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  1. Hi, I am running some mods n my KSP install and am getting a memory leak issue. KSP reserves an evergrowing "private memory" portion that runs up to around 3GB before the program crashes (about an hours worth of play). Is there any way to see what is causing the leak, i.e. which mod? There is no crash log created that I can find in the KSP directory.
  2. Hi, I had some issues with these ports as well... don't know if this helps but: If you place the port most of the times it will stay transparant and not connect/attach. I found that if you place it very carefully (let it snap itself) and don't move the mouse cursor in any further, the prt will snap to the joint and turn green, it will connect properly then. To gte it right I sometimes need 4-5 attempts so I think the attach position is very finicky.
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