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  1. Just a quick but super big THANK YOU for keeping all these mods alive. Guru, you are AWESOME!
  2. Quit your job and move out. A man's gotta have his priorities straight.
  3. IF current KSP is anything to go by, your GPU is irrelevant as everything is reliant on single-core CPU performance. I doubt KSP will be any different judging from the footage they have released.
  4. The devs don't know the current bottlenecks in KSP1, which is why we need modders, so they are just implementing them into KSP2 and calling them features. KSP2 will be stillborn.
  5. IMLL... there were no other mods supporting TU at the time. Seuche: This is not a mod, it's just a config with color presets for TU.
  6. This only changes thrust/ISP on all engine modules, it's not dependent on which mode you play. If it is then you have another mod set up that is interfering.
  7. Why not just copy an existing SSTU engine that looks a bit like it? It's easy to rescale and chane the thrust/IP or even fuels.
  8. Vanilla KSP is not worth playing to me, certainly nothing close to the hours I have spent on it. I think just tuning all my MM scripts for all the mods I run has over 500 hours in it. One step forward, three steps back.
  9. I still keep by my old saying that the likes of @sarbian, @RoverDude, @Nertea, @Shadowmage and some others should make your own version of the game
  10. Yeah same here, the never-ending updates that break each and every mod is what caused me to stop playing. The last stable build I have with all the mods I like is 1.3.1. Tried 1.4.x and abandoned it as most mods were not updated when 1.5 came out. Tried again in 1.6.1 when RSS supported it, but before I could get all my mods, they released 1.7 (no to mention all the in-between updates).... It's like Squad is intentionally trying to break the will of modders in the hope they abandon the game. So many mods have been discontinued by modders just giving up or leaving. Perhaps 1.3.1 will be my last version of KSP as it works despite all the issues with performance.
  11. This game should not be CPU dependent and have the GPU just sit idle. The wobbly joints mean the game will have the same detrimental effects like ships/stations shaking apart for no reason (especially when loading in), and the stuttering plus low fps means we will again need the likes of MemGraph to alleviate bad programming. I still don't see the point of making a new game when you make the same mistakes as Squad has done for years now. No doubt they will still use endless text files to store all game+craft data in... This game should be running 60fps+ with ease, 100fps+ unless you have huge part counts (which is also a sign you're doing it wrong IMO) , so I don't see why people are actually happy they are only getting 10-30fps, like it's something to be proud of and defend. We already have KSP 1 for potato gameplay.
  12. After seeing this video and the same problems with sloppy joints as KSP1, there is no way in h€ll I am buying this game. I've seen two videos now of KSP2 pre-alpha gameplay and the fps were absolutely horrible with the same stutter and low fps as we already have. If they are not going to learn a single thing from everything wrong with the current KSP, then what is the point of making a new version?
  13. Re KSP issues: This is a video of KSP2 gameplay (pre alpha). Same wobbly joint and resulting self-destroying vessels as ever... Guess they really didn't learn a single thing. No KSP2 for me it seems.
  14. True on the balance. It was an old example I had dating back to KSP1.3, thanks for the correction! Side-note: I had FFT running on 1.6.x, but any chance of some sweet lovin' for this wip mod, or not in the planning?
  15. - Make a textfile - place the code above into it - save it - rename to "nfsolar.cfg" - move to GameData directory You will need modulemanager itself if you are not already running it.
  16. You can always make a module manager patch to make them retractable
  17. Really hoping a fresh start from the ground up will get rid of the key issues. But yeah...
  18. KSP is not just part reliant but also the number of craft/stations you have in a savegame is a complete killer. Whenever I get a nice infra-structure set up around 3-4 planet the game is just unplayable with ships shaking apart or just exploding when loading in. I'm amazed they actually use never-ending text files as running configs for parts and their locations. MemGraph is essential unless you like the game freezing every few seconds, and even with memgraph it's still a nuisance. Then the internals (kerbal avatars) that form a serious load for some reason. I tend to play with internals disabled as the more kerbals you take the more load the game produces. Then the whole thing about KSP being so reliant on single-core processing power with the GPU just sitting there doing literally nothing. In short, the whole game is a piece of $#!^ in a technical perspective. It's only bearable as it's the best game in existence for me from a game-play perspective.
  19. It's a cinematic trailer, not based on actual gameplay. They may use the same models, but the rendering is much smoother, faster and more detailed than anything we will ever see in-game. It's there to lure in people; if it looks like actual 15-20fps gameplay, no one will buy it.
  20. If KSP offers it, we will not be dependant on modders needing to update it on every KSP version release like we are now. SSRSS has been killed off several times due to this, and the guys from RSS need to keep updating it to be able to play a new version of KSP. So if KSP can integrate it into their game, it would mean a lot less hassles for modders and players alike.
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