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  1. Just delete the CityLights folder in any EVE texture pack. Only one I ever liked was the KSPRC one (horribly outdated, sadly) but even then landing a capsule over them just felt uncanny, kind of like the fake horizon at the end of The Truman Show, except with a city texture plastered on the ground.
  2. Having a problem over here, using 1.7.3. it loads, the menu opens but enabling anything just blackens the entire screen. Only the UI shows. Any fixes for that? Edit: Nvm, it was a problem with TAA anti-aliasing. Working great!
  3. Pood mentioned in a comment that this would be the case, so I'm assuming don't.
  4. Another quirk with ReStock is that the Vector has a stupidly long scale for the plume, as in +0.1 moves it like 3 feet, while the Mammoth has its scale perfectly fit by default
  5. Except that's not RealPlume, those are Nert's effects, which while amazing don't really behave in a realistic manner and can't really deviate from stock sound design. @Nertea Let's say, hypothetically speaking, that I tried very hypothetically to make a RealPlume config for a hypothetical 4-bell poodle model, but I couldn't find a way to make it produce four plumes instead of two. Any clues on how to make it display a custom cluster or somewhere I can edit the config nodes? Hypothetically, of course.
  6. Let's say the core does get damaged though. Is there a built-in mechanism to repair or replace it, or do you have to use KAS or something? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. I think it's done that way because they are more for part identity than part versatility. Like they want the RCS stuff to have its own look and part with its own description. It's for flavor IMO, and to maintain a certain canon going on. The complete opposite to this would be ProceduralParts, with each part being pretty much faceless blobs you make yourself. They also try not to make fittings too obvious, as to keep a certain freedom when mixing and matching, the opposite being packs like BDB and Tantares, where mixing parts that were obviously made to fit with others more often than not will result in a weird frankenbuild of kerbalized IRL lifters (which i'm in no way saying isn't absolutely hilarious). That said, there wouldn't have been any harm in implementing resource switching with the stock system, even if they don't use it themselves (see part upgrade system).
  8. I've noticed this too. Last patch I made some stock Falcon 9 analogues and they worked like a charm. Come 1.6.x and I had to remove their legs because they're way better off landing on their engine nozzles, since for some reason the LT-2s decide to snap all the time. Oh, speaking of Falcon 9s, @Nertea, are there gonna be pure white variants for the Rockomax tanks and maybe orange ones for the size 3 set?
  9. Yeah, thought the same. I've played around with some of your craft and ReStock and there isn't much conflict, might be because one of the prime goals for the team was `don't f**k around with the stock colliders'. Shame they're not doing the MH set, which you use a lot to great effect (have an Atlas V hangar myself and the 1.5 parts are obligatory for the centaur), but I can't really blame the guys, the 1.875 set and, even more ridiculous, structural panels shouldn't be DLC.
  10. A-Am I smelling a faint 'Raptor9's Hangar: ReStock Edition' in the distance?
  11. Hey, @Nertea, is it even remotely possible for your part variants to be based off of the stock switcher instead of B9, or is it just not as versatile?
  12. Both ReStock and Squad's (old and new) models are single engine.
  13. There's no official release yet so I'm guessing no spoilers?
  14. @Nertea, any plans on adding 'fuel-tank friendly' drone core variants? Kinda like the ones you did for NF Launch Vehicles, where instead of looking like an ugly out of place steel ring it goes smoothly with the tank's outer shell. On another topic, are you guys going to do anything with the wing segments' pointy tips and leading edges? Smoothing them out or something.
  15. Any given reason? Don't think part diversity hurts anybody :c