hate to ask but I have a Long term Save i don't want broken. Has anyone tried this in 1.9.1?
  5. I can confirm AFBW Revived (Joystick & controller mod) does detect the Controller, but AFBW is not updated with the new Custom Axis. I wonder what is different about how AFBW and how KSP sees Controllers.
  6. Same issue here. Detects fine in Joy.cpl but nothing in Kerbal.
  7. I am making a arduino leonardo Joystick and got it wired and programed using Matthew Heironimus Joystick.h. the Game controller shows as "Arduino Leonardo" and works in Joy.cpl in windows perfectly. But in Kerbal 1.9 it does not let me map any axis to any thing. My other store bought stick work great. I tried it alone and with other stick plugged in. Any idea why KSP is not seeing the Leonardo?
  8. I have a request for the next update: Can you add Ore Holding tanks to "Fuel Pressure" or something to upgrade there volume.
  9. For example you could spend tons of points to raise the temp of Air Brakes Maximum internal-Temp to the max.. They still will explode at the stock temp.
  10. FYI the feature "Maximum internal- and skin-temperature" has not worked for some time. You can max out the level of heat improvements but they still react the same way. IDK if it ever worked. I don't have this mod installed right now so I have No Logs.
  11. Might want to give more detail. I use joystick(s) and a Hotas with no delay issues what so ever.
  12. Confirmed with 1.8.1 that INFLIGHT is broken in ArgumentNullExeption, but map view works fine. As a "fix" could someone just take out the code for inflight and recompile?
  13. Right. I have a space ring of science stations and it takes a while to get through them all.
  14. Could Squad please add "Transmit Science" for an option in the action groups. It would be nice to press one button to transmit science. Thank you,
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