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  1. Ya, i might be a strange beast when it comes to patience. I'd rather wait lol. I can totally see having a game running and doing something else while i wait for my friends to do their stuffs.
  2. I see it as if vote-warp would be the only viable option. The number of paradoxal situation like Red Iron Crown just described is countless if each player have it's own timeline and only synch with other when desired. Warping player dock to something only docking port. Latter in realtime, but sooner in gametime, a second player dock to the same port. What happens if they sync as they both will be occupying the exact same spot in space? Player one get to Duna with aggressive warping, then spend a week of game time landing and assembling a ground base module. Player two send a craft to Duna too, but warping less agressively but launching sooner in his own time line. Get there let's assume 3 days before player 1. #2 set an orbit that have exactly the same parameters as #1, but retrograde. When player 1 enter his orbit around Duna, but craft should collide before completing an entire orbit. So what happens to the ground station the had been build "earlier" than the collision in realtime, but "after" the collision in gametime? The in-game space-time fabric get ruptured and Biff Tannen-Kerman rules over Kerbin? Last one was a strectch, but those scenarios are truly countless. Now i wanna try dark multiplayer just to try and create those paradox lol. Anyone of a mind to try this? Lol
  3. I'm with the people who like them both and always play with the two installed. It is true that MechJeb have all the same info available, but i really like the way KER display are done and the very high level of customability that the mod provides. I understand fully those who do not want auto-pilot or automatically set nodes, but after a thousand circularisation, i'm more than grateful for it lol. Only true point i can make out for KER, is the TWR display which is in my opinion much more useful than the one MechJeb have. KER display max TWR as MJ, but it also dynamically show your current TWR based on throttle. I really like it when i get out of the atmosphere principally.
  4. It is true that the contract system is not always providing new challenge to play with. The best point you make in my humble opinion is that the planets and moons need more unique stuffs. That being said, i'm more than happy to wait for a really stable game before SQUAD put any man-hours into this. Cleaning codes, optimisation of what is already there, making sure everything works as intended, that is what i'd personally would be wanting to see. Once the game is working as it should, and 1.2 seems to be a very huge step toward that, then i guess it will be time to actually take a very good look at career and how it could be upgraded into something deeper. But i understand that huge kolonization effort and complex mining operation to make self sustaining bases will probably remain in the realms of modding, as the base game gotta stay "not too heavy" for the average gamer.
  5. I can only add my voice to all of those who think you maybe try to tackle too much too fast. Build some small craft, follow the career progression path, and save a lot. Flying a few planes and doing crazy stunts can help get a more intuitive feel for the navball if you have problem with it. But what i consider quasi-essential is any mod (hoping you are on pc) that gives you info on your craft. I favor Kerbal engineer for different reasons, but watching MechJeb do his thing really helped me in the beginning. Once you get into orbit easily, go for the moons. BTW, starting in orbit around Mun to transfer right inside Minmus SOI can work as a small scale extra-planetary transfer practice.
  6. I launch it vertically, from the runway lol. But now i get it, been testing all night. I think the fuselage ring ends up generating rotation. Somewhat like if the fuselage where facing the airflow.
  7. Hello people. I was trying to build a pretty weird craft, and came upon a behavior i was not expecting concerning the MK2 serie of fuselage parts. So, here is a first shot: I would expect this (line of mk2 fuselage rotated on their side) to show some lift on one side, probably to the right of the image given how i rotated the parts. But as the indicators show, there is no lift produced. Then, i rotated each fuselage to get a ring, and it was now producing lift... Shot: Close-up shot: It might be useful to know that on this shot, the root part is a mk2 cargo bay and it's the part on the right, 90 degree from the lift vector. I was expecting this to be neutral as far as lift is concerned, seeing that i have equal lift all around, and that i was careful rotating them so the face in the same way. Am i wrong in my assumption that this should show no lift? But then, it does other strange thing, Shot: Here, i just rotated the whole ring, going by the previous shot, lift should point down, but It now point to the side, at the root part.So, if i place it "lying down" like the first shots, and then upright, i get different lift vector. Could well be me missing something obvious, but i do not get it. So i decided to try and place back my lift vector where i wanted it with wings inside the ring, got there: Shot: Lift looks pretty straight up. with a backward angle. Fact is, the craft does not fly like the vector is there at all, as soon as it get a bit of speed, it push hard toward the direction opposite the root part, like the lift is now offset to a side it never show in the editor. So, am i wrong in assuming that the ring should produce neutral lift vector? And from there, if i'm wrong, what is it i do not get that shift my vector? Side note: The craft attitude is controlled with reaction wheels that i clipped in the fuselage, 12 of them. And i placed RCS thrusters evenly over the fuselage in the hope of getting enough attitude control to offset the problems, did not worked.Then i attached elevon on the backside, they helped a bit. I get it that this will be a really really draggy thing and that it maybe should not really fly, but it is so close too doing it i'm sure i can get there with a bit of help. I'm good at rocket, very inexperienced at "planes".
  8. I also play with a lot of mods, AVC is listing 60. I first tought my cpu could not handle it, it is 7 years old now after all, but if i sacrifice resolution, i get a decent frame rate. FPS does start to drop after about 150/200 parts, but i managed to launch a 393 part remote tech satellite array. It was very laggy, but still totally playable. Only weird thing my KSP does is on start. Anytime i load the game, first time i enter any building, there is a maybe 25% chance the game CTD. If it "survive" entering the very first building, it look pretty much stable, i had play sessions well over 5 hours with no crash. I could try to pinpoint what mod is causing that behavior, but i'm lazy and just live with it lol. My normal list mods either change something in the way career is played (stuffs like contract configurator, strategia or unmanned before manned), is a utility (KER and such), or is aimed at making colonisation as "realistic" and/or entertaining as possible (USI mods, life support). Plus i like a few mods just to extend the techtree ( Interstellar got great stuffs, as does the near futur suit and a few others).
