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  1. Don't work mod 1.2.2 version. Steam. CRP version RealBattery 1.1.5. outlog ksp.log
  2. How to increase the maximum size of the fairing? 50 meters a little I'm playing with RO
  3. Hi, I want to offer you my version Mars colonization. Here I will upload videos as they become available Protoss mission - Mars satellite #1
  4. Mods FASA launch clamp, procedural part and faring, AIES, American pack(my config for support RO), SSTU, scatter, Real chute, RO, RVE, nebula decal, KIS\KAS, texture replace, kerbal rename, mechjeb
  5. UPD Constellation Altair|Ares V & Ares I|
  6. Yes, I have configured B9 configs for RO. To offer it to the author B9 and the author RO, they can be added to it)
  7. Yes. Altitude 240x250 km, delta stock 410 m\s.
  8. Hi guys, I suggest you to evaluate my craft for RSS and evaluate video to these craft So you will always find here the description of the craft In order to use this craft, you will need to download this build mods, and to install it you will need to download a preview version of the game to the incentive (version 1.0.4) List of used mods you can view here. As your game will be translated into 64 bit architecture to use more memory. Beware, a lot of different bugs, I hope for their Unity 5 will be less than normal because of the 64-bit version of the game. Skylon. White knight in Space Constellation Altair|Ares V & Ares I|
  9. Hi, I want to show you a video in honor of the first manned flight in the world
  10. Hello , I did the mission of CRS- 8 and suggest that you evaluate the result of the work . Yes, mistakes have been and I will correct them in your next video Sorry for mistakes. English only learn and try to write correctly.