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  1. Hi Nick,

    I loved your parts packs, but see they have all been closed down. Did you pluu the plug on them?

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    2. raidernick
    3. Jimbodiah


      We missed you!

    4. ThatOneBritishGuy...


      So does this mean Klockheed Martin SP might get revived or is that a firm no?

  2. Hi RoverDude,

    I'm a great fan of your work and am always amazed by what you produce. Right now I'm using a coupe of your mods and am trying to figure out how to get a self sustaining colony with your LS mod. Together with your MKS/KA mining mods you make an excellent setup for kolonizing.

    Myself I like the real rockets and have been looking into making a realistic rehash of your mod (for personal use) for a life-support based on food/water/air and also transforming actual compounds into the required fuels. Seeing as I can only mod .cfg files and maybe there is interest, I would like to ask if you could have a look at my idea?

    It's basically to harvest Hydrogen (space+atmosphere) and CO2 (atmosphere), optionally in combination with mined Water, to create all the necessary parts for LifeSupport (water and oxygen at least) and fuels (LF/Ox/MP/LH2). As you know, besides "Supplies" we need water to drink and air to breathe, and most fuels can me made with the compounds C/O/H. I was planning on reconfiguring some parts (cfgs) as compressors (HydrogenGas to LiqdHydrogen, Oxygen to MonoProp/Oxidizer, CO2 scrubber that turns CarbonDioxide into Carbon and Oxygen which can be used to make other fuels and recycle Oxygen for LS), but maybe in the hands of someone that knows what he is doing, it can be made into something that is actually any good ;) and not just a hack-job.   It's a complete loop from mined resource to intermediate resource to LS/Fuel component with exception to food which will need input (love your fertilizer/dirt/organics loop). It's basically MKS-Ultra ;)

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