  9. It's been a while since i played vanilla ksp, i use lots of mods. One of them is "unmanned before manned". Not only does it change the order in wich you unlock part, it also make data transmission return much more science than normal on certain experiment. I unlock just enough science on Kerbin, than i build a rocket carrying 4 micro landing probe and send them to minmus. Those 4 probes are normally enough to hit all Minmus biome, transmiting the data at a 100% rate. When they are almost empty, you can have fun crashing them on the surface, no return trip necessary. Add to this mods that add science part (i use DMorbital science and Umbra industry exploration pack) and this can net you an early 1000/2000+ science point depending on the game setting. If you use those particular mod, some of the experiment are biomespecific in orbit, having the patience to hit them all is also vastly rewarding. Than i normally have the basic parts needed to more or less go where i want, and i rank up my science by diing the same, with mutliple probes going to Duna.
  10. My 2 funds... I personally saw both behaviors on my plane. I'm not knowledgeable about planes, i just throw them together using what i know about physic. Every single time one of my plane had take off stability problems, adding more wheels (yup, 4 landing gear aligned) or using bigger ones manage to rule it out. The small landing gear does look like they can only manage very little weight before getting unstable. Anybody else saw the same? Btw, i build taildragger whenever the design allow for it, maybe that's helping stability? I never was able to reliably land planes prior to 1.1 release (did not try much), but now i feel confident enough to land a kerbaled craft without F5'ing first. So, while i do see the bug (i do not know if it is one or not really), there is clearly ways to design around it.
  11. Hello everybody! I'll start by the basic. I have an ageing computer that i want to upgrade à bit. It is a Acer aspire 5811 (Intel Icore5 at 3,2gHz/ 8gb RAM/ 1 terra HDD, gpu Gforce220). The gpu is not original, first one died and i used what i had at the time as replacement. Fact is, i'm à bit lost looking at cards spec. I do not intend to throw hundreds of $ at this, but if i can find something better for let say 100$, i'd be happy. I play just about only ksp, so getting better performance out of it would be the aim. Am I right to just look at number and think à gt220 gotta be worst than à gt610 which should be worst than à gt710? Best buy got a GT710 for 69$ i simply do not know how to judge. It does look better all around, but will it give me anything like à noticeable improvment in the game? I mean, just being able to use better résolution and maybe some visual mod would classify as Big improvment in my opinion! Lol Tks for advising a lost Kerbal!
  12. I concur with those saying that in the situation, if you do not already have one, get a mod the will give you DeltaV (delta meaning difference and V standing for velocity, so basically deltaV is the measure of him much your craft can change velocity, either up or down). As any single change in your projected orbit is achieved by somehow altering your velocity, it is the most important info to have while designing. TWR is also pretty important (thrust-to-weight ratio). Knowing TWR allow you to put just enough engine power, too little and you won't leave the pad (TWR<1), too much and you'll go too fast too soon and risk busting in flames before your high enough (TWR>let's say 2.5 anybody can chime in on this? I never built high TWR rocket so do not really know for sure). If you use SRB (solid rocket boosters), you should account for the fact your TWR si go up as they burn out, and you cannot do anything about it. With LFO (Liquid fuel+oxydizer) engine, having too much TWR can be compensated by throttling down. IMO, à good way to learn how to get to orbit efficiently is to: Launch a rocket with 4500 deltaV and TWR of 1,3 or so at launch. Engage SAS at launch When you get a speed of +/- 80 to 100m/s turn your rocket east about 10 °. When your actual heading and prograde marker stabilise together, lock SAS to prograde. From there, using LFO engine, try to have TWR of about 1,75 when you get to 10km. The tricky part is now to let the prograde marker, and thus heading, sink to the east toward the horizon. It take some trial and error to get the feel. If by the time you reach 35 km, you are well under 20°, you sank it too fast (TWR was kept too low), if it is over 25/30°, you sank it too slow (TWR was kept too high). The latter situation is less problematic, just less efficient, while the first situation is more critic, if you do not get the apoapsis over 70km before going over it, you won't get to space! By 40/45 km, your apoapsis should get near 60km high, and you should start thrusting directly to the horizon to get the periapsis as high as possible before reaching your desired cirularization altitude. KER (Kerbal engineer redux) is in my opinion the best mod to have all the relevant info, as it display TWR in a dynamic way, Imagine your Twr at full throttle is 3 and you are at half throttle, the display would be TWR 1,5/3. Pretty useful in my opinion. In the best of worlds, you rocket should do most of this without needing much input, more less SAS, but to get the hang of it, this technique helped me. You'll find yourself with more and more fuel left in orbit as you fine tune your piloting and design and one day, you'll be happy to be able to do it as efficiently as the best youtuber out there! 4500 DV, when used efficiently, could one day allow you to at least fly-by the moons.
  13. My bad there, i always shorten computer in "cpu". I should have known better than do do it on a forum where people know their stuffs lol. So, my computer died, and by the look of it it is a HDD failure. Windows not loading and The actual disk giving weird noises and, at least in my opinion, seem to be running pretty hot. Sad that we have bad weather here, it put my new project on hold, i don't have inside workshop space, gotta work in the yard. I hope to have something to show over the week-end.
  14. I'll have to get my rig airthight first... lol My tubing connection busted at 45 psi when i tested today I think the humid weather made my glue dry much slower than expected, it was too soft and got literraly pushed out by the pressure.
  15. Gawd... it does look like it! Shame on me...lol Truth is, we have "science time" every week, we are just expanding it while our source of entertaiment is dead lol.
